RRNews 354: Happy 4th of July!

In this episode, we discuss diverse topics from personal anecdotes to societal issues. Conversation starts with the host’s hiatus due to life’s demands, gratitude for listener support, and analysis of the recent presidential debate. Topics range from sports rituals to skin cancer prevention, debunking sun exposure myths. We delve into current events like vaccine misinformation and NASA theories, emphasizing the importance of resilience and community support. The episode concludes with a message of gratitude for the audience’s unwavering backing.

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Robert – $5.00 – Parts Unknown
Autumn – $10.00 – Snoqualmie, WA
Khyle – $10.00 – Newton, MA
Luke – $5.00 – Nevada, IA
Krissy – $80.00 – Manchester, NH
Penny – $20.00 – Mesa, AZ
Daffers – $25.00 – Parts Unknown
Reno – $25.00 – Republic of Texas
Kurt – $20.00 – Parts Unknown
Dorothy – $20.00 – Parts Unknown
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The Garden City Ranchers – $50.00 – Garden City, MO
Donizete – $10.00 – Parts Unknown
Robert – $5.00 – Parts Unknown
Autumn – $10.00 – Snoqualmie, WA
Khyle – $10.00 – Newton, MA


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Rep. Thomas Massie: Israel Lobbyists, the Cowards in Congress, and Living off the Grid

Fake Chinese titanium sold to Boeing and Airbus to build planes? FAA begins prob

Sudden and Unexpected Tweet related to Drew Griffin clips

Phil Mickelson retweets Vigilant Fox’s Jimmy Dore Clip

Tractor Supply Company Statement

Semi-truck crash damages Hood River Bridge; Bridge closed until further notice



Introduction to the Podcast


Taking a Break and Unplugging


Apology and Reflection on Podcast Break


The Sun’s Impact on Health


Sun Exposure and Cancer Risk


Sunglasses and Sun Exposure Effects


The Rise of Seed Oils and Sunscreen


The Lectern Guy’s Karma


Reflections on Drew Griffin’s Legacy


Impact of Personal Choices on Organizations


The Persistence of a Social Contagion


The Belief in Healing and Redemption


Overcoming Personal Struggles with Faith

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a variety of topics ranging from personal experiences to societal issues. The conversation kicks off with a candid discussion about the host’s temporary break from the podcast due to life’s busyness and family responsibilities. They express gratitude for the listeners’ support and promise to deliver valuable content despite the hiatus. The recent presidential debate takes center stage as they analyze the candidates’ performance, including intriguing insights into golf handicaps and the fatigue from mainstream news that led the host to prioritize family and fitness.

Transitioning into more obscure topics, the dialogue touches on the behind-the-scenes preparation for a debate by Joe Biden’s team, raising concerns about overhyping. The upcoming UFC fight between Yuri Prohoshka and Alex Pereira sparks a conversation about unconventional practices in sports like shamanic rituals and the decision to relinquish a championship due to an injury. The benefits of sunlight on health and well-being become a focal point, challenging the narrative of sun avoidance and exploring its impact on longevity and mortality rates.

Shifting gears to a more serious tone, the group delves into the prevalence of skin cancer in the US due to UV exposure, emphasizing the importance of sun protection and early detection. They discuss the role of sun exposure history and natural remedies like beef tallow in reducing the risk of skin cancer, interjecting historical anecdotes for a touch of humor. The dialogue expands to touch on a range of current events, from vaccine disinformation to NASA conspiracies, highlighting the diverse and sometimes perplexing nature of societal discourse.

In a reflective moment, the host stresses the significance of perseverance and engagement in various aspects of life, citing examples of individuals overcoming challenges and advocating for important causes. They share insights from discussions on gender transitioning in children, personal experiences with financial changes, and the power of faith in difficult times. The episode concludes with a message of resilience, encouragement to seek support when needed, and a heartfelt thank you to the audience for their unwavering understanding and backing.

RRNews 353: This Podcast is Fortified and Enriched

This week we explore the community spirit of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, as well as the remarkable resilience shown by Oklahomans amidst challenging weather, and the disruption caused by storm chasers during severe weather coverage. Shifting to intriguing topics, we analyze the Joe Rogan-Tucker interview on evolution, discussing skepticism, eugenics, and extreme content online. The conversation extends to the MTHFR gene mutation’s health impacts, dietary considerations, and additives in food, including potential health risks like the bird flu in cows. We touch on livestock health, public figures like Kanye West and Dave Chappelle, and a reflective freestyle performance. Sharing a character-building encounter at a museum, we delve into artistic expression authenticity and upcoming discussions on health journeys, sugar addiction, and self-care practices for personal growth.

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Ground-up chicken waste fed to cattle may be behind bird flu outbreak in US cows

Google lays off hundreds of ‘Core’ employees, moves some positions to India and Mexico

Epstein Eugenics: The Plan to Seed the Human Race | The Corbett Report

‘​​A Dangerous Vaccine for a Nothing Disease’: U.S. Stockpiling Bird Flu Vaccines

There’s never a good time to drink raw milk. But now’s a really bad time as bird flu infects cows

Current H5N1 Bird Flu Situation in Dairy Cows

Flashback: When The UN Launched ‘SDG Publishers Compact’ In October 2020

Travis Kelce says 10-15 players in EVERY NFL team think earth is flat



Hydrogen Water and Oklahoma Geography


Marathon Preparation and Tornado Avoidance


Marathon Day Challenges and Achievements


Running in the Rain and Marathon Completion


Community Support and Marathon Reflections


Evolution Debate with Joe Rogan and Tucker


The Resurgence of Holocaust Denial


Eugenics, Genetics, and Modern Ideologies

37:38Travis Kelce says 10-15 players in EVERY NFL team think earth is flat

Online Extremism and Blaming the Jews


Political Discord and Unity


Understanding the MTHFR Gene Mutation


Impact of MTHFR on Children’s Health


EID Tags and Livestock Surveillance


Questioning Influential Figures


Kanye West’s Controversial Transformation


Dave Chappelle’s Mysterious Disappearance


The Museum Encounter


Initiating Conversation Strategy


Gratitude and Donation Acknowledgment


Importance of Gut Health


Basics for Optimal Health


The Ultimate Human

AI Generated Show Notes:

I am Tim Kilkenny podcasting from Oklahoma, joined by Andrew Hoffman, discussing the recent resilience and spirit shown by the Oklahoma people during challenging weather conditions. We highlight the fascination of facing personal limits in marathons and the community coming together in such circumstances. Touching on the chaos caused by storm chasers for news coverage during severe weather, we also share our experiences with local weather conditions in Oklahoma.

Our conversation delves into various intriguing topics this week, starting with the Joe Rogan and Tucker interview on evolution. Tucker expresses skepticism about evolution theory’s fossil record, leading us to discuss eugenics and its historical roots along with the rise of extreme content on platforms like Twitter. We caution about online interactions before exploring complexities surrounding an OnlyFans creator’s past actions resurfacing on the internet.

The discussion shifts to the prevalence of the MTHFR gene mutation and its impact on health, particularly in children. We emphasize addressing related issues through targeted supplements like methylfolate and discuss dietary implications, especially concerning folic acid in common breakfast foods. Exploring broader aspects of additives in food, such as fortification, we speculate on potential future health concerns like the bird flu in cows.

Covering diverse topics, we share concerns about agendas related to the bird flu, livestock vaccines, and electronic identification tags for cattle. The conversation stresses the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, touching on diseases and preventive measures. Thoughts on public figures like Kanye West and Dave Chappelle emerge, reflecting on their influences, while a talented lyricist’s freestyle performance underscores the authenticity in artistic expression.

Delving into a freestyle song creation process triggered by a character-building exercise, I share a story of approaching a woman at a museum and discuss talented artists in contrast to mainstream music. Expressing gratitude to supportive listeners and recent donors, we acknowledge engagement with the content. Transitioning to upcoming content, we introduce discussions on a chiropractor’s health journey, insights into sugar addiction, and the benefits of green juice, emphasizing the importance of balance, self-care, and finding purpose in overcoming challenges for transformation and growth.

RRNews 352: The War on Health and Reason

In this episode, we explore current events and conspiracy theories, challenging mainstream narratives on topics like nanobots in vaccines, 5G technology, and heavy metal exposure. They discuss lead in fuel, aluminum and mercury exposure, autism and vaccines controversies, the music industry, special education for autism, online censorship, and outdated communication infrastructure. The conversation also covers toxin regulations, AFFF in firefighting, health risks of chemtrails, detox methods, fasting benefits, and alternative nutrition approaches. Wrapping up, they touch on gun control debates, sports achievements, weather manipulation, and a NASA asteroid mission. Tune in to Revelations Radio News for engaging discussions and reflections.

Producers of RRNews 352:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Daniel – Medford, OR
Reno – Republic of Texas
Brian – Parts Unknown


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Vaccine breakthrough means no more chasing strains

Plant-Based Meat Scam

The Firefighter Serial Killer with Diane Cotter by RFK Jr Podcast

Dark Waters (2020) Official Trailer (Universal Pictures)

Over 150 diagnosed with cancer linked to NC State University building



Introduction in Oklahoma


Coffee, Calm, and Sleepless Nights


FBI Raids and Cover-ups


Denial of Autism Epidemic


School Experiences and Autism Beliefs


Vaccine Misconceptions and Medical Expert Interviews


Transition to Farmer-Controlled Media Discussion


Social Contagion and Misconceptions on Vaccine Studies


Surfer Dude Influence and Media Manipulation


FBI Warnings and Cyber Attacks


National Leadership Speculations and Incompetence


Economic Deterioration and Supply Chain Issues


Vulnerability of 911 Services and Telecommunications


European Health Contrasts with the US


California’s Ban on Red Dye and Chemical Regulations


Dark Waters Movie and Chemical Exposure Awareness


Toxins’ Impact on Cellular Health and Inflammation


Firefighters and PFAS Contamination


Fighting for Answers and Justice


Signs of Neurotoxic Illness


Cell Regeneration and Detox


The Benefits of Cold Plunges


Senescent Cells and Fasting


Lily Tang Stands Up for Second Amendment Rights


News and Updates: Donations and Support


Unveiling the Truth Behind Weather Modification


The Plant-Based Meat Scam Revealed


Jesse Itzler’s Motivational Message on Podcast Persistence

AI Generated Show Notes:

Tim Kilkenny and his co-host engage in a thought-provoking discussion on a wide range of current events and conspiracy theories, providing a fresh perspective on topics such as geopolitics, nanobots in vaccines, 5G technology, and heavy metal exposure. They challenge official narratives, delve into alternative explanations, and explore complex and controversial subjects with a critical lens. The hosts’ conversation covers the historical impact of lead in fuel, the dangers of aluminum and mercury exposure, and intriguing connections to themes from “The Matrix”. They also examine issues like aluminum in jet fuel, Freemason beliefs, pharmaceutical company influence, and controversies surrounding autism and vaccines. The discussion further delves into the dynamics of the music industry, highlighting concerns about artist control and manipulation.

Moving on, the conversation shifts towards special education classrooms, focusing on students with diverse needs, particularly in the context of autism. The hosts explore the contentious topic of vaccines and children’s health, citing studies and expert opinions. They also touch on online censorship, cyber threats, disruptions in the American economy, and the reliability of emergency services like 911, shedding light on the impact of outdated technologies on communication infrastructure. Transitioning to a discussion on data communication evolution, the importance of T1 connections, and the risks of transitioning to all-digital systems like VoIP for emergencies are highlighted. The conversation also delves into the prevalence of toxins in the US versus Europe, discussing health impacts, regulatory variances, and the need for increased awareness and regulation.

Exploring further, the hosts delve into the critical role of Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) in firefighting and the health risks posed by PFAS chemicals, with a focus on firefighters’ exposure. The conversation extends to the effects of aluminum in jet fuel and chemtrails on human health, addressing neurotoxic illness symptoms, detoxification methods, and the Five R’s approach for cleansing the body. They move on to discuss the benefits of cold baths, dietary impacts on gut health, stress adaptation through hormesis, and the importance of fasting for cellular health. The conversation also includes insights on meal planning, the debate over bread at restaurants, and novel approaches to nutrition and health in contrast to conventional guidelines like the food pyramid.

In the latest episode, the hosts explore diverse subjects like Lily Tong Williams challenging David Hogg on gun control, remarkable sports achievements by athletes under pressure, weather manipulation through laser technology, and a NASA mission to retrieve a valuable asteroid. They navigate through skepticism about space missions, debates on plant-based meats, and personal anecdotes on baseball, family activities, and professional updates. Through engaging discussions and insightful reflections, the hosts invite listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and contemplation on Revelations Radio News.

RRNews 351: RRNews Marked Safe from Eclipse Hysteria

Tim and Andrew cover a range of topics from recent events to personal anecdotes, including theories on chemtrails and Freemason beliefs. They discuss issues like eclipse hysteria, vaccine significance for pets, and government regulations on meat processing. Personal routines like cold therapy are explored, alongside broader agendas affecting health. The conversation also delves into political topics like immigration policies and recent CIA revelations. They conclude with discussions on vaccine exemptions, personal achievements, and gratitude to listeners.

Producers of RRNews 351:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Daniel – Medford, OR
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Mike – Hendersonville, TN
Donizete – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Luke – Nevada, IA
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Joe – Seattle, WA
Daffers – Parts Unknown


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Steve Kirsch Twitter Thread on Pet Vaccines

PART 2 CIA Officer Confirms “Advisors” in Ukraine “A Well-Known Secret”

The Greatest Blessing (2016) | The Corbett Report

OJ Simpson on the Vaccine

O.J. Simpson dead at 76 after battle with cancer, family announces

IVERMECTIN and CANCER Part 2 – Treating Turbo Cancer – 7 new studies released in 2024 show Ivermectin works against CANCER – suggested PROTOCOLS for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers

Interview 1873 – Ben Pile on The Behavioural Sciences and the Populist Revolt | The Corbett Report

EPA Threatens Locally Produced BeefOver 150 diagnosed with cancer linked to NC State University building

Sunbathing for ONE DAY increases risk of fatal heart attack. Drinking just ONE Diet Coke per day now linked to deadly heart disease. Nigerians now dying of heart attacks from watching too much soccer.

Isabella Strahan shares positive update in brain tumor battle

10 Years of Studies Link Pesticide Exposure and Childhood Cancer

6.4% of U.S. Adults Plagued by ‘Long Vax’ Symptoms After COVID Shots

More Young People Getting Cancer — What’s Behind the New ‘Public Health Crisis’?

Once Saved Always Saved Documentary by Chris White

Over 150 diagnosed with cancer linked to NC State University building



Podcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma


Missed Workouts and Marathon Training


Eclipse Experiences and Observations


Chemtrails and Conspiracy Theories


Vaccines and Pets


EPA Regulations Impacting Small Meat Processors


Strange Happenings in Antarctica


Uncovering the Truth About Powerball


Health Revelations and Morning Routines


The Sugar Addiction Debate


Insight into Canadian Politics


Immigration Policies and Thanking Donors


Introduction to CIA Conversation


Seizing an Oligarch’s Yacht


Donations and Community Building


Chris White’s Documentary on Once Saved, Always Saved

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join us as we cover a wide range of topics in this episode, broadcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma, and Piedmont, Oklahoma. I’m Tim Kilkenny, your host, and here with me is Andrew Hoffman. Our conversation spans from discussing recent events like the Masters Week and weather manipulation to more personal topics like marathon training and the recent eclipse. Delving into intriguing theories surrounding chemtrails, lunar eclipse mysteries, and Freemason beliefs, we approach these subjects with a mix of curiosity and skepticism.

As the dialogue progresses, we touch on various issues such as the recent eclipse hysteria, inflation’s impact on interest rates, and the significance of vaccines for pets and their connection to cancer. We also explore the influence of government regulations on meat processing facilities and how climate change and corporate interests affect policies. Personal anecdotes are shared, shedding light on concerns ranging from the economy to health and environmental regulations.

Our conversation takes us through the effects of environmental regulations on industries like logging, leading to discussions on broader agendas impacting food production and health. From anomalies in the Powerball lottery drawing to health insights from a Steve Harvey interview, we explore a spectrum of topics. We dive into daily routines involving cold plunges, oxygen therapy, and the benefits of cold therapy and amino drinks for physical fitness, sparking reflection on health habits.

Shifting towards personal routines, we discuss the challenges of incorporating exercise in the morning, highlighting practices like cold plunges, oxygen therapy, and light bed therapy in daily regimens. The conversation expands to address issues such as sugar addiction, Canadian politics, and the manipulation observed in conservative circles. Our discourse touches on immigration policies, political corruption, and acknowledges listener donations with gratitude.

In a segment focused on recent CIA revelations, we delve into statements from Gavin Oblenis, a contracting officer, shedding light on CIA operations in Ukraine and the Southern border. Additionally, we address the complexities surrounding vaccine mandates and exemptions, sharing listener experiences and emphasizing listener support through donations and feedback.

Wrapping up the conversation, I share a personal experience of obtaining a medical exemption for my child from vaccines with the help of a naturopath, highlighting alternative avenues for those seeking exemptions. We touch on topics like a vaccine documentary by Chris White, creating online communities, and personal achievements like unexpectedly winning a 10k race. Concluding with a verse of the day and reminders about email policies, we express gratitude to our listeners for tuning in.

RRNews 350: Bridge Collapses and Diddy Falls

Producers of RRNews 350:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky Robert – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown


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Multiple intel sources: Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack”

Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud

The Ongoing DDT Cover-Up

Lyme Disease is not Caused by a Microorganism

Looks like that “big club” is really not so big

Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are



Introduction to Oklahoma Weather Talk


Storm Shelter and Multiple Uses


Unexpected Weather Changes and Baseball Game


Ripple Effect of Baltimore Bridge Collapse


Analysis of Bridge Collapse Mechanics


Astoria Megler Bridge and Infrastructure Concerns


Speculations on the Bridge Collapse


The Truth About Kate Middleton’s Scandal


Unveiling the Secrets of Lyme Disease


The Dark Truth Behind DDT Poisoning


The Dangers of Seed Oils and Healthy Alternatives


Cooking Tips and Nut Recommendations


Gratitude and Donations


Distrust of Government and Conspiracy Theories


Impact of COVID and Vaccine Distrust


Biblical Prophecies and End Times


Milestone Celebrations and Reflections

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join me on this episode as I discuss various intriguing topics with Andrew Hoffman, hailing from Piedmont, and myself, Tim Kilkenny, your host from Edmond, Oklahoma. We kick off with Andrew sharing his recent investment in a storm shelter, shedding light on the financial considerations that went into this decision. As I reflect on the unpredictable nature of Oklahoma’s weather and the adrenaline-filled baseball games in the region, our conversation smoothly transitions to the concerning Baltimore bridge collapse. We unravel the complex web of theories surrounding the incident, including its implications for critical infrastructure, potential motives, and the role of harbor pilots, prompting us to contemplate the broader consequences of this catastrophe.

Delving further into recent news, we dive into the U.S. Coast Guard’s investigation of hoax distress calls near Baltimore and the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Our discussion takes an intriguing turn as we explore conspiracy theories tied to these events, highlighting the lack of transparency from authorities and sparking conversations on pop culture, infrastructure issues, media narratives, and even royal affairs. From unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Rothschild’s demise to King Charles’s battle with cancer, our dialogue touches on a diverse array of topics, culminating in an exploration of Lyme disease and its potential correlation with microorganisms, offering a rich tapestry for speculation and contemplation.

Shifting gears, I delve into controversial topics such as Lyme disease, COVID, and lab leak theories. We dissect the intricate relationship between viruses, toxins, and their impact on the body, challenging established paradigms by scrutinizing claims that Lyme disease isn’t solely caused by microorganisms and questioning the conventional wisdom around immunity and vaccines. Our discussion digs deep into historical contexts, drawing parallels between DDT usage and polio outbreaks, while also underscoring the role of seed oils in detrimental health effects, advocating for informed dietary choices.

Moving on, we explore the effects of polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega-6 fatty acids present in seed oils, emphasizing the need to limit their consumption due to potential health hazards like inflammation and cellular damage. I guide listeners through a list of unhealthy vegetable oils to steer clear of and propose alternatives for cooking, advocating for a lifestyle that minimizes inflammatory factors for optimal well-being. Our dialogue veers toward vaccine beliefs, governmental skepticism, and the potential linkage to embracing conspiracy theories, underscoring the fine line between distrust in authorities and susceptibility to alternative narratives.

As our conversation navigates the societal impacts of the COVID pandemic, from heightened vaccine scrutiny to conspiracy narratives involving prominent figures like P. Diddy, we delve into biblical interpretations, reflections on political leaders, and our personal podcast journey. Expressing gratitude for our audience, we look ahead with anticipation to forthcoming episodes, embodying a spirit of inquiry, reflection, and engagement with our listeners.

RRNews 349: Boeing Quality and Dental Work

Producers of RRNews 349:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Daffers – Parts Unknown
Reno – Texas


RRNews Telegram Group

BioNTech’s Shares Tumble — Again — Amid Continued COVID Vaccine Sales Slide + More

‘Whole Thing Smacks of a Brave New World’: New AI Tool Predicts Vaccine Hesitancy

Federal agents raid OKC medical lab

REVEALED: Epstein Island’s Reid Hoffman, Megadonor to E. Jean Carroll, Nikki Haley Funds MeidasTouch Group Behind ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax.

Measles is a natural cancer killer – What Doctors Don’t Tell You

I’ve been losing followers, but I’m going to continue to try to turn my

‘I Can’t Stay Silent’: Basketball Legend Joins Lawsuit to Protect Free Speech After Son, Father Injured by Vaccines

Documentary: Root Cause

Unlock Your Body’s Healing: Autoimmune Issues, Lyme Disease & Cancer with Dr. David Minkoff

RFK Jr.’s VP prospect Aaron Rodgers has shared false Sandy Hook conspiracy theories in private conversations

Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in Charleston After Break in Depositions – Corporate Crime Reporter

NASA’s DART mission: Spacecraft impact reshaped Dimorphos asteroid | CNN



World Down Syndrome Day Festivities


Podcast Mishap Apology and Solutions


Investigating Boeing Factory Issues


Boeing’s Downfall and Leadership Decisions


Trump’s Grounding of Boeing 737 Max


Suspicious Circumstances of Whistleblower’s Death


Speculations on Future Elections and Political Agenda


Comparing Trump’s Golf Swing and Obama’s Basketball Game


Media Retractions and Kate Middleton Photoshop Controversy


Royal Family Press Rotations and Queen Succession


Biointech Revenue Decline and Covid-19 Vaccine Sales


New AI Tool Predicts Vaccine Hesitancy


Surveillance and Public Health Findings


Implications of New AI Technology


IRS Stance on Food as Medicine


Healthcare Industry and Profit Motives


Shortcuts vs. Healthy Lifestyles


Deception in Processed Foods


Impact of Fake Food on Overeating


The Impact of Toxins on Autoimmune Conditions


Parasites and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Unraveling the Mystery of Reflux


Manufactured Citric Acid Revelations


Movies, Dog Tearjerkers, and Tangy Tangerine


Listener Support and Dark Modern Issues


Housework Woes and Work Struggles


Personal Transformation and Testimony Sharing


Reactions to Personal Transformation


Insights on OnlyFans and Cultural Impact


Postmodern Architecture and Society’s Reflection


Appreciation for Historic Architecture


Critique on Modern Society and Art


Legal Barriers and Equality in Professions

AI Generated Show Notes:

Today’s podcast episode starts with a countdown to the upcoming solar eclipse from Edmond, Oklahoma, reminding listeners that we are just 18 days away from this celestial event. Hosts Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman kick off the show on World Down Syndrome Day, shedding light on the significance of trisomy 21 and mentioning a Down Syndrome festival happening in Oklahoma. The hosts share a mishap where the podcast recording was accidentally closed, prompting a discussion on the importance of backup equipment in podcasting setups. Despite the technical setback, the conversation transitions smoothly to various current events, notably focusing on concerns surrounding Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner assembly. Speculations aris

e about political influences on Boeing and the potential consequences for commercial air travel, including the grounding of Boeing 737 Max planes by the Trump administration, leading to a deeper dive into theories surrounding the aerospace industry and political relationships.

In subsequent episodes, we explore the leadership decisions that have shaped major corporations like Boeing and Ford, delving into topics such as the military mindset in maintenance and speculations involving political figures like Trump and Biden. The conversation extends to vaccine hesitancy and its impact on companies like BioNTech and Pfizer, with a specific focus on utilizing artificial intelligence to predict vaccine hesitancy based on psychological patterns. The episode concludes with discussions on British royalty and a preview of upcoming news, offering a diverse range of engaging topics for listeners to ponder.

The latest episode delves into a study on mental health predictions and the effectiveness of public health campaigns, leading to conversations about the role of AI in promoting COVID-19 vaccination and the association between vaccine hesitancy and mental health. The debate on whether health professionals can openly express opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine arises, along with considerations on doctors advising against vaccination in specific cases. The episode also touches on the concept of food as medicine, highlighting the recent IRS stance on this issue and exploring financial incentives in the healthcare industry, particularly how insurance companies benefit from sickness. Personal anecdotes about medical treatments and insurance payments add a human touch to the discussion, shedding light on the complexities within the healthcare system.

Later segments venture into the psychology behind medical treatments, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying causes rather than solely focusing on symptoms. The speakers discuss the impact of food quality on overall health, sharing insights on autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis. A poignant story about a patient’s back pain linked to untreated dental issues underscores the interconnectedness of health factors. The conversation concludes with reflections on the surprising connection between dental health and overall well-being, along with discussions on chronic Lyme disease, holistic treatments, and the significance of listener-funded content. A touch of humor is added as the hosts share anecdotes about movies featuring male leads and dogs, injecting lightheartedness into the detailed analysis of health and wellness.

The podcast continues with discussions on movie ticket prices, actor Mark Wahlberg’s work ethic, and the charitable impact of donations on families facing modern challenges. Anecdotes are shared about a woman’s journey from the adult entertainment industry to finding faith, sparking reflections on forgiveness and judgment. The hosts touch on the evolution of the OnlyFans platform and economic perspectives, providing a diverse array of topics for listeners to engage with.

Wrapping up, the conversation delves into the challenges of modern society, exploring spiritual matters in the digital age, the impact of postmodern architecture, and the evolving societal values influenced by influencers and digital media. Through thought-provoking conversations on art, architecture, and equality, the podcast aims to stimulate introspection on the dynamic world we live in.

RRNews 348: Thunderstorms and Hungry Cattle

Producers of RRNews 348:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Robert – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autmun – Snoqualmie, WA
Penny – Mesa, AZ


RRNews Telegram Group

Worst Fires In Texas History Obliterate Beef Industry

Forbes Article Related to Chris Sky Clip

To silence critics for good, Saudi crown prince MBS has converted the futuristic Line city project into the world’s biggest earthworks operation.

Newsmax Article about Haiti

College junior wins GOP primary against 10-term incumbent NC sHow I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled the Presidenttate lawmaker: ‘Lot of hard work’

Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Report

How I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled theHungry Cattle & President

Gates-Funded Gavi Takes Aim at Memes, Calls Them ‘Disinformation Super-Spreaders’

In Major Blow To Democracy, Supreme Court Rules Voters Can Vote For Favorite Candidate

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound


0:01:35 Thunderstorm Chit-Chat
0:02:33 Weather Anomalies in Oklahoma
0:04:36 Texas Wildfires Conspiracy Theories
0:32:40 Carbohydrate Myth
0:37:39 Victoria Nuland’s Legacy
0:39:31 Departure of Victoria Nuland
0:41:00 Influence of Victoria Kagan-Nudelman
0:43:59 Crisis in Haiti
0:47:45 Trump-Biden Choice
0:49:42 Speculations on Election
0:53:56 Warning of Dollar Collapse
0:58:07 Preparing for Dollar Collapse
1:00:00 U.S. Dollar Debt Crisis Fears
1:00:43 Dealing with Betrayal in Friendship
1:02:30 Betrayal and Disappointment
1:21:53 Reconciliation and Miracles
1:32:58 Preparing for the Unknown
1:37:06 Seeking Prayer and Financial Blessings

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join me, Tim Kilkenny, and my co-host Andrew Hoffman, as we podcast from Edmond and Piedmont, Oklahoma, amidst thunderstorms and lightning. Sharing a recent incident of a neighbor’s house struck by lightning, we dive into the unusual weather patterns in Oklahoma, transitioning to discussing the Texas wildfires. We explore theories around political motivations and globalist agendas regarding the wildfires, delving into suspicious circumstances and government responses. Highlighting the impact on the cattle industry, infrastructure, and water supply, we draw connections to broader issues like national power grids and military strategies, navigating through conspiracy theories and current events.

The devastating Texas wildfire, burning over 1 million acres in the Panhandle, impacting the cattle population and agriculture sector significantly, prompts discussions on potential ulterior motives behind the disaster. We explore the region’s historical significance, dietary preferences, and the importance of sourcing fresh produce locally, emphasizing the value of connecting with local farmers for overall health and well-being. The episode concludes with a teaser of upcoming content, mentioning discussions on Victoria Nuland’s career and related topics.

Our conversation meanders through topics like likening a Ghostbusters character to a government official, a political figure’s retirement, and the situation in Haiti. We delve into political decisions’ implications, financial matters such as Bitcoin, and the complexities of global politics, financial markets, and societal challenges. Shifting gears, we discuss the shift away from U.S. dollars in economic alliances, reflections on forgiveness, challenges in the world of golf, Saudi involvement, and thEpisode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Reporte broader implications of financial moves, hinting at significant changes on the horizon.

Reflecting on the shift away from the dollar and the challenges countries face in this transition, we discuss historical events, potential crises, societal issues, sleep and self-care tips. Expressing gratitude for listener support, we end with a prayer for financial blessings and well-being, stressing the importance of focusing on the essential things in life beyond money. Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to a great week ahead!

RRNews 347: Weather Real, Space Fake

Producers of RRNews 347:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Luke – Nevada, IA
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky Roberts – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO


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‘It’s going to be groundbreaking’: DeSantis OKs release of more Epstein documents


Joe Rogan, once a vocal evangelist of New Atheist talking points on religion, now yearns for the “just and righteous” Kingdom of God and believes the world “needs Jesus…for real.”

Lord Jacob Rothschild dies at the age of 87

Fake food

Google & Meta function as extensions of the US Intelligence Community.

Tim Pool & The Pimp On A Blimp debate the “moon landing”


Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker says FBI wants him to self-surrender Friday in Dallas over his Jan. 6 reporting

Inside Conservatives’ Effort to Filibuster Ukraine Aid


0:01:35 Thunderstorm Chatter
0:04:20 NBA Trade Talks
0:08:34 Contrails vs. Chemtrails Debate
0:14:51 Weather Modification Revelation
0:22:14 Controversial Views on Pandemic Response
0:26:46 Effects of Lockdowns and Child Welfare
0:28:45 Shaken Baby Syndrome Discussion
0:30:29 Unconventional Housing in Seattle Park
0:33:09 Endangered Wetland Discovery
0:35:04 Uncovering the Puff Daddy Scandal
0:35:52 Lawsuit Allegations and Speculations
0:41:10 Implicated Executives and Influential Figures
0:42:45 Kanye’s Insights and 50 Cent’s Take
0:44:40 Meek Mill’s Involvement and Disturbing Revelations
0:48:06 Music Industry Influence and Speculations
0:50:12 Influence of Powerful Figures in Music
0:53:11 Rogan’s Speculations on Hollywood Propaganda
0:54:42 Cat Williams’ Transgenderism Prediction
0:58:01 Discussion on Religion and Morality
0:59:51 Personal Beliefs and Cultural Impact
1:04:37 Contemplating the Firmament
1:08:25 Unraveling Conspiracies and Logic Bridges
1:17:57 Moon Landing Debunking and Psyops
1:24:29 Retirement Reflections and Family Advice
1:36:26 Apologies and Updates
1:39:51 Exploring GPT Conversations
1:46:10 Inquiries About Vaccines
1:55:25 Surprising Revelations
1:58:55 The Unsettling Truth
2:03:05 Seeking Healing
2:05:37 Speculations on Rothschild’s Fate

AI Generated Show Notes:

Today the conversation kicks off with a chat about the unusual weather patterns in Oklahoma, including thunder snow, leading to a segue into the NBA game and a lighthearted take on chemtrails versus contrails. The discussion evolves into mainstream news coverage of cloud seeding in California, prompting a deep dive into the potential risks associated with government-acknowledged practices like cloud seeding.

As the dialogue unfolds, the hosts explore the controversial topics of chemtrails, cloud seeding, and their possible implications on health and environmental factors, raising questions about their effects and timing. This segues into a lighter moment when Andrew introduces a quiz question cleverly hidden in a dandelion video clip, adding a touch of humor to the otherwise thought-provoking discussion.

In another episode, the conversation shifts towards the surprising health benefits of dandelions for heart health and uncovers the interconnectedness of heart medicine, dandelions, and herbicides like Roundup, all owned by a single company. The hosts delve into topics such as the impact of aspirin, challenges faced by children during the pandemic, and concerning trends in child welfare, including shaken baby syndrome, remote learning difficulties, and the implications of masking. They also share a quirky anecdote about a man building a cabin in a city park, adding a dash of eccentricity to the conversation.

The episode takes a darker turn as the hosts delve into the recent legal issues surrounding a prominent music industry figure, Rodney Jones, unveiling allegations of serious misconduct involving celebrities, politicians, and underage individuals. The discussion expands to explore the broader influence of industry power players like Clive Davis and delve into rumors and controversies surrounding their careers. Connections are drawn between power dynamics, creative control, and allegations of sexual misconduct, providing a nuanced portrayal of the music industry’s darker facets.

Later, the hosts dissect a conversation featuring Cat Williams on Joe Rogan’s podcast, touching on themes of men, particularly black men, wearing dresses in Hollywood and delving into transgenderism and propaganda in movies. The dialogue expands to explore symbolism in rituals like Baphomet and the Mark of the Beast, triggering reflections on religion, morality, space exploration, and conspiracy theories. The hosts emphasize the importance of challenging established beliefs and seeking truth, even if it leads to uncomfortable or unconventional outcomes, exploring the intersections of culture, belief systems, and societal influences.

In the latest episode, the hosts delve into the captivating discussions surrounding Tom Brady’s personal life and celebrity status, expressing gratitude to loyal supporters. Furthermore, they uncover intriguing insights from a chat with Gab AI about vaccines and rare side effects, concluding with light-hearted banter on AI interactions and pop culture references.

Overall, the podcast promises a diverse array of thought-provoking topics, ranging from environmental concerns and health benefits to controversial music industry scandals, societal influences, and pop culture phenomena. The hosts maintain a dynamic dialogue that seamlessly transitions between serious discussions and light-hearted moments, keeping listeners engaged and informed throughout the episodes.

RRNews 346: Poison Skies and Rituals of Distraction

Producers of RRNews 346:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Ricky – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ
Jeremy – Parts Unknown
Celeste – Henderson, NV
Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Rick – North Dakota
Reno – Texas


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Super Bowl 2024 Was a Circus Involving a Clown Wearing an Inverted Cross

Are The Skies Poisoning Us?

“Wonder Material” Graphene Verified Safe in Groundbreaking Human Study

Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface

Watch: Klaus Schwab Says Mankind Set to Merge with Digital World Thanks to AI

Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed

You searched for graphene – SciTechDaily

Bukele’s War for Peace

Who Had ‘Russian Nukes In Space’ On Their Election-Year Disruption Bingo-Card?

Britains nuclear derrent is ‘Safe and Effective’ according to Defence Officals

How the late Bob’s Red Mill founder avoided selling out to a food giant and instead transferred ownership to his 700 employees

Eclipsing Silicon: The Emergence of Magnon-Based Computing Technologies

Biden administration cancels student loans of more than 150,000 borrowers under new plan

Scientists find link between brain imbalance and chronic fatigue syndrome

Biden Admin Reportedly Set To Greenlight Rule Change That Could Spike Gas Prices — But Not Until After The Election

IRS to go after executives who use business jets for personal travel in new round of audits

How Oregon turned on its own trailblazing drug law: ‘Not the utopia we were promised’

Carbon footprint of homegrown food five times greater than those grown conventionally

Defense Secretary Austin returns to hospital

As Sam Bankman-Fried awaits prison sentence, FTX customers await a surprise: full repayment

Archaeologists Find Evidence of Hallucinogenic Drug in Ancient Rome

Inside Conservatives’ Effort to Filibuster Ukraine Aid


0:01:35 The Chemtrail Conspiracy
0:03:25 Defining Chemtrails
0:10:42 Questioning Hypotheses
0:15:29 Effects of Graphene Oxide
0:25:05 Klaus Schwab’s Vision
0:28:06 Fluorescent Glow Phenomenon
0:33:04 The Artificial Parasites
0:36:25 The Psyop of Transhumanism
0:40:05 Plant-Based Vaccines
0:41:41 Amish Fire Water Remedy
0:43:44 Post-Super Bowl Analysis
1:24:33 Commercials and Shark Tank Insights
1:50:07 Vaccine Conspiracy and Fake News Awards
1:59:14 Cultural Manipulation and Distractions
2:02:19 Bob’s Red Mill Legacy and Passing
2:07:06 Shoot the Next Shot

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman engage in a discussion about chemtrails, where Tim shares insights from an email received from a pilot indicating that not all trails may be harmful. The conversation evolves to include a discourse on graphene safety research on humans, underlining the significance of controlled trials over widespread testing. Transitioning to Klaus Schwab’s views on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the emerging intelligent age, the hosts draw attention to how Hollywood depicts technology merging with humans, symbolizing the concept of transhumanism.

Moving on, I had a fascinating conversation with ChatGPT, envisioning the dawn of a new intelligent era. We navigate through diverse topics, from technology’s societal influence to exploring conspiracy theories around vaccines, graphene oxide, and 5G towers. The dialogue meanders into intriguing areas such as fluorescent nanotechnology in vaccinated individuals and its potential biblical implications. We also touch upon unconventional subjects like plant-based vaccines, an Amish remedy for colds, the alleged record viewership of the Super Bowl, and Taylor Swift’s controversial performance, delving deep into various modern phenomena and technologies.

Shifting gears, the spotlight moves to Travis Kelsey, a standout figure in the Super Bowl, renowned for his on-field charisma and reportedly linked to Taylor Swift romantically. Amidst extensive media coverage, their relationship takes center stage, overshadowing even the game itself, creating a buzz filled with symbolic gestures from celebrities that fuel conspiracy theories and politically charged speculations. Unconventional occurrences mark the event, adding layers of mystery and intrigue, encapsulating a blend of sports, pop culture, and clandestine narratives.

Tracks 1 and 2 navigate through a labyrinth of conspiracy theories surrounding public figures like Taylor Swift and Joe Biden, unearthing hidden agendas, speculations on soul-selling pacts, and purported devilish influences within the entertainment industry. Football chatter makes its way into the conversation alongside quirky anecdotes about financial decisions of celebrities like Shaq, shedding light on the complexities of endorsements, fame, and controversies. The episode invites listeners to plunge into the realm of speculation, exploring the enigmatic connections and theories surrounding these prominent personalities.

In another segment, a range of topics takes center stage, traversing from the inspiring journey of a ring camera founder rejected on Shark Tank to the societal impacts of platforms like OnlyFans and evolving dating dynamics on Western culture. The discussions touch upon the global prevalence of guns, share a comedic anecdote, and reflect on the challenges in today’s dating landscape. Delving into the transformative influences of societal shifts on relationships and culture, the banter-filled conversation fosters critical reflections intertwined with humor and introspection.

Concluding the episode, we delve into acknowledging the financial supporters of the show, alongside exploring a listener’s message on Angelic theories. The conversation steers towards current societal issues, dissecting how these factors may serve as distractions in a potential engineered strategy to sow discord. A heartwarming tale of a business leader passing on his company to employees underscores the theme of empowerment and influence. The concluding notes offer words of wisdom and well-wishes to the audience, encapsulating a blend of reflection, inquiry, and positivity.

RRNews 345: Praying and Pointing out the Obvious

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Danny – Medford, OR
Luke – Nevada, IA
Reno – Texas
Travis – Parts Unknown
Derek – Parts Unknown
KC – Parts Unknown
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Robert – Parts Unknown
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Jeremy – Parts Unknown


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2081 Athlete Cardiac Arrests or Serious Issues, 1457 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection

Bogus Story of the Year–Fake Space

The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE

Bogus Story of the Year–War Propaganda

Bogus Story of the Year–Taylor Swift and last gasp of Celebrity influence

70 Percent of Deaths from Pfizer Vaccine in Japan Reported Within 10 Days of Jab: Study

Top Story–East Palestine, Chemtrails, and other Poisonings

Bogus Story of the Year–AI and Elon

How to Convince Your Flat-Earth Friends the Earth Is Round

Liberal Dude Wakes Up

I think I found people trying to start a cult via Tik Tok live

The Book of Enoch – Ethiopian Book 1 (Complete Audio) Read By Daniel Butler

Ivermectin Squares Off in a New War on Cancer


0:01:35 Introducing the hosts: Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman
0:04:35 Starting Delayed Due to Icy Conditions
0:07:58 Son’s Sickness and Paradigm Shift
0:11:11 Difficulty Finding Doctors Familiar with Terrain Theory
0:14:20 Kamala’s Unlikability and Lack of Speaking
0:15:43 Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley Comparison
0:19:39 Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Cheap Labor
0:23:23 From Payday Loan to Vape Weed Shop
0:31:50 Commercial loans and adjustable rates causing financial struggles
0:39:44 Questioning My View of the World
0:43:03 Challenging My Worldview and Opening My Mind
0:47:15 Seeking Objectivity: Consuming the Other Side’s Perspective
0:49:30 TikTok Ending and the Awakening
0:56:02 Scary and Important Clips from the No Agenda Show
0:56:30 Unexpected Loud Noise Interrupts the Conversation
0:58:01 Rise of Digital Addiction and Content Creation
1:02:20 The dichotomy of millennials and social media addiction
1:05:58 The prevalence of phone addiction in everyday life
1:10:35 Social Media Feed Filled with Ads and Motivational Posts
1:14:34 Two Feeds on Twitter: Following and For You
1:18:40 The Origins of Oil and Manipulation
1:26:06 Early treatments vilified, motivation of doctors questioned
1:34:04 The Pressure of Interviewing a Famous Person Live
1:42:34 Nervous about Interviewing Elon Musk
1:46:19 Discussing Obama’s lack of similar athletic achievements
1:49:02 Shiva, Jesus, and Buddha: Unlikely Allies
1:52:12 Apologies and January Donations: Thanking the Supporters
1:58:10 Donations from Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Jeremy
2:01:15 Introduction to Revelations Radio News segment
2:04:57 Down the rabbit trail of fenbendazole
2:08:23 Control screen time and avoid Oklahoma weed shops

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a wide range of topics. To begin, we address the recent technical issues that have caused delays in our show production. We express our gratitude towards our dedicated listeners and donors who have supported us throughout January. Taking the time to individually thank each donor, we apologize for any oversight in previous episodes.

Acknowledging the crucial role that donations play in covering our equipment and software costs, we emphasize the immense value of our listeners’ support. We then shift the conversation to a mysterious substance, exploring a clip that sheds light on the difference between digestive enzymes and super enzymes.

Drawing from personal experience, we discuss a parasite cleanse that I underwent as part of my lupus treatment. Reflecting on the profound positive impact it has had on my health, we touch on the use of fenbendazole in this cleanse as well.

Concluding the episode, we offer a heartfelt prayer for the well-being of my co-host, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal health. Encouraging our listeners to limit their screen time and make mindful choices with their spending, we express our gratitude for their continued support.

As we wrap up this episode, we extend our thanks to everyone who has tuned in, promising to return next week with fresh content. Stay tuned and keep supporting us as we navigate through these thought-provoking topics.

RRNews 344: Parasites and Black Holes

Producers of RRNews 344:

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Danny – Medford, OR
Marja – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Hugh – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Daphne – Parts Unknown
Daphne – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ
Luke – Nevada, IA
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Nicholas – Grand Haven, MI


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They want to censor you so you have no free speech at all

One chemo alternative?

Our letter to the WEF:

Why Landing on the Moon is hard now

I opened up the can of worms (pun intended).

A fuel leak forces a US company to abandon its moon landing attempt

More delays for NASA’s astronaut moonshots, with crew landing off until 2026

Ray Epps, a target of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories, gets a year of probation for his Capitol riot role

Multiple Myeloma due to Camp LeJeune Water Contamination

JJ Couey’s Scathing Analysis of Bret Weinstein’s Trade Show Pitch of mRNA “Beautiful Technology”

In The Name Of Science: Nobel Prize Winning “Quantum Dots” Cause Irreversible Organ Toxicity To Living Organisms

what’s something that used to be awesome but now is terrible? i’ll start: portland, oregon

U.S. Attorney Suggests DOJ Will Expand Prosecution of J6 Protesters Who Did Not Enter Capitol

Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab Using Vibrating Molecules


0:03:10 Cold Weather Chatter and Chiefs Game
0:06:43 Transitioning from 1099 to W2 Employment
0:10:16 Dr. Lee Merritt’s Advice on Parasite Elimination
0:19:00 Exploring a potential alternative treatment for cancer
0:22:41 Speculating on the hidden cure for cancer
0:27:34 Delivered package mishap and gratitude for help with gift
0:30:44 Theme of Davos: Rebuilding trust and lack of trust
0:33:51 Progression of vaccine skepticism and distrust
0:37:40 Unveiling the Sun’s Galactic Birthday
0:37:59 The Age of the Sun: A Fascinating Discovery
0:39:23 The Science Behind Black Holes
0:40:57 A Letter to the New World Order
0:44:51 The unsettling truth about selling your soul to commerce
0:48:15 Trump’s compromise: Letting the January 6th people rot in prison
0:51:55 The next wave of arrests for simply being present on January 6th
0:56:55 Discussion on Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas’s Journey
1:02:37 NASA’s mission to retrieve asteroid material and the involvement of Lockheed Martin
1:05:45 The challenges of landing on the moon today compared to the past
1:11:32 Protecting Kids from Inappropriate Content on YouTube
1:15:10 Controversy Surrounding Moonlander Launch with Human Remains
1:16:40 Adam Curry’s View on the Space Scam
1:18:13 The Paper Straw Debate in the Northwest
1:23:04 Anecdote: Contamination and Vaccines
1:27:22 Introduction to the issue of nanoplastics and their effects
1:30:58 Thanking donors and discussing podcast recognition
1:35:25 Reflecting on the podcast’s reach and street credibility
1:40:07 Donation Mix-Up and Special Number 451
1:43:42 Finally Found the Missing Email
1:45:42 The Challenge of Covering News During an Election Year
1:47:12 Polishing up Jimmy Dora’s routine on doing your own research
1:49:10 Big Pharma Propaganda and Anti-Intellectualism

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we delve into the potential drawbacks of paper straws, once hailed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Recent research reveals that these seemingly sustainable options not only deteriorate quickly but also contain low levels of forever chemicals, known as PFAS, which take centuries to break down and contribute to pollution. It’s surprising to note that PFAS was found in almost all tested straw materials, with the exception of stainless steel. This discovery raises concerns about the environmental impact and potential health risks associated with these supposedly eco-friendly alternatives. We also touch upon Microsoft’s failed attempt to introduce biodegradable utensils, which disintegrated while eating soup, serving as a reminder to be skeptical about products labeled as “green.”

Shifting gears, we address a recent article discussing the amount of plastic ingested when consuming water from plastic bottles. New research suggests that previous estimates, which indicated ingesting the equivalent of a credit card’s worth of microscopic plastic particles each week, might have underestimated the actual extent. We explore the concerns surrounding nanoplastics infiltrating our bloodstream, as well as our food and waterway systems, carrying harmful toxins that pose health risks.

Expressing our gratitude, we acknowledge and thank listeners who have generously contributed to our podcast. We share a heartwarming anecdote about someone inquiring about our show and express our awe at how it has expanded into our own friend circle. Additionally, we reflect on our experiences as guests on other podcasts and fondly remember a late friend who affectionately referred to us by a different name on-air, cherishing his memory as a kind individual.

Moving forward, we highlight Santa Monica Bay’s scenic beauty while playfully remarking on its liberal population. We express gratitude towards donors such as Daphne, Robert, Hugh, Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Chrissy, while giving special mention to Dave for his generous $451 donation. Apologizing for an oversight in addressing an email about censorship, we explain that we were unable to locate any other relevant emails from the last show apart from a donation from Marja. Furthermore, we acknowledge a movie recommendation from Caleb and apologize for not responding promptly.

Expressing heartfelt appreciation, we acknowledge the donation of bendazol from my wife and share a lighthearted fact about the spelling differences between boys and girls. Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead, we express the challenges of producing a news-focused show during an election year and acknowledge the continued reliance on chemotherapy despite an intriguing story about cancer cell destruction utilizing near infrared light.

Shifting gears, we touch upon peculiar occurrences during COVID where people were discouraged from asking questions, emphasizing the importance of conducting research and staying informed. We transition the conversation to comedians, shining a spotlight on Jimmy Dory and discussing their artistic development, talent, reliance on timing, and revisiting of material in their acts. Informing our listeners that there won’t be a show next week, but possibly one in either January or February, we briefly mention travel plans and flight delays, sending well wishes to those affected by an ice storm while weaving in humorous remarks about parasites. We share an intriguing story about chickens evolving into a gateway for conspiracy theories and express our sincere appreciation to the listeners, promising to strive for greater consistency with the show. As we conclude, we offer a prayer and extend our deepest gratitude to the audience for tuning in.

RRNews 343: 2023 in Review | Happy New Year!

Producers of RRNews 343:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Jeremy – Minneapolis, MN
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky Roberts – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
David – North Andover, MA
Billie – Parts Unknown
Luke – Nevada, IA


RRNews Telegram Group


0:03:12 Exciting Beginnings of a Revelations Radio News Podcast
0:03:49 The Importance of Punctuation and Texting Culture
0:06:53 Andrew’s Christmas and the Pioneer Woman Mercantile
0:11:30 Casual conversation at a Lakers game
0:18:29 Building Community Through Human Interaction
0:22:08 Bogus Stories: War Propaganda and Chinese Spy Balloon
0:26:35 Fake Space: Rockets, Asteroids, and Magic Boxes
0:30:56 33 Billion Light Years Away: Galaxies and Bogus Science
0:34:37 DeMar Hamlin’s Inactive Role on the Field
0:42:24 Former NBA player skeptical of vaccines
0:45:42 Celebrities losing influence in shaping public opinion
0:48:12 Setting the stage for bogus stories
0:55:00 Futuristic Possibilities: Freezing and Reviving the Human Brain
0:55:10 Transhumanism and the Belief in Living Forever
1:04:34 Top Stories: Athlete Cardiac Arrest and Vaccine Cover-Up
1:09:02 Shootings and the Controversy of Gender Identity
1:13:57 God’s Accidental Assembly and the Stork’s Misdelivery
1:17:11 Transhumanism, Dick Cheney, and Pig Heart Transplants
1:21:46 Good advice and the search for truth begins
1:24:47 Adam Curry’s journey to finding Jesus and its impact
1:28:14 Uncommon adult conversions and the spiritual reality
1:32:18 Sub-Story 1: Collapse of FTX as a Money Laundering Scheme
1:39:05 Predicting the end of the economy and economic stories
1:41:32 False Predictions of Market Crash in 2009
1:43:09 Donations from Danny, Medford Oregon
1:44:43 Decreasing PayPal Donations Raise Concerns
1:53:24 Yogurt as a Delivery Method for Powder Supplement
2:02:15 Election prediction: Trump’s potential landslide victory
2:05:56 More people rejecting all vaccines, not just COVID vaccine
2:06:06 Slow March Towards Economic Control
2:10:01 AI Fraud Exposed, Less Hype in Future
2:13:28 Predicted Outcome: Disaster or Political Crisis on Migrant Issue
2:18:14 Renaissance of Good Music and Art, New Platforms Emerging

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, the main speaker reflects on the media’s potential manipulation of news stories and emphasizes the importance of being critical consumers of information. They point out how certain stories overshadow significant news events and urge listeners to question the agenda behind the presentation of these stories. The speaker also acknowledges the controversy surrounding figures like Elon Musk, acknowledging that opinions about him may differ among listeners.

The conversation moves on to the topic of vaccine-related health issues, with the speaker expressing frustration over the denial of any connection between vaccines and adverse effects. They further discuss a tragic shooting incident in Nashville and raise questions about the influence of societal pressures on gender transition. The main speaker stresses the need for careful consideration before undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

In the next part of the conversation, the main speaker and their co-host discuss predictions and trends for the upcoming year. They predict that poisoning and propaganda will become more prominent, drawing attention to Hillary Clinton’s scandal management approach as an example. They suggest that vaccines, chemtrails, and other factors may continue to poison people, making it difficult to identify the cause of illnesses. The possibility of a collapse in cryptocurrencies, except for Bitcoin, is also mentioned, along with the potential introduction of central bank digital currencies. The speaker and their co-host believe that these trends may lead to less anonymity and freedom for Americans, cautioning that there may be a gradual march towards full economic control, although a complete economic collapse is seen as unlikely during Biden’s re-election year.

Moving on, the main speaker presents their next prediction, discussing the potential exposure and decreased concern of AI fraud in the future. They also touch on the migrant crisis, speculating that it may reach a boiling point either during the presidential election or through a potential false flag or real terror attack. Expressing frustration with ongoing political debates surrounding immigration, the speaker predicts disastrous consequences if the issue is not properly addressed. Despite experiencing a cough and sniffles, they continue the discussion, mentioning that people will continue to get sick for various reasons. Lastly, the main speaker expresses their belief that the alien psyop will continue to fail, referencing Tucker Carlson’s coverage and the lack of significant attention it received during a congressional hearing.

As the conversation nears its end, the main speaker concludes on a positive note, discussing predictions for the future. They anticipate exponential growth in anti-vaxxers, alternative health movements, and the evolution of podcasting. Additionally, they foresee a renaissance in good music and art. Looking ahead to 2024, the main speaker envisions continuing to host social gatherings and living a more fulfilled life. They also bring up the possibility of getting $100 to reconsider their position on the flat Earth, jokingly pondering if someone will actually offer that reward. The main speaker reflects on previous shows and predicts a similar output in 2024, with the hope of uninterrupted sleep. They apologize for the three-week hiatus during the donating season but express gratitude for the loyalty of their listeners.

Wrapping up the year on a positive note, the main speaker assures their audience that this is not the last show ever. They express their excitement about meeting new listeners and the possibility of hosting a meet-up. With their schedule no longer conflicting, there’s a strong likelihood of an actual gathering. The main speaker emphasizes their desire to continue being friends, ranting, and raving about the state of things. They express genuine gratitude for the support of their listeners and their excitement for the future. The speaker concludes by stating their intention to be good examples for their children and prioritize spending quality time with them.

Despite the conversation being long and rambly, the main speaker expresses excitement for what’s to come in 2024. They reflect on the duration of their podcast, noting that it has surpassed the length of their marriage. They share a laugh about the technical difficulties they’ve encountered along the way but express deep appreciation for the support of their listeners. The main speaker expresses their hope for future meet-ups and the continuation of sharing thoughts and opinions in the coming year. Finally, they extend their wishes for a Happy New Year!

RRNews 342: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Personal updates and job changes! Then to politics and the upcoming 2024 election, concerns about the economy, Middle East complexities, and Hunter Biden’s activities. Turning to Christmas, we discuss traditions, Elf on the Shelf. We encourage listeners to avoid stress and materialism, cherish family, and give to those in need. Merry Christmas!!!

Producers of RRNews 342:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Daniel – Medford, OR
Reno – Parts Unknown
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Buck – Parts Unknown
Rick – North Dakota
Krissy – Manchester, NH


RRNews Telegram Group

Blue Origin successfully launched and recovered its New Shepard booster

Merry Non-Pagan Christmas!

Most important short clip of the decade

How they plan to use our cars to keep us trapped, and under absolute surveillance

I agree with Rafael.

“Temple of Oculus Anubis” in Oregon…?

Millions of student loan borrowers still aren’t paying their bills

Breaking! Democrats Officially Steal 2024 Election.

Can we make her president already

It’s Been 2 Months. Why Can’t NASA Open the Asteroid Sample Container?

The Case of the Never-Ending Illness

Earth Has Received a Message Laser-Beamed From 10 Million Miles Away


0:03:35 Andrew’s Tough Road to a Job Story
0:11:03 Good News: New Job Opportunity in Mid-January
0:14:53 Importance of Not Burning Bridges
0:18:42 The Challenges of Gift Giving
0:22:58 Not Seeking Out News on a Daily Basis
0:26:43 Democratic Party steals 2024 election in Colorado
0:30:18 2024 election outcome already scripted, nothing has changed
0:34:38 Awakening to money laundering and corruption in past conflicts
0:37:57 Joe Biden’s Knowledge of Hunter Biden’s Actions
0:40:34 A Sense of Unease and Confusion
0:41:47 Global Civil War and Jeopardizing the World
0:45:01 Majority of Americans Want Trump Back
0:49:50 Questioning the brazenness of the establishment
0:57:05 The importance of vaccination for the greater good
1:00:41 The variety of viruses causing cold-like symptoms
1:02:30 Downplaying the Effectiveness of COVID Shots
1:03:45 The Debate on Chemtrails vs Contrails Begins
1:07:16 The Controversial On/Off Switch of Chemtrails
1:08:08 Common symptoms associated with parasites
1:12:03 Discussion about children and parasite symptoms
1:15:25 The relationship between sugar, parasites, and government policies
1:18:57 Jimmy Dore’s analysis of Biden administration’s actions on student loans
1:22:57 Refinancing or home equity loans as alternatives to credit card debt
1:26:21 Reflections on the state of society and biblical references
1:33:06 Buck from an Unknown Location Chimes In
1:40:48 The Reality of Getting Sober: Life Gets Worse Before Better
1:43:06 Random Conversations and UFC Introduction
1:46:56 Gratitude for Josh Emmett’s Sportsmanship and Alpha Male Team
1:50:25 A Classy Message and Headlines on Google
1:51:17 An Undeniable Urge to Share Revelations
1:55:27 Censorship and False Information Campaign
1:57:57 Bryce Mitchell’s maturity and growth as a fighter
2:01:40 Blue Origin’s successful launch and recovery of New Shepard
2:08:07 Ashley St. Clair’s encounter at Phoenix Airport
2:15:51 Trump’s Endorsement and DeSantis’ Fallout
2:23:29 The Misinterpretation of Nimrod and Baal
2:27:01 The Santa Claus Debate and Personal Choices
2:30:29 The Dilemma of Santa Claus and Elf on a Shelf
2:38:18 The Three S’s to Avoid During the Holiday Season
2:41:29 Spreading Joy and Generosity on Christmas Day
2:46:00 Prayers for Children and the Downtrodden on Christmas

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the podcast/show, we dive into a variety of topics, starting with some personal anecdotes about getting stuck in the mud and encountering a rancher who sells products directly. These experiences lead us into a discussion about job changes and the importance of leaving on good terms with previous employers. We also touch on the topic of Christmas shopping and share some thoughts and ideas.

As the conversation unfolds, we take a turn towards politics, delving into the upcoming 2024 election and reflecting on corruption and the influence of those in power. We express our concerns about the state of the economy, mortgage rates, and the complex situation in the Middle East. The discussion then shifts towards Hunter Biden’s activities, addiction, double standards, and a prevailing sense of impending doom in the world.

Our conversation evolves to touch upon Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, sharing our opinions and speculating on potential replacements. We briefly mention remdesivir, security for Fauci, and divisive comments about the unvaccinated, highlighting the ongoing debates and controversies surrounding these issues.

As we near the end of the podcast/show, we delve into discussions about sickness and propaganda in different professions. We also address the lack of accurate tests for parasites, acknowledging the challenges and gaps in the medical field.

Next, the main speaker expresses their doubts about the validity of space and satellites, questioning the scarcity of real satellite images and raising the possibility of spy balloons. The topic then shifts to a Twitter famous individual named Ashley St. Clair and her recent encounter at the Phoenix airport, where she observed migrants boarding her Delta flight to New York. We emphasize the support she received for speaking out about this experience and bring attention to the lack of Covid testing for incoming migrants. We briefly touch on the actions of Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and engage in a broader discussion about immigration, recognizing the division and controversy surrounding the issue.

Finally, the conversation takes a festive turn as we delve into various topics related to Christmas and the holiday season. We explore the history of December 25th as the date for celebrating Jesus’ birth and debunk myths about it being a pagan holiday. We also discuss the Santa Claus tradition and the personal choices some make regarding participation.

Our attention then moves to the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, sharing personal experiences and reflecting on its impact. The main speaker shares their frustrations with a basketball game they attended, particularly with the concept of not keeping score. They emphasize the importance of learning from winning and losing and the awkwardness of asking their star player son to sit on the bench to give others a chance.

The topic shifts to future basketball games and new rules involving young referees. The main speaker acknowledges the need to maintain composure and avoid yelling at referees, even in the face of mistakes.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we discuss our plans for Christmas and emphasize the importance of avoiding stress and materialism. We encourage listeners to spread positivity and be a blessing to others. The conversation concludes with a heartfelt mention of a tradition in the main speaker’s household – writing letters to one another instead of, or in addition to, gifts. They express their excitement about receiving a letter from their spouse and highlight the significance of cherishing family and giving to those in need during this time of year.

We extend warm wishes to everyone, celebrating the joyous occasions of Merry Christmas, Merry Hanukkah, and Happy Boxing Day. While mentioning the possibility of not having a show next week, we promise to return in the new year and close with a prayer, expressing gratitude to God for his son and requesting guidance and protection for all our listeners.

RRNews 341: Problems and Prayers

In this episode, we express gratitude for donations and provide personal updates. On Telegram, we now have topics!

Producers of RRNews 341:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Daniel – Medford, OR
Reno – Parts Unknown
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Be Good Broadcast – Parts Unknown
Risky – Parts Unknown
Robin – Parts Unknown
Greg – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Anonymous – Reno, NV
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Khyle – Newton, MA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Eric – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Luke – Nevada, IA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown


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Syngenta can’t escape its secrets

GAVI and Bill Gates New $1 Billion Plan to Mass Vaccinate Africa – The HighWire

Texas Sues Pfizer for ‘False’ and ‘Deceptive’ Marketing of COVID Vaccines

Miami Uni to design smart city in Guyana – IoT M2M Council

They’re spraying Southern California again. What about where you live?

18 people in CT suffered cardiac issues in bulk after receiving a bad batch of the Pfizer “vaccine”


Former NFL Player Frank Wycheck’s Shocking Cause Of Death Revealed

Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake

35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits

Pastures can convert sunlight, animal waste, and CO2 into grass which is fuel for self propelled protein generating machinery we call cattle.

When Food was Medicine

Kiss cancel shows as Paul Stanley “battles flu”; MTV’s Megan McKenna “rushed to hospital”; Sunwoo diagnosed with neuritis/neuralgia; DE Dylan Horton “steps away from Texans due to health issue”

How they plan to use our cars to keep us trapped, and under absolute surveillance

Moderna Stops Children’s mRNA Vaccine Trial Due to Heart Damage

Irish MP Says ‘We Are Restricting Freedom For The Common Good’ With New Hate Speech Bill

‘Ireland, We Are at War’ – Conor McGregor Calls on Irish to Destroy Hotels Before Migrants Can Be Moved In.

Sam Altman joins Microsoft as OpenAI names its third CEO in 3 days | CNN Business

Earth Has Received a Message Laser-Beamed From 10 Million Miles Away


0:03:36 A Month-long Hiatus Explained
0:07:50 Tainted Social Media and Unwanted Group Behavior
0:11:50 Introducing Topics in Telegram for Different Discussions
0:18:12 A month-long absence and gratitude for prayers
0:24:38 Bone to Pick with Chris White’s Movie Critique
0:27:49 Bill Gates’ $1 Billion Plan to Mass Vaccinate in Africa
0:30:48 The Divide: Liberal vs. Conservative Opinions
0:32:15 Kissinger and Controversy Surrounding Him
0:41:07 Red State Challenges in Voting and Political Climate
0:49:10 Flat Earthers vs. Moon Landing Deniers
0:54:44 Vaccine Side Effects: Inflammatory Heart Condition in Connecticut
0:57:09 Heart Condition and Parental Guilt
1:01:31 Increase in Miscarriages and COVID Vaccine Administration
1:05:45 Vaccination and Medical History Concerns
1:09:00 Concealing Data and Inaccuracies in Vaccine Trials
1:12:16 Unexplained Health Issues in Babies Born to Vaccinated Parents
1:16:21 Infertility and Adoption Challenges
1:22:20 Rise in Cervical Cancer and Pap Smear Guidelines
1:26:40 Counteracting Fertility Decline and Personal Experiences
1:31:14 Listener Appreciation and Generous Donation
1:37:59 The Power of Grass and Cattle in Harmony with Nature
1:38:54 The impact of GMO crops and centralized fake meat production
1:39:40 Glyphosate: Drying Crop with Harmful Consequences
1:45:46 Mexican Coke: Urban Legend or Real Thing?
1:48:18 Debating the pronunciation of soy lecithin
1:51:36 Dissecting spreadable butter and seed oils

AI Generated Show Notes:

The main speaker begins by mentioning the recent donations that have been received, expressing gratitude to specific donors and highlighting the importance of their generosity in covering expenses for the show. They also express appreciation for the support from the listeners. The main speaker apologizes for the delay in releasing new episodes and provides an update on their personal circumstances. Meanwhile, the co-host discusses the possibility of finding a job with a regular schedule, which would allow for more consistent show timings.

To further engage with the listeners, the main speaker suggests creating a prayer requests topic on Telegram, encouraging listeners to pray for each other and for the show. They emphasize the importance of uplifting content and ask for recommendations in this regard.

The topic of conversation then shifts to the use of glyphosate in wheat farming and the origins of popular junk foods. The main speaker delves into the potential harms of glyphosate, the herbicide commonly used in wheat production, and its presence in various food products. They express concern about the health implications of consuming foods contaminated with glyphosate and discuss the origins and history of popular processed foods. The main speaker highlights the need for more awareness and education regarding the impact of certain agricultural practices on human health.

Overall, this part of the conversation focuses on expressing gratitude for donations, providing updates on personal circumstances, discussing the possibility of finding a job with a regular schedule, and shifting the conversation towards exploring the use of glyphosate in wheat farming and the origins of popular junk foods.

RRNews 340: Oklahoma Weather Talk

In this episode, we discuss various topics including holidays, podcasting, the Israel-Palestine conflict, global conflicts, the trade agreement with China, Chick-fil-A, Alex Jones losing bitcoins, vaccines, and self-awareness in discussions. We also touch on politician Dan Andrews, listener donations, Utah, and preferences for ham and turkey. We thank our listeners and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

Producers of RRNews 340:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Trusty Rusty – Zion’s Gate, UT
Subtlecain Podcast – Oshkosh, WI


RRNews Telegram Group

The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

33 Billion Light Years Away: Webb Space Telescope Finds Galaxies That Challenge Astronomical Theories

What do you think of the famous comedian, JP’s video about Israel and Palestine? I would love to hear your opinions below and I posted it on Telegram and most said he was spot on.

Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club

Once again, we were CONNED. 55 Ingredients in Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich


0:03:09 Excitement for a holiday without strange cult imagery
0:06:43 Appreciation for a podcast episode featuring Adam Curry
0:09:50 Playful self-mockery regarding recording mishaps
0:12:56 Unexpected Podcast Success and Technical Challenges
0:21:21 Enjoying a Clip and the Difficulty of Incorporating It
0:25:51 The Desire for War Emerges
0:31:30 Recognizing Propaganda and Getting Mad for the Wrong Reasons
0:34:38 Putin’s Manipulation and Domestic Problems in Russia
0:38:12 Control and Strategy in Geopolitics
0:41:26 Hong Kong Protests and Timeline Speculation
0:49:36 Investing Dilemma: Ethical Companies or Publicly Traded?
0:52:17 The Mysterious Story of Alex Shone’s Lost Laptop
0:54:57 Spot-on Trump impression and memorable speeches
0:58:02 Joe Latipo and his journey on vaccines
1:01:50 Recognizing indoctrination in medical education about vaccines
1:03:00 Emotional conversations and charged reactions
1:11:41 SciTechDaily: Changing theories and technocratic scientism
1:16:15 Generous Donation from Trusty Rusty in Zions Gate, Utah
1:18:15 Difficulty finding information, will attempt to help.
1:18:30 Awkward silence and a mention of a donation
1:22:12 Reflecting on the longevity of the podcast and future plans
1:27:51 Preparing for Interviews and Tech Talk

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, Tim Kilkitty and Andrew Hoffman delve into various topics and engage in a lively discussion. They start by sharing their thoughts on the holidays and their experiences during that time. Andrew recounts a humorous incident involving a territorial dog named Duke during his exploration of Oklahoma. They also express their excitement about a recent interview on Canary Cry Radio with Adam Curry and discuss the growth and development of podcasting.

Moving on, Tim discusses his struggle with claiming the fountain Bitcoin node and seeks assistance from a listener in Germany. They talk about the challenges they face in podcasting, such as managing multiple email accounts. They apologize for not having a show the following week due to the holiday and shift the conversation towards Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the presidential race and her proposal for social media verification, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The topic then shifts to the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Tim expressing his concerns about being manipulated into supporting a war. They reflect on their own involvement in the conflict and question the role of media manipulation in shaping public opinion. They also discuss the influence of the Israeli government and the motivations behind US involvement in the conflict. The conversation extends to other global conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Taiwan, and the possible distractions they create from the Israel-Palestine conflict. The podcast hosts debate their own beliefs and whether they are influenced by media manipulation.

They then touch on the trade agreement and its connection to China, discussing Trump’s tweets, the Hong Kong protests, and the controversy surrounding the origins of COVID-19. They express disappointment with the unhealthy composition of the Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, mention the boycotts against the fast-food chain, and discuss their investment choices based on aligned values. The hosts also recount a story about Alex Jones losing a laptop with 10,000 bitcoins and discuss a stand-up comedy routine about Trump’s speech relating to the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. They mention Joe Latipo’s changing views on vaccines and share their own journey of questioning traditional vaccine infrastructure.

Tim takes a moment to reflect on his own indoctrination in the scientific culture and how discussions during the pandemic made him realize his resistance to differing opinions. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and constructive conversations when dealing with contentious topics. The hosts explore the significance of being open to discussing controversial topics, sharing personal anecdotes, and discussing the influence of propaganda and brainwashing on emotional reactions.

The conversation then turns to politician Dan Andrews and his handling of the vaccine situation. They express satisfaction over his rejection from a prestigious golf club. Tim and Andrew express gratitude for listener donations and thank various contributors. They discuss Utah, Salt Lake City, and its blend of trendy aspects and conservative values. They also attempt to find information about Zion National Park but face difficulties. The episode concludes with some lighthearted banter and jokingly blaming Andrew for moments of dead air.

In a lighter moment, the podcast hosts discuss their preferences for ham and turkey, particularly for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They engage in a playful conversation about the taste of turkey and express their appreciation for their listeners and supporters. They mention the possibility of future interviews, highlight Adam Curry’s appearance on Canary Cry, and eagerly anticipate listening to that episode. Tim and Andrew end the episode by thanking their listeners and wishing them a happy Thanksgiving.

RRNews 339: There is No Secret

Hulk Hogan is a Christian and Joe Rogan is not….yet. We discuss Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, critical thinking, doubts about election authenticity, and reported sudden deaths. We also touch on the benefits of a carnivore diet, discuss spiritual beliefs and crack wise on occasion.

Producers of RRNews 339:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Kyle – Kent, WA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Robert – Parts Unknown
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Khyle – Newton, MA
Penny -Mesa, AZ
Luke – Nevada. IA
Krissy – Manchester, NH


RRNews Telegram Group

NBA Mandates With Hall of Famer John Stockton, Referee Ken Mauer + Former Sen. Scott Jensen

Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia

Robot kills man

Interview with James Corbett

Interview: Hrvoje Moric-Geopolitics and Empire – The subtlecain Podcast

The Inflammatory Question: Red Meat Might Not Be So Bad for You After All

John Harvey Kellogg – Wikipedia

Seventh-day Adventist Church – Wikipedia

The Tom Woods Show Matthew Lysiak Ep 2402

Attempts to hide our research from the public

Joe Rogan Talks Fenbendazole and Cancer

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

The European Union walks back its ruinous proposal to mandate minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings, as the political will for climate policies continues to crumble across the West

Mayor Eric Adams Fundraiser Raided by FBI

SUBSCRIBER COMMENTS: Synergistic pairing of ivermectin and fenbendazole found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing and treating cancer

Breaking: Pfizer is going under the bus…

Zoom vs Reality – Scientists Uncover Astonishing Differences in Brain Activity

Matthew Perry’s Former Assistant Honors Their ‘Remarkable Journey,’ Asks for ‘Signs’ After Star’s Sudden Death

Bigot Jen Psaki Warns Audience that Speaker Mike Johnson Is Dangerous Because He Believes in the Bible and Christian Principles

White House Accidentally Hands Out Plastic Baggies Of Cocaine To Trick-Or-Treaters

In his first act, Speaker Mike Johnson uses Israel aid to pick a fight with Joe Biden

Inside Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight


0:03:10 Introduction and Location
0:07:06 Joe Rogan’s Interest in Alternative Medicine
0:10:36 Big Pharma’s Potential Suppression of Affordable Treatment
0:11:03 Frustration over Avermectin controversy
0:14:49 Hulk Hogan shares his faith on Joe Rogan podcast
0:18:24 Finding Centeredness and Peace through Faith
0:24:12 Hogan’s Faith vs. Rogan’s Fascination with Biceps
0:31:48 The Belief in Being One with the Universe
0:39:18 Joe Rogan Softening Up to Different Views
0:42:44 Kenny Maurer Suing NBA for Refusing Vaccine
0:46:10 Debunking the Fake Albert Pike Letter
0:49:16 Conspiracy Unveiled: Government and Industry Changing Food Supply
0:49:51 The Unbelievable Story of John Harvey Kellogg
0:52:37 Flawed Observational Studies: Unreliable Data and Faulty Conclusions
0:53:53 Connecting the dots on known scams and bogus studies
0:55:03 Bill Ackman Funding Scientific Investigation on Vaccinations
0:59:23 Transition: John Harvey Kellogg and his Controversial Practices
1:04:04 Carnivore diet and sexual health discussions
1:07:30 Kellogg’s influence on granola and Corn Flakes
1:11:01 Learning from Twitter and making informed investment decisions
1:19:25 White House Halloween Candy Scam
1:20:59 Top doctors and the role of epidemiologists in studies
1:24:05 Hillary Clinton, American people’s dislike, and Beto O’Rourke
1:27:09 Matthew Perry’s vaccination status and red meat consumption
1:30:47 Thanking Generous Donors and Discussing Ads
1:37:46 Anonymous Donation and Telegram Group Discussions
1:43:50 Tom Brady’s interview shows his journey to success
1:45:20 The interconnectedness of government, corporations, and spiritual entities
1:49:04 Encouragement to learn more about each other and be civil

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics and discussions. We start by delving into the history of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and its connection to Bill Ackman, a financial guru. We clarify that while Ackman is often credited for the success of Corn Flakes, the company technically belonged to his brother. Still, we acknowledge Ackman’s significant role in the cereal’s development and highlight the importance of fact-checking and debunking myths.

Moving on, we shift our focus to the questions raised by Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) about vaccines. We emphasize the need for thorough research and examination of vaccine safety, stressing that this issue should not be political. As parents ourselves, we share our personal motivation to delve into the topic and mention a scientist from UCSF who supports Kennedy’s claims to a large extent. We also highlight the rise in health conditions among children and stress the importance of understanding these trends.

We then discuss how our interest in the vaccine issue goes beyond parenthood and stems from genuinely listening to Kennedy and other scientists’ perspectives. We recount a conversation we had with an epidemiologist who faced censorship on social media platforms like Twitter for questioning the approach to the COVID vaccine. We emphasize the value of free speech and mention a successful investment we made based on COVID-related insights obtained from Twitter.

Speaking of critical thinking, we touch upon the topics of free speech, hate speech, and vaccines. We emphasize the importance of questioning and researching for ourselves, rather than blindly following authority figures. We mention listening to podcasts and researching individuals like Elon Musk and Kennedy, who have raised interesting points on these issues.

Our discussion then takes a turn towards the controversial topic of giving newborns the vitamin K shot. While some parents, including ourselves, regret giving it to our babies, we acknowledge that it does help with blood clotting. We amusingly question why babies are born without enough vitamin K and discuss healthcare professionals’ insistence on administering the shot.

The conversation then shifts to Halloween and the tradition of checking candy for potential dangers. We suggest that this tradition was created by candy manufacturers for their own benefit and make lighthearted remarks about Hulk Hogan’s involvement. We also venture into humorous commentary about the Biden family and mock Dr. Jill Biden’s qualifications.

Next, we delve into the topic of elections, expressing skepticism about their authenticity. We draw a parallel between a plane incident where a lady claimed a guy was not real and the lack of hope we feel regarding elections. We believe that elections have already been fixed, yet not fixed enough, using examples like Hillary Clinton’s loss and questioning Beto’s involvement in transportation due to his past drunk-driving incidents.

Briefly, we touch upon sudden deaths reportedly related to vaccines, such as a 14-year-old experiencing a heart attack while jogging, a former NFL player’s sudden death, and Matthew Perry’s apparent drowning. We question the official cause of Perry’s death and speculate on whether he received the vaccine. We discuss watching someone inject saline unwillingly on television, raising further concerns.

I then mention a post in a Telegram group about whether red meat is bad for you. I express my intention to try a carnivore diet for three days, highlighting the potential benefits of eating meat. We also acknowledge listeners who have made donations to the show and criticize podcasts that interrupt conversations with ads. We thank those who have supported us, including Risky Robert, Robin, the Garden City Ranchers, Kyle, Luke, Chrissy, and Bill.

In a show of gratitude, we acknowledge that listener support is vital for the continuation of the show. We encourage listeners to share the show with others and briefly recommend another podcast called PBD.

We share insights from an interview with someone who went through a challenging experience and discuss how Bill Belichick’s player selections haven’t been as successful since that person left. We touch on the idea of government and corporations potentially trying to harm us and explore spiritual entities and ancient practices. We stress the importance of moderation and personal decision-making regarding health and food.

Moving on, we mention that while we won’t heavily moderate our Telegram group, we encourage respectful behavior. We cite our busy lives and lack of time for moderation and express an interest in getting to know group members personally. We mention topics like chemtrails for future discussion. We end the episode with a lighthearted joke about Hulk Hogan reading a verse and wish our listeners a successful week. We also mention a black Honda Accord on I-35 and invite listeners to wave if they spot it.

Finally, I sign off by mentioning that I’ll be listening to six podcasts and eating steak with a plastic fork while driving, providing a light-hearted touch to the conclusion. I express thanks to everyone for listening and for their contributions, concluding the episode on a positive note.

RRNews 338: Parasitic Relationship

Are parasites to blame for all of your health (and government) problems? We still have control over our health, what are the choices that we are making?

Producers of RRNews 338:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Terry – Calgary, AB CA
David – Parts Unknown


RRNews Telegram Group

The Mother of All Revelations (MOAR) out of NZ-30 people jabbed in 1 clinic in 1 day-all dead within a short space of time

The Incentivized Mass Murder of Children

Owens Last Words Before He Turns Himself Into Prison

Family sues Panera Bread after college student who drank Charged Lemonade dies

Man cured Cancer with Fenbendezoale

8-Year-Old Israeli ‘Poster Child’ for COVID Vaccines Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Why Israel Created Hamas

Steve Kirsch Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration.

Context Is Everything

Comprehensive study: There are ZERO Amish kids suffering from cancer, diabetes or autism – WHY IS THAT? | The Truthseeker

Last of the Pure Bloods – a “tribe” of 800,000 Americans that have not received a single “vaccine” of any type – guess how healthy they are?

Licorice and Liposomes or the Cytotoxicity of nanoparticles.

Metatronic Code: Are We Already Living in an Artificial World?

8 billion-year-old radio signal reaches Earth

They are POISONING our milk now


0:03:10 October weather in Oklahoma: Unpredictable and confusing
0:06:50 Discussion about Owen Schroyer’s involvement on January 6th
0:09:01 Facing Incarceration: A Final Message to Supporters
0:10:37 Reflecting on the idea of jail time
0:14:26 Making a choice to turn life over to a higher power
0:17:40 Finding peace and efficiency in being still with oneself
0:23:57 Doing the Right Thing vs Justifying the Means
0:26:40 Non-essential businesses and the “scam” surrounding them
0:30:50 Israel’s medical database and vaccine statistics
0:34:31 Lack of Trust in Doctors
0:34:43 UFC’s attempts to resume events during COVID-19.
0:37:48 The success of a surgical procedure and doctors’ lack of knowledge.
0:41:28 Insurance companies rewarding pediatricians for high vaccine rates.
0:50:21 Fenbenzidol as a Medicine for Parasite Cleanse
0:56:19 Ivermectin cleanse for lupus and MS symptoms
1:05:44 Creative Ways to Eat on the Go
1:10:19 Creatures in a lab: doctors, rats, guinea pigs?
1:13:45 Issue with Spotify and copyrighted content.
1:18:21 Unfair distribution of donations and contributions
1:22:03 Acknowledging new donations from Terry and David
1:27:09 Tragic Story of Child Spokesperson for Vaccines in Israel
1:29:18 The Amish and their vaccine-free lifestyle
1:32:23 Future milk in New Zealand and beyond
1:38:02 Andrew’s long day and gratitude for his wife’s support

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I begin by discussing a recommendation from Chris White to look up Pam Bartha, who focuses on MS and teaches people about adopting a healthy diet before treating parasites. I mention that she’s not a doctor but runs a school where she teaches students. Her website is livediseasefree.com, and she has been MS-free since 1989. This leads me to question if autoimmune diseases are actually the result of the body attacking parasites and toxins rather than itself. I express my skepticism towards doctors and mainstream medicine, highlighting that these alternative solutions are cheaper than chemotherapy. We briefly touch on the devastating effects of chemo, especially on children with diseases like leukemia. I mention a close friend with MS who takes expensive medication and discuss the possible side effects of vaccine adjuvants. We end the segment on a lighter note, discussing air fryers and a homonym friend named Andrew Kaufman.

In the next part of the podcast, I discuss my search for an air fryer and the concerns I have about the coatings used in these appliances. I talk about how convenience often leads us to consume harmful substances. My colleague agrees, and we discuss the difficulties of finding healthy food options while on the road. We then explore some alternative options and discuss the connection between parasites and our cravings for sugar.

The conversation takes a turn as we talk about parasites and their prevalence in dogs. We also discuss the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 and joke about humans being “guinea pigs” in testing different treatments. We mention donations and show art on our podcast and express gratitude for a new contributor.

Realizing that we have been using a copyrighted song as our outro, we discuss the need to find a new one and ask for suggestions from our listeners. We also talk about other contributions from listeners and express gratitude to those who have donated. We briefly mention some technical difficulties with our spreadsheet.

In another part of the podcast, I share interesting news stories and topics, including concerns about vaccines, a lawsuit against Panera Bread, and the low cancer rates among the Amish community. I also mention a sub stack by Jennifer Depew and touch on the concept of living in an artificial reality.

We end the podcast by discussing the importance of focusing on the positive and being a positive influence in the world. We express gratitude to our loved ones and encourage listeners to do something kind for others.

In closing, we thank our listeners and invite them to support us through donations or by contributing to the show. We also mention the opportunity to submit podcast art and release the audio version on our Telegram channel. We express our appreciation for the support we’ve received and encourage listeners to make a difference in the world. This is Revelations Radio News, signing off.

RRNews 337: MRNA RIP

Pants as payment, strange audio issues, and is Alex Jones the next Taylor Swift? No one wants the MRNA “Vaccines” but not because they are chocked full of foreign DNA. And Andrew Returns as the internet’s #1 Copper Man!!!

Producers of RRNews 337:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Matty B – Australia
Reno – Texas


Nobody – but nobody – wants mRNA jabs anymore

@SenSchumer yesterday about the importance of getting vaccinated!

RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left

‘Was Israel’s Military Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ Amid Hamas Attack? Charlie Kirk, Others Question Mainstream Narrative’ (American Faith News); if so, this has serious implications

Free Reiner Fuellmich!

The “died suddenly” vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know

MRNA is on a Major Losing Streak

ummm……. why are my tax dollars going towards bombing Christian hospitals in the middle east?

Dr. Peter Hotez Receives Inaugural IDSA Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award | Texas Children’s Hospital


Yesterday I announced my exit from the Democratic Party to run as an independent candidate for President. Here is what that means:


0:03:55 A Canceled Water System and an Apology
0:05:07 Sizing confusion and shopping spree
0:07:19 A Surprising Encounter with a Generous Stranger
0:08:43 A Hot Room and the Need for Fresh Air
0:12:27 Clean Feed and Skype – Different Platforms for Podcasting
0:16:04 Comparing Postmodern Entertainment with Burmese Renditions
0:23:47 Speculation about hidden knowledge at the CIA
0:27:05 Decline in demand for mRNA vaccines and financial impact
0:28:50 Travis Kelsey’s questionable actions and vaccine endorsement
0:31:53 Questioning the need for flu shots
0:35:52 Anthrax vaccine licensing and requirements for deployment
0:39:11 Arrest and Confinement of the Scientist
0:42:48 Mysterious Deaths and Vaccine Statistics
0:46:15 Strange DNA in Vaccines and Genetic Manipulation Concerns
0:51:39 Concerns over Border Security and Potential Terrorist Threats
1:00:09 Introducing a new girl to family; military memories shared.
1:00:42 Introduction to Charlie Kirk’s Conspiracy Theories
1:04:17 Speculations and Forbes Article on Conspiracy Theories
1:07:13 The Israel 9-11 Conspiracy Theory
1:10:01 Daniel or Ganser: Exposing the American Empire
1:14:04 Thanking People and Playing a Random Twitter Health Video
1:19:28 Appreciating the Generous Donors

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, my co-host Andrew Hoffman and I cover a wide range of topics. We begin by discussing the Oklahoma weather and share an amusing story about Andrew receiving payment in the form of pants. A kind customer gave Andrew two pairs of high-quality khaki pants, two dress shirts, and a sweater, which leads us to talk about the brand Bill’s Khakis and its unique material.

We then address some audio issues raised by our listeners and speculate on the potential causes, such as computer updates and software infiltration. We also compare our experiences with those of other podcasters who have faced similar challenges. As a lighthearted aside, we joke about James Corbett using Skype for his podcast.

Shifting gears, we bring up a popular YouTube channel featuring Alex Jones singing various songs, including a Taylor Swift track. While we acknowledge it as a postmodern form of entertainment, we both agree that previous renditions were better. We have a playful moment when Andrew admits to being unfamiliar with the song, and I confess my inability to name six words from a Taylor Swift track.

Next, we delve into recent developments surrounding mRNA vaccines and the declining demand for boosters. We mention an accidental tweet by Mandy Cohen, the director of the CDC, revealing the low uptake of the mRNA Omicron booster. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in demand and financial consequences for Pfizer. We express skepticism about the potentially misleading nature of clinical trial results and the decreasing effectiveness of vaccine commercials.

From there, we venture into a discussion about the presence of foreign DNA in some vaccine vials and the potential health implications. This segues into a conversation about transgender individuals and the injection of DNA from someone of the opposite sex.

Our skepticism extends to the medical community’s understanding of genetic manipulation and the potential risks involved. We touch on the waning popularity of mRNA vaccines and speculate that other events like a nuclear incident or a large bomb detonation may overshadow the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The topic then shifts to the border situation, where we entertain the idea of deception leading to a terror attack. We question the legitimacy of an individual’s arrest regarding financial fraud and ponder possible ulterior motives. We also mention the shutdown of platforms such as Neva and the reorganization of articles in Instapaper.

Moving on, we discuss the tension in Israel and the conspiracy theories surrounding the knowledge of coordinated attacks by the Israeli government. We note Charlie Kirk’s role in spreading these theories and Forbes’ response to a YouTube podcast on the matter.

Throughout the episode, we touch on various subjects, including Tsarnaev, John Hinckley, and James Corbett. We also share podcasts we’ve been listening to, exchange music preferences, and briefly touch on the topic of the Earth’s shape. We play a clip about the thyroid and express our gratitude to our listeners and donors.

Furthermore, we delve into the lesser-known fact about the thyroid gland and challenge the diagnosis of hypothyroidism when the thyroid only produces 20% of a specific hormone called T3. We highlight the importance of B vitamins in supporting the conversion of T4 to T3 and the restoration of thyroid function. Additionally, we briefly mention the significance of B12 and niacin and share views from a copper advocate on B vitamins.

In closing, we express our gratitude to our listeners and send well wishes. We end the episode with a verse of the day and discuss the practice of starting the day on our knees. I extend my thanks to Andrew for joining me, and we both express our appreciation to everyone who has tuned in.

RRNews 336: Divided and almost Conquered

Vaccines are dangerous, but speaking out against them is more dangerous. Israel and Palestine are at war, and the establishment wants us to go to war with each other.

Producers of RRNews 336:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
David – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ
Krissy – Manchester, NH


RRNews Telegram Group

Hennessy ‘The Piccards’ | Framestore

“You Crossed the Line” – PBD Delivers a Powerful Speech and Gets Standing Ovation

Reaction to Israel War | Tim Pool and Jimmy Dore | PBD Podcast | Ep. 312

My mother-in-law’s cousin, a peace activist who worked to get humanitarian supplies into Gaza, was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas.

Here’s the journalist behind the unverified story about “babies heads being cut off by Hamas”

Dr Andrew Moulden RIP Vaccine Consequences

Episode 199: Vaccine Consequences – Gardasil & Dr. Andrew Moulden

Yesterday I announced my exit from the Democratic Party to run as an independent candidate for President.


0:03:36 Golf courses in Oklahoma
0:09:39 Propaganda and identifying agitation propaganda
0:19:41 Media Bias and Political Divisions on Israel-Palestine Conflict
0:28:07 Media Manipulation and Migrant Crisis
0:36:34 Introduction to Vaccine Controversy and Anti-vaxxers
0:45:29 Linking Disorders to Ischemic Condition and Repeat Vaccinations
0:46:45 Multiple Disorders Linked to Vaccinations
0:47:44 Suspicious Deaths of Anti-Vaxxers Raise Concerns
0:49:02 Cumulative Effects of Vaccines
0:51:59 RFK won’t come, but not the limiting factor.
0:58:40 A Podcast with Patrick Bet David, Tim Pool, and Jimmy Dore
1:04:18 FBI and Deep State Manufacturing Chaos
1:07:35 Potential Alliance: Government Distrust Unites Left and Right
1:12:04 U.S. caught on failed mission, sleeper cells activated
1:15:05 The Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars
1:24:25 A Chat about Hobbies and Golf
1:33:11 Powerful Speech on Getting Out of Our Bubble
1:38:43 Moving from tolerance to courage and selling the dream
1:41:07 Embracing our individuality and standing firm in our beliefs
1:45:03 Church Bus with a Message
1:47:05 The Importance of Not Letting Hate Consume You
1:49:16 The Alleged Plan for Gretchen Whitmer

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I delve into a range of thought-provoking topics. I begin by discussing the potential dangers of the Gardasil vaccine for teenage girls. I argue that it is not the germs themselves causing disease, but rather the body’s response to foreign substances. I express concern over the observed neurological damages in these girls and connect it to the cumulative effects of childhood vaccines.

The conversation then takes a darker turn as I discuss the suspicious deaths of individuals who were speaking out against the establishment. I specifically mention the case of Jeff Bradstreet, a doctor who wanted to investigate vaccine safety. I express doubts about a potential debate between Travis Kelsey and Aaron Rodgers on the topic of vaccines.

Shifting gears, I mention a recent conference and podcasts in Miami featuring various podcasters. I recommend listening to Jimmy Dore’s interview with the Last American Vagabond for insightful content. I also briefly mention Tim Pool’s show, a clip about the Democratic party being a cult, and an upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton.

Expressing my excitement about rational debates and discussions, I emphasize the importance of standing up to protect neighborhoods and being aware of government and corporate influences. I discuss the potential for war or chaos and note that it is already happening. I believe that people are starting to wake up to the situation, just as they did with the Stop Cop City movement.

I mention that the government is using RICO statutes and grand juries to prosecute both Trump and Stop Cop City, leading many to realize they have a common enemy. I express hope that groups like Black Lives Matter and others will come together and realize the illegitimacy of the government. However, I also caution that a civil war would give the establishment an opportunity to destroy the constitution.

Moving on, I discuss a news story involving the murder of a left-wing activist and the response from the right. I find it fascinating how these discussions can lead down unexpected rabbit trails. Another speaker agrees, noting the potential for those who dislike the government to unite. We speculate about a possible Middle East conflict, seeing it as a way to prevent such unity, as it would benefit certain interests.

We also discuss how the situation in Israel is being exploited to undermine RFK Jr. and label him as an anti-Semite. The timing of the Israeli conflict is seen as strategic in this regard. We touch on the importance of having a viable independent candidate, as the establishment tries to prevent independent candidates from gaining traction. I mention a story about Ralph Nader being targeted to bankrupt him and prevent him from running for president, questioning the seriousness of his candidacy.

Shifting gears, I speak about living in nice parts of the country but still desiring to be invited to liberal parties. I discuss navigating different communities and the need to sell the dream and give people perspective. I stress the importance of rising above negativity, respecting each other’s fights, and making a positive impact. Engaging in meaningful discourse, sharing arguments, and listening to one another are crucial steps.

We should focus on selling the positive aspects of America and life in general, which will bring us together and intimidate our enemies. Being individuals who make a positive impact and standing firm in our beliefs is key. I emphasize the importance of being courageous, setting a good example, and opening up our homes to others.

I mention the influence parents have on their children’s behavior and discuss the importance of leading by example. We then transition to discussing words of wisdom in times of crisis, which leads us into a discussion about politics. We speculate about possible insider information regarding the Democratic National Convention and discuss political strategies.

Touching on the perception of certain opinions as anti-Semitic, we explore the complexity of these issues. I mention a former guest of the show, Ty, who made it onto Michelle Tafoya, and acknowledge his success. We discuss the notion that no one can make you feel anything unless you allow them to, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what truly matters and not letting social media and news sites dictate our emotions.

Expressing gratitude for the support, I mention a broken phone screen that may hinder communication. I thank the listeners and bid farewell for the night.

RRNews 334: The Fall of an Empire

In this episode, we express frustration with the lack of transparency in the Ukrainian conflict and highlight the silence of environmentalists regarding methane gas release. We discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s beliefs. Shifting gears, we explore personal struggles, faith, and the importance of humility. We touch on the effects of caffeine on sleep and other health issues.

Producers of RRNews 334:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Show Artwork: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Danny – Medford, OR
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Risky Roberts – Kansas City, MO
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
David – Boston, MA


RRNews Telegram Group

The OSIRIS-REx Sample Canister Lid is Removed – OSIRIS-REx Mission

Robert F Kennedy Jr expresses skepticism at official 9/11 account

LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp selling off-season Oregon home for $3.5 million

NFL Star Travis Kelce Slammed Over Pfizer Covid Vax Campaign Urging ‘Two Jabs At Once’

Vaccinated Soccer Star Maddy Cusack, 27, Dies Suddenly

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


Do you ever think of the Roman Empire?

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a range of topics and express our frustration with the lack of transparency and investigation surrounding the Ukrainian conflict. We criticize the silence of environmentalists in the face of methane gas release during the war, highlighting the urgency of addressing such issues. We bring up Greta Thunberg’s visit to Ukraine as a relevant point of discussion.

Transitioning into personal experiences, I share my involvement with writing for the Young Turks and my journey in recovering from what I refer to as “Trump derangement syndrome.” We take a moment to reminisce about a time when the anti-war left was more prominent and mock a Vanity Fair article that raises controversy around Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s beliefs.

We question Kennedy’s alignment with the Republican party and highlight the politically divided nature of vaccine beliefs. Critiquing a New York Magazine article on Kennedy, we suggest that focusing on his family history would offer a more informative perspective.

As the conversation progresses, we shift gears and welcome another person. Expressing our gratitude for the listeners’ support, we discuss personal struggles and the strength we find in our faith. Emphasizing the importance of humility and seeking God’s purpose, we explore the story of Solomon and the dangers of idol worship.

We touch on the effects of caffeine on sleep and the difficulty of falling back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Ending on a thankful note, we express our appreciation for the listeners and offer well wishes. Mentioning the number of seasons and episodes in our podcast, we encourage listeners to ask God about their purpose and to remain humble on their journey.

Before signing off, we mention another podcast by Chris White and promise to discuss it in next week’s episode. In true farewell fashion, we remind listeners that there’s always more football and bid them adieu.

RRNews 333: Disaster Prepping with Free Refills ($4)

How did Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, become the Chief in the first place? Inflation continues to ravage the middle class. And the media is after Russell Brand, Tim Ballard and Dave Portnoy, but why?

Producers of RRNews 333:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Show Artwork: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Danny – Medford, OR
Reno – TX
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Luke – Nevada, IA


RRNews Telegram Group

OnThePrairieCrochet – Etsy

How I survived a year of SHTF in 90s Bosnia

Joe Allen: Dark Aeon, Transhumanism, & Idiocracy Run by Algorithms!

How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Elite Parents Enabled His Crypto Empire

Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood, Report Confirms

Local man describes F-35 crash.

Biden’s team tells nervous Dems: Just chill

Scientist That ‘Lived On Mars’ For A Year Shares The Obstacle NASA Hasn’t Considered

Space drugs factory denied reentry to Earth

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we discuss the recent controversy surrounding the pay raise given to Maui Police Chief John Pelletier. We express our support for community members and organizations who have raised concerns about the pay raise and question the decision-making process of the Maui Police Commission. We highlight the impact of the controversy on the morale of police officers and emphasize the need to prioritize cultural harmony within the department. We call on the Commission to reconsider the pay raise in light of these issues and express our disbelief at the actions taken.

Moving on, we delve into the recent amendment made to a statute in order to bring in a new co-captain deputy chief. We analyze the sudden death of a highly respected member of our department and raise suspicions about the circumstances surrounding it. We express concern over the selection of an outsider for a higher position and question their qualifications and impact on morale. We mention a recent episode from another podcast that sheds light on similar cases of injustice and emphasize the importance of relying on support systems.

Transitioning, we take a moment to thank our listeners for their continuous support. We mention various ways they can contribute to the show, including sharing episodes with friends and family, leaving reviews, and engaging with us on social media. We also take the opportunity to promote the host’s wife’s Etsy store as a way to support the podcast.

Shifting gears, we discuss a clip featuring Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, and his confrontation with a journalist from The Washington Post. We analyze the journalist’s approach and express frustration with their negative portrayal of Portnoy. We highlight the need for fair and unbiased reporting.

Finally, we express our gratitude to the donors and supporters of the show, mentioning their names and contributions. We acknowledge their role in helping us continue to deliver quality content.

RRNews 332: Artificial Digital ID Solution

What direction is technology headed? What of personal privacy, child pornography, facial recognition privacy concerns? Germ theory debunked, and some good old football / clone impostor hoax talk.

Producers of RRNews 332:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Show Artwork: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Danny – Medford, OR
Kyle – Kent, WA
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Penny – Mesa, AZ
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West


RRNews Telegram Group

Renowned criminology professor who ‘proved’ systemic racism fired for faking data, studies retracted

Local ice cream shop goes cashless

30-year-old firefighter stunned to discover large tumor, then stunned to discover toxic chemicals in his work gear

Beef Company CEO: “I’ll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat”

5 Spectacular Fails From Germ Theory

Damar Hamlin Commotio Cordis Charade Untenable

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, I begin by discussing the concerning issue of child pornography on platforms like Pornhub. I express my frustration with the lack of action taken by governments and corporations to combat this problem. I highlight the loophole that allows unverified uploaders to monetize videos without verifying the content or the age of the performers. I criticize the profit-driven mindset of these platforms and question why discussions about vaccines are deemed inappropriate for advertisers while child pornography continues to generate profits. I emphasize the need for immediate action to address this crisis.

I then reflect on my recent trip to New Orleans for our 10th anniversary and discuss the TSA process I experienced at the airport. I mention the use of facial recognition technology and the potential concerns about privacy. I then switch topics to discuss a clip from Dr. Sam Bailey debunking the germ theory and linking it to the importance of clean drinking water. I briefly mention the idea of having a chat room for our show but decide to focus on podcasting compliance first. I express gratitude for our listeners’ financial contributions and support. I then discuss the technical aspects of the podcast and give credit to the artists who contributed to our show’s album artwork.

The conversation then shifts to the NFL, and we speculate about a football player’s potential clone or cover-up of health issues. We conclude the episode by discussing our experience watching the show “Hard Knocks” and the injury of Aaron Rodgers. Finally, we discuss the controversial Liberty Safe situation and its potential impact on the company. I highlight the political affiliations of Liberty Safe’s customers and express concern about their privacy policies. We also discuss the influence of corporations on political and social freedoms and encourage our listeners to resist this agenda. The conversation ends with light-hearted banter and reminiscing about the history of our podcast. We express excitement about having a guest named Joe Tippin on the show and thank our listeners and contributors for their support. Lastly, we give a special thanks to Will for his artwork contribution and Andrew for making time for the show after a busy week of sales.

RRNews 331: Happy Labor Day Comrade!

How much power and accountability do the 545 leaders in our country have? Would the general population act differently in their positions? Psychopathy rules Washington DC. They found a mass on the moon! Detroit has a crumbling infrastructure, but so does the entire airline industry. Lastly let’s walk in a manner that pleases God.

Producers of RRNews 331:

Danny – Medford, OR
Brian – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Krissy – Manchester, NH
David – Calgary Alberta


RRNews Telegram Group

Some Pfizer Vaccines Were Contaminated — What Does That Mean for Millions Who Got the Jab?

‘A Fauci Clone’: New NIAID Director Oversaw Remdesivir Trials, Has Ties to Biosafety Lab Research

Meat Allergies: Yes, It’s Ticks

Moderna has a new product!

Bud Light Welcomes New Investor Bill Gates With Limited Edition Jeffrey Epstein Cans

Edmond doctors noticing more ‘back to school bugs’ than normal

Powell’s employees go on labor strike for first time in 20 years

The Giant Science Lie that Underpins the Entire Collectivist Net Zero Political Project – The Daily Sceptic

40% of Apparent Global Warming Since 1850 is Due to Urban Heat Corruptions, Major Study Finds – The Daily Sceptic

The lasting damage ‘forever chemicals’ could do to American companies

Invisible danger: TV6 Investigates looks at dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ in cities water supplies

Astronomers discover “deep structure” under Moon’s largest crater


Vaccine Thought Process
Teaching Kids Why
Greg Reese DEWs
545 People
1 Thessalonians 4
Moderna has a new product!

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we delve into a discussion about the power and accountability of the 545 individuals who have the responsibility to lead the country. We express frustration with how these decision-makers impact the lives of millions of people. Debating whether the general population would act differently if placed in the same position, we share differing viewpoints. I suggest that those in power may possess a higher tendency towards psychopathy. We both agree that a system of random selection for leaders could be more favorable for the country. Furthermore, we acknowledge the influence of other powerful individuals, such as billionaires, who may not be part of the 545. Reflecting on the flaws of hierarchical political systems, our conversation shifts to a discussion about the apostles’ expectations of political power during Jesus’ time. I draw parallels between their desire for a literal return to power and the present-day political landscape. This leads us to mention Peter’s involvement in a group with aggressive beliefs and his subsequent denial of Jesus, prompting a comparison to a recent Chris White podcast.

As we reach the midpoint of our 18-minute podcast episode (contrary to our initial belief of it being 20 minutes), we focus on the topic for this episode – David Burkhart and his books. My co-host shares having read several of his books and offers to lend them to interested listeners. We highlight the importance of studying the beliefs of early Christians and its relevance to modern-day Christianity. Expressing criticism towards the merging of Catholicism and New Age practices within the emergent church movement, we transition to the donation segment. Taking a moment to acknowledge our listeners in Australia and the growing number of people joining our Telegram group, we express gratitude to our friends Matty B and Will for their contributions. Lightening the mood, we mention some inside jokes and tease the second half of the show, where we plan to share travel stories.

Discussing the listener-supported nature of our show, we outline various ways that listeners can contribute either financially or through volunteering. Expressing appreciation for recent donations, we individually thank the contributors. We ponder the possibility of adding Venmo as a donation option, recognizing that even though we occasionally request donations, we can’t criticize others who do the same. We dabble in the trend of people asking for Venmo donations on their birthdays and amusingly highlight different approaches in soliciting money. Casually, we make a joke about creating a financing option for individuals to borrow and give money to us, though we concede such an endeavor would be more suited for a main job than a side hustle.

Moving on to our travel stories, I recount my experience of attempting to return home during a storm and encountering flooding at the airport. Determined, I recount traversing the flooded tunnel at the airport despite the risks and eventually making it to my flight. My co-host then shares their own travel woes, leading us to discuss the frustrations passengers face in the airline industry. We touch on the irrational anger directed towards airline employees and the detrimental effects of social media addiction on professional athletes. Briefly mentioning the Bible verse of the day, we encourage listeners to walk in a manner that pleases God. As we wrap up the episode, we reflect on biblical teachings of brotherly love and the significance of working diligently. Considering whether to conclude the show or discuss an unrelated topic, we express gratitude to our listeners for tuning in.

RRNews 330: Golden Foil Kill Box

Baseball games are fun, inflation is not. The Maui electric company says that they din’t start the fire, which makes us wonder who did? Was Lahaina a soft Kill Box? Government control during emergencies never seems to actually help. Are lock downs coming again? Tune in as we share our personal views and concerns about these issues.

Producers of RRNews 330:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Show Artwork: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Danny – Medford, OR
Jason – Menominee, MI
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Theo – Canada
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Risky – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Robin – Parts Unknown
Tom – Germany
Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO


RRNews Telegram GroupInterview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić – The Corbett Report

The Road to Totalitarianism – Part 3

Hawaiian Electric says power lines were shut off hours before wildfire

Japan’s X-ray satellite, ‘Moon Sniper’ lunar lander are ready to launch | CNN

Treating Lyme Disease and Co-Infections: A Molecular Biologist’s Journey & Getting Better With Ivermectin!

Interview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić – The Corbett Report

Lahaina, a Modern-Day Pearl Harbor

How that “wildfire” so PRECISELY burned out Maui’s poorer residents—who may now be “resettled” in a “15-minute city” (Schwabspeak for “concentration camp”)

Schools in Kentucky, Texas cancel classes as students, staff test positive for COVID – LifeSite

Rams QB Matthew Stafford struggles to connect with teammates ‘because he’s so old,’ per his wife

The Grapes of Maui

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, my co-host Andrew Hoffman and I start off by sharing our exciting experience at a baseball game in Oklahoma City. We were fortunate enough to get VIP treatment and amazing seats behind home plate, courtesy of a kind lady with season tickets for 25 years. We also discuss our not-so-pleasant trip to a game in Detroit, where we encountered overpriced everything and learned about the less-than-ideal behavior of legendary outfield player Ty Cobb.

Shifting gears, we dive into a discussion about environmental hazards. We highlight the mishandling of radioactive material and the improper disposal of vinyl chloride, expressing concerns about bioaccumulation and the dangers of ingesting radioactive substances through the food chain. We also explore the manipulation of media by intelligence agencies, specifically mentioning instances where the CIA and Pentagon lied about the use of poison gas in Syria. We reference Tucker Carlson’s interview on this topic and examine the influence of defense and intelligence analysts in the media.

Taking a brief detour, we touch on the topic of aliens and government suppression of information. This leads us into a conversation about intelligence agencies and their involvement in election rigging. We express concerns about their unchecked power, the lack of oversight, and even bring up the controversial CIA involvement in the assassination of a US president. In a more lighthearted moment, we briefly discuss the use of gold foil in the moon landing and delve into satellite technology.

Moving on, we discuss the power line fire in Maui and raise suspicions about Hawaiian Electric’s involvement. We question the official story and express our concerns about the lack of help and support for those affected by disasters. In a related context, we mention the term “kill box” and its origin during the Gulf War, where it was used to divide the theater of war and minimize American casualties.

As the conversation progresses, we touch on the possibility of a totalitarian government taking control and manipulating communication channels during emergencies. We express concerns about the potential disablement of communications and the occurrence of various forms of violence, including shootings and the exploitation of natural disasters. We also briefly discuss climate change and how it could be used to restrict people’s movements.

Adding to the conversation, we highlight the negative impact of COVID-19 restrictions, specifically the isolation faced by elderly care facilities and hospitals. We also mention the potential misuse of masks in human trafficking. Finally, we discuss the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and the possibility of future lockdowns, expressing a degree of skepticism about the true motivations behind such measures.

Throughout this episode, Andrew and I share our personal views on these various topics and express our concerns about the actions of government agencies.

RRNews 329: Rich Men and Their DEWs

In this episode, we discuss the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii, including billionaire interest in real estate, resistance from locals, green energy initiatives, Tesla’s involvement, 99-year leases, conspiracy theories, and the power of social media propaganda. We also touch on gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we wrap up, we share gratitude for our donors and well wishes for our listeners.

Producers of RRNews 329:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Bill – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Anonymous – Parts Unknown


RRNews Telegram Group

Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

All suspicions have been confirmed about Maui. They did this on purpose.

Shelby Thomson Interview – Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play

Were Directed Energy Weapons Used In Maui? Let’s Look At What We Can Prove…

Biden, on the second anniversary of his botched Afghanistan withdrawal: “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we’ve failed on! Name me one!”

23 | Book of Isaiah | Read by Alexander Scourby

Country song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ bashing DC elites becomes overnight sensation

Alabama high school basketball star Caleb White dies at 17 following medical emergency during workout

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii that might shed light on the current situation. We touch on the undeniable interest of billionaires in acquiring prime real estate, which is met with obstacles due to historic landmarks and resistance from locals. It raises suspicions when real estate agents approach those who have lost their houses in the fire. Moreover, Hawaii’s governor has embraced a stance opposite to Donald Trump, emphasizing green energy and proudly declaring the state as the greenest. We also bring Tesla into the mix, given their involvement in ambitious large-scale battery projects on the island.

But there’s more to the story. The existence of 99-year leases on properties in Maui comes into focus as a contributing factor to the situation. This rule applies even to the military, suggesting a long history of significant control and influence in the Hawaiian islands, although the exact timeline of Hawaii becoming a state and the establishment of military bases remains uncertain.

Moving on, our discussion takes an introspective turn as we express our affection for a cherished place impacted by the growing presence of luxury stores and rising living costs. We dive into a conspiracy theory alleging that prominent figures like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are snatching up properties while pondering the possibility of directed energy weapons being used to spark the fires in the area. Negligence and intentional actions during emergencies, as well as the behavior of first responders, come under scrutiny.

The power of propaganda and disinformation on social media cannot be ignored, a subject that resonates strongly in today’s age. We take a moment to thank our generous podcast donors and share heartwarming emails from our listeners. To add another layer to the conversation, we feature a compelling clip from Jimmy Dore discussing the challenge some individuals face in processing new information in the face of public opinion.

Our dialogue spans wide-ranging topics, including gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we approach the end of our segment, we pause to send prayers and well wishes to our listeners, while also expressing our hopes for the continued success of the show.

RRNews 328: Not a Cool Summer

In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics – from school starting, to hot weather in Arizona. We dive into conversations about family backgrounds, slavery, comedy shows, viral airplane passengers, and the reliability of weather apps. We also explore topics like meat allergies, nanotechnology in blood, cryogenics, and old Linux files. We discuss financial struggles, interest from a religious perspective, and the importance of sharing the truth about Jesus. The episode concludes with Andrew reading from Galatians.

Producers of RRNews 328:

Danny – Medford, OR
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Rick – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ


RRNews Telegram Group

Portland police chief to city cops: Stop telling residents DA Mike Schmidt won’t prosecute crimes

‘Not real’ viral airplane passenger identified as Dallas marketing exec and OSU grad

Original AJ and Rob Dew Report on Alpha Gal

‘So Many Pitfalls’: Feds Push School-Based Health Centers as Critics Sound Alarm Over Lack of Parental Consent

Meat Allergies Caused by Tick Bites: Should You Be Worried?

Learn How Alpha-Gal Proteins In COVID Shots Are Triggering Meat Allergies Worldwide

Woke Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe Ends Career With Missed Penalty Kick That Costs U.S. The World Cup

Mom of 2 dies of water intoxication, family says

How a start-up built the search engine of the future — and then died

Galatians NKJV Audio Bible

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we start off by discussing various topics such as the start of school on August 10th and the hot weather in Arizona. We share a lighthearted moment joking about the need for a water system for a castle under construction in Oklahoma. From there, the conversation shifts to our family backgrounds, where we playfully suggest that everyone’s lineage can be traced back to interesting figures like Vlad the Impaler, U.S. presidents, and royalty.

As the conversation progresses, we touch on the topics of slavery and comedy shows before discussing a viral airplane passenger and the reliability of weather apps. The discussion then takes a turn as we delve into the topic of meat allergies, questioning the validity of claims about alpha-gal syndrome and its connection to vaccines. We also explore the idea of the weaponization of the food supply and the potential motivations behind promoting meat as harmful.

Next, we move on to discuss Lyme disease and the challenges in diagnosing and treating it. We also touch on the experiments conducted by Dr. Charles Morgan and the use of nanotechnology in blood. We explore the presence of nanotechnology in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, highlighting the role of quantum dots in triggering self-assembly of nanoparticles. It is suggested that research has found the necessary materials in everyone’s blood, indicating a widespread presence of nanotech. We also discuss the connection between Morgellons disease, chemtrails, blood clots, and self-assembled hydrogels.

The topic then shifts to cryogenics, ice baths, and an unrelated podcast. Mention is made of inviting Chris White onto the podcast to discuss his views on certain topics, particularly his experiences with internet censorship. The conversation takes another turn as we mention finding old Linux files that were previously thought to be lost.

We continue the episode by playing classic clips that we can add to the podcast, including thoughts on inflation and the financial struggles of many Americans. We discuss the $400 threshold and how it may not necessarily lead to bankruptcy, but it prompts a personal perspective on financial challenges. We delve into the concept of interest from a religious perspective, noting that devout Muslims refuse to pay it. The story of Nehemiah 5:1-13 is brought up, highlighting the outcry against charging interest and the enslavement of fellow Jews. We discuss the relevance of this story and the term usury, emphasizing the importance of walking in the fear of God to prevent taunting by enemies.

In the later part of the conversation, we introduce a clip from Mark Driscoll about going to hell. We answer a question about whether those who don’t know Jesus will go to hell, firmly stating our belief that without Jesus, one is in danger of eternal punishment. We stress the importance of sharing the truth about Jesus and warn against avoiding a clear answer to this question.

The topic then shifts to the responsibility of spreading the message of Jesus through various means, emphasizing the need to share the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ. The discussion touches on faith, obedience, and the role of technology and missionaries in reaching people with the Gospel. The conversation closes with a plan to read passages from Galatians and continue the discussion in the next part of the episode.

RRNews 327: Agenda(s) 2030

We explore a theory presented in the documentary “Messiah 2030” that suggests a 7,000-year timeline of biblical events. We discuss its connections between characters and the significance of numbers in the Bible. We also touch on the potential agenda associated with the year 2030 and briefly discuss the argument of evolution versus the existence of God. Additionally, we delve into interviews with Anthony Wiener and RFK Jr., discussing Wiener’s arrogance and RFK Jr.’s political future. The conversation concludes with a question about taking the vaccine and reflections on the concept of the Mark of the Beast.

Producers of RRNews 327:

Danny – Medford, OR
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Buck – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Southern CA The armpit of the West
Caleb – Batavia, OH
James – Parts Unknown
Risky – Parts Unknown
Robin – Parts Unknown
Luke – Nevada, IA


Why El Shaddai Implies New Jerusalem’s Shape

The Book of Jubilees Overview Chapters 1 – 10 with Sean Griffin from Kingdom in Context – Anchored To Truth by Be Good Broadcast

Revealed: Dark Money Funders Behind ‘Disinformation Dozen’ Report

Messiah 2030 ~ The Prophetic Messianic Timeline – Part 1

Heartbreaking. – Laura Loomer

USC All-American Bronny James collapsed on the court Monday

USC’s Bronny James stable, out of ICU after cardiac arrest during workout

UFC Fighter Johnny Walker has a Question about the Sun and the Moon

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we delve into an interesting theory presented in a documentary called “Messiah 2030”. The theory suggests that the timeline of biblical events spans over 7,000 years, from the creation of the world to Jesus’s thousand-year reign. We discuss the connections drawn between various biblical characters and events, as well as the significance of numbers and passages in the Bible. While I admit that I haven’t finished watching the documentary, I recommend it as something worth exploring.

Moving on, we touch upon the year 2030 and the potential agenda associated with it. We ponder the idea of global enslavement and whether the individuals behind it are aware of the timeline presented in the documentary. Alongside this, we briefly delve into the argument of evolution and randomness versus the existence of God. We question why, if everything else seems to follow a predetermined script, the timeline wouldn’t as well.

Next, I bring up the relevance of the wise men and Jesus’s birth in relation to the concept of a predetermined timeline. I hint at the idea that these events were intricately planned, adding another layer of depth to the discussion.

Shifting gears, I discuss an interview with Anthony Wiener conducted by Paul Patrick Bat-David. I commend Bat-David for mentioning the term “Frazzledrip” during the interview and observing Wiener’s reaction. We delve into Wiener’s arrogance and the way he consistently refers to his own radio show. I praise Bat-David for handling the interview well and highlight the large number of viewers who will witness it. I describe the interview as bizarre and note that Wiener seemed rattled.

Additionally, I briefly mention another interview conducted by Bat-David, this time with RFK Jr., where he discusses the details of his father and wife’s assassinations. I express my disagreement with John C. Dvorak’s theory that RFK Jr. is a CIA operative. I also touch upon RFK Jr.’s belief in global warming and support for vaccines, which I consider a deal breaker. Speculating on RFK Jr.’s future in politics, I predict that he will align more with regular Democratic views.

The conversation concludes with a question about whether I would take the vaccine despite not supporting anyone who advocates for it. I express that I wouldn’t make the choice to take the vaccine, but if it were offered to me, it’s hard to say. Reflecting on the concept of the Mark of the Beast coming in seven years, I acknowledge that it may seem foolish but note that it has provided a glimpse into our potential response. It allows us to test whether we would stand up or go along with something similar to Nazi Germany. I explain that taking the experimental injection increases the likelihood of also accepting the Mark. While it’s not definite, it’s akin to marking oneself and putting oneself on the Mark of the Beast marketing campaign list.

Furthermore, I mention that some family members have taken the vaccine, although not in my household. I share my gratitude for the support of listeners and sign off, expressing my hopes that they have a great week and thanking them for tuning in.

RRNews 326: Warm July Nights

In this episode, we cover topics ranging from the need to be vigilant against global conspiracy to personal experiences with wasp stings and encounters with snakes and scorpions in Oklahoma. We discuss the severity of sex trafficking, highlight Tim Ballard’s mission to track down child traffickers, and delve into connections between Freemasonry and Mormonism. We also touch on controversial topics such as the Hunter Biden laptop, the Clinton’s involvement in human trafficking, and the importance of individual action in combating these issues. Finally, we discuss the possibility of pardons for January 6th prisoners and express skepticism about the integrity of elections.

Producers of RRNews 326:

Danny – Medford, OR
Reid – Parts Uknown
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Anonymous – Parts Uknown
Clear Sky Web Services, LLC – Parts Uknown


Why Are Inverted Pentagrams on LDS Mormon Temples?

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I delve into a wide range of topics and discussions. I start by talking about the need to guard against the military-industrial complex and a global conspiracy. I bring up the concept of creating a new world order and the importance of staying vigilant.

The conversation then takes a more lighthearted turn as Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman join me to share our personal experiences with wasp stings and encounters with snakes and scorpions in Oklahoma. We swap stories and discuss different methods we’ve used to deal with wasps, as well as express surprise at the presence of snakes and scorpions in certain areas.

From there, I segway into discussing a recent incident involving my wife and her successful handling of an issue with a broom handle. I express gratitude for her actions and acknowledge that I would have handled it differently. This leads me to talk about the hot weather in July and compare it to the extreme heat in Phoenix, Arizona. I share insights from a climate expert about the increasing frequency and intensity of heatwaves due to global warming.

I reminisce about my time living in Phoenix and the extreme heat I experienced there. I mention how cities with pavement and rocks absorb and trap heat, making them even hotter. I recall a childhood memory of wanting to ride my bike during a hot day and mention a local time and temperature channel I used to watch. I compare the temperature then to the present and note the pattern of hot weather in July. I emphasize the significance of July and August as the most critical months for extreme heatwaves.

The conversation then shifts to the recent passing of John McCain and the new political dynamics with Mitt Romney’s entrance. We discuss a cringe-worthy clip of Romney attempting to connect with the common man by holding a hot dog on National Hot Dog Day. We find his pandering embarrassing and mock his repeated mention of hot dogs as his favorite meat. We compare the cost of hot dogs and jokingly allude to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Moving on, we dive into a discussion about the lackluster choices in previous presidential elections, highlighting Obama as the only charismatic candidate going up against political corpses like McCain and Romney. We mention a humorous Babylon B version of Hillary Clinton’s “I take part in levity” and end by discussing a text message we received about the Sound of Freedom movie potentially being an operation. We share a CBS News report from eight years ago about a sex trafficking ring in Columbia, shedding light on the seriousness of this issue.

Next, I talk about Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, and his mission to track down child traffickers. We discuss his involvement in a sting operation in Colombia, where 54 boys and girls were rescued and five suspects were arrested. The emotional toll of fighting against child trafficking is emphasized. The conversation then transitions to a discussion about Freemasonry and its connections to Mormonism.

In the next segment, I discuss an interview between Jim Caviezel and Bannon on the topic of child trafficking. They discuss the high demand and prices for body parts and blood of children in biolabs, as well as the disappearance of 85,000 children and the lack of media coverage on the issue. The conversation then shifts to the controversial laptop of Hunter Biden and its potential connection to adrenochrome and other illicit activities. We mention the involvement of three-letter agencies in trafficking and criticize the complicity of government agencies in these issues.

I then delve into various connections between the Clintons and individuals involved in human trafficking and child exploitation. I bring up the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), which was launched by the Clintons but has seen an increase in human trafficking since its inception. The Clinton Global Initiative’s involvement with organizations tied to child trafficking is highlighted as well.

We discuss how people are distracted by bread and circuses while overlooking important issues. We mention the infringements on our freedoms through various acts and taxes and the society’s dependence on others to solve problems. The scale of evil in the world is emphasized, and instances of mass atrocities throughout history are referenced. We stress the importance of individual action and self-education as a means to combat these issues.

The conversation then shifts to the possibility of pardons for the January 6th prisoners and the efforts to suppress any similar actions in the future. We discuss the arrest and imprisonment of individuals as propaganda and question the reported number of casualties from January 6th. We criticize politicians for their associations with controversial figures and failure to distance themselves from immoral practices. The 2024 presidential cycle is discussed, and while some believe there might be disruptions, we argue that elections are a major scam that will continue to be held.

We mention the false claim that Trump received more votes than any single person in history during the 2020 US presidential election and highlight the issue of China reportedly counting 86 million votes in their fake elections. We discuss exclusive footage of the events of January 6th and the significant breach of security and failure on the part of the police. We question the nature of the gear and its origin, expressing concerns about the loss of control by the police. The events of January 6th are viewed as orchestrated and staged, contrary to the narrative presented.

The Afghanistan World Foundation and its connections to influential figures like Henry Kissinger are brought up, as well as the involvement of various celebrities with questionable connections. We express concerns about the changing landscape of charity and the need to dismantle the culture of treating people poorly based on time

RRNews 325: Yogurt, Thunder and Salvation

In this episode, we discuss various topics, including Greek yogurt, child trafficking, the declining internet, population control measures, and climate change skepticism. We recommend watching the movie “Sound of Freedom” and share our personal experiences. We also talk about advertising challenges, our commitment to honest content, and our journeys with faith. We tease upcoming episodes and invite listeners to join our Telegram group.

Producers of RRNews 325:

Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Not the Illuminati – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ


Revelations Radio News Telegram Group

Tracy Beanz and Tom Woods: Another Blow Struck Against Censorship

Is Your Butter Safe? ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in 8 Brands of Butter Wrappers

Gender Clinic Doctors Use Genital Surgery Robot To Crank Out ‘High Volume’ Of Sex Changes

MyPillow is auctioning off equipment after losing retailers

American Thinker Article on RFK Jr on Fox News with Watters

Fox News sued for defamation by two-time Trump voter Ray Epps over Jan. 6 conspiracy claims

Judge Rejects Biden Administration Bid to Overturn Injunction in Social Media Censorship Case

The Internet Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.

“O.J. heart attack drama”; YouTuber Gwen Helbig has breast cancer; UFC fighter hit by “rare brain disease”; “I’m vaccinated and I end up with a blood clot”, says MMA fighter Anthony Smith

Say it ain’t so! Klaus Schwab won’t be attending this week’s NATO summit, “due to ill health”

Matt Baker retweet of Alex Strenger confronting AG Barr about Epstein

Tom Dunn and Greg Reid discuss The Sound of Freedom

Dana White Promotes Sound of Freedom

Researcher claims CDC omitted vaccine death data on Minnesota death certificates

WHO & Gates Inc announce plans to flood Africa with ultra dangerous malaria “vaccines”

Text of All Articles

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the podcast, I am podcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma, while my co-host Andrew is podcasting from Piedmont, Oklahoma. We discuss the superiority of Greek yogurt over regular yogurt, particularly when paired with honey and fruit. We also vent about the constant rain in our area. I share my frustration with my daughter waking up at night and crying for no reason. I mention a recent thunderstorm that caused her to cry throughout the night. We discuss the thunderstorms in our area and how they affect our sleep. I talk about my daughter waking up multiple times at night and my struggle with sleep deprivation. I ask for prayers for both myself and my daughter. I mention a recent storm and the alarm from the storm radio going off at night. We also address technical issues in a previous episode and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We celebrate reaching our 325th episode.

Moving on, we talk about the film “Sound of Freedom” and its positive reception. We discuss how the film sheds light on child trafficking and support it has received from figures like Dana White. We mention a Facebook group for the film and people paying for others to see it for free. I mention receiving an invitation to watch the movie for free but express uncertainty due to scheduling. We talk about media outlets critiquing the film and its potential agenda. Another speaker agrees and criticizes the association of child trafficking with conspiracy theories.

The conversation then takes a turn, discussing the dangers of dismissing certain issues and covering them up as false memories. We mention a situation from the 80s where a preschool run by Satanists abused children and how it was covered up. We discuss the connection between woke ideology and child sex trafficking and express our desire to fight against it. We then discuss the issue of children being given harmful chemicals and the role of technology in gender-affirming surgeries. We express our concerns about the future and the influence of AI and algorithms. We talk about population control measures and how communication has shifted from gods to AI. We mention an article by James Corbett about the death of the internet and its implications. We discuss Reddit and its declining quality, along with TikTok’s popularity and online advertising. We mention the declining internet and its influence on conspiracy realists.

The discussion continues with the use of Graphene on phones and the number of daily active users on various platforms. We mention Meta and the potential shutdown of social media in France. We discuss the content censorship on Meta’s new app Threads. We talk about the UK government considering giving more powers to monitor internet logs. We discuss the decline of the internet and recommend reading an article by James Corbett. We talk about the decline of Reddit and the quality of content. We discuss the number of daily and monthly users on various platforms.

We then talk about our experiences with YouTube and encountering 9/11 truth videos without searching for them. We discuss conspiracy theories about the government’s involvement in 9/11 and the impact of videos like “Loose Change.” We mention InfoWars and its controversial claims. We discuss the presence of harmful chemicals in water and the debate around filtering minerals. We talk about the fear of overdosing on vitamin D and the blown-out proportions of certain issues.

We shift to discussing Bill Gates and population control measures. We mention the spiritual aspect of the issue and how we communicate with AI instead of gods. We talk about gender identity and genetic testing, along with the decline of the internet and online news accessibility. We discuss social media platforms censoring content and the battle to stay ahead of advertisers. We mention permission to access microphones and cameras on apps. We talk about blame a former coworker for a speaking habit and the expression “100 percent.”

The conversation then moves to the use of Graphene and Facebook’s daily active users. We talk about Twitter and YouTube’s user numbers. We discuss the popularity of short video features and reminisce about the early days of YouTube. We talk about encountering conspiracy theory videos without actively searching for them.

Next, we discuss climate change and skepticism about temperature maps. We mention extreme temperatures in places like Phoenix and personal experiences in hot weather. We mention using camelbacks in the military and frustration with the lack of clear answers on the impact of becoming carbon neutral. Finally, we recommend watching the movie “Sound of Freedom” due to its importance in highlighting child trafficking.
In this part of the conversation, I express appreciation for the individuals who funded the movie through crowd-sourcing and commend Jim Caviezel for his portrayal of Tim Ballard. We discuss the criticism the movie has received, noting the strange reluctance of some critics to defend the importance of protecting children. I encourage listeners to watch the movie, pay attention to recommendations and criticisms, and to stay for Jim Caviezel’s important message at the end.

We then transition to discussing various topics, including challenges with advertising on our podcast and our commitment to producing honest content. We express gratitude for our donors, offer prayers and support for those who have experienced loss, and discuss our personal journeys with faith.

The conversation shifts to the idea of maintaining control over what we can control and trusting in God’s grace and forgiveness. We touch on the topic of conspiracy theories and the importance of meaningful conversations and breaks from constant media consumption. We mention the possibility of starting a men’s group and a Revelations Radio News group on Telegram.

In the final part of the conversation, we discuss potential plans for the future, including attending an event in Sun Valley, Idaho, where influential individuals like Jeff Bezos are present. We reflect on the impact of wealthy individuals buying land in Idaho and the challenges of finding service employees in the area. We also make light-hearted references to chemtrails and joke about the absence of them in Seattle due to Jeff Bezos being out of town.

As we conclude the show, we thank our guest Andrew and invite him to return in the future. We tease upcoming episodes and mention the Telegram group link in the show notes, encouraging listeners to join and engage with us. We sign off with well wishes and the promise to catch up with our audience in the next episode.

RRNews 324: The 4th of July

4th of July is widely celebrated in Oklahoma. Alex Jones is maligned by the media and Tyrannical control and the carbon scam is beloved by the establishment.

Producers of RRNews: 324

Danny – Medford, OR
Suzanne – Parts Unknown
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Subtlecain Podcast – OshKosh, Wisconsin
Risky – Parts Unknown
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Rick – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Caroline – Los Angeles, CA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Khyle – Newton, MA
Luke – Nevada, IA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown


“I Am Crazy” – Alex Jones | PBD Podcast | Ep. 281

RRNews 226: V for Vaccine

Soros’ Open Society Foundations set to lay off at least 40 percent of workforce

Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel was the #1 movie in America on July 4

Jim Caviezel | Jim Caviezel Explains Adrenochrome At the ReAwaken America Tour

Sound of Freedom begins in theaters July 4th.

The progressive myth is that we’re good and getting better. The Biblical reality is the opposite.

Mark Driscoll – Wikipedia

Men, get a job.

Full Driscoll Sermon

Driscoll Rebukes the Cybelian Priesthood of Woke from Will

I Was Wrong About Once Saved Always Saved – and My Backsliding Testimony

Citing ‘Orwellian’ Tactics, Federal Judge Orders White House to Stop Censoring Americans’ Social Media Posts

New Scientific Review Adds to Evidence of Pesticides’ Harmful Effect on Gut-Brain Axis

‘Star Power’ Helps Malibu Residents in Battle Over 5G Small Cell Transmitters

Big Tech Is Ramping Up Censorship of the Climate ‘Solutions’ Debate

‘Bombshell’ Study of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Suggests Some People Got Highly Dangerous Shots, Others Got a Placebo

The Subtlecain Podcast tackles Jacques Ellul in Synchronicity Series

‘Surprised and concerned’: Scientists find groundwater extracted by humans has shifted tilt of Earth’s axis

In First-of-Its-Kind Lawsuit, Vermont Alleges Monsanto Knew PCB Contamination in Schools Was Toxic

3M Offers $10.3 Billion to Settle PFAS Contamination Suit — But It Could Cost ‘Many Times’ That to Clean Up Public Water Supplies

Fauci, Walensky and Collins Knew Early on mRNA Vaccines Were Failing But Didn’t Tell Public

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says that he’s dropping the term “ESG” because leaders like Ron DeSantis have killed the brand ????

RRNews 323: UFOs! Look over here!

Are we being distracted? Are we being lead to believe UFOs are coming? Project Blue Beam on the horizon?

Producers of RRNews 323:

Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Matthew – Parts Unknown
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Mathew – Newport, TN


Interview 1808 – Derrick Broze Interviews James Corbett in England – The Corbett Report

Are We Going to Win? – Questions For Corbett – The Corbett Report

Mary Talley Bowden MD Tweet about Heart Condition Anecdotes from Patients

Fetterman Collapsed Bridge

9/11 Eyewitness – “Harley Guy”

RFK Jr. shows Joe Rogan how wifi is killing us

Federal Agencies Routinely Spy On Phone Calls, Texts, Emails Of American Citizens, Experts Say

Most Propaganda Looks Nothing Like This

RRNews 322: Ye Shall Surely Die

Skull and Bones doesn’t want to talk about 322, but the truth is the Yalies and cancer are both parasites!

Producers of RRNews 322:

Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Tom – Norman, OK


Grassley: Burisma executive who allegedly paid Biden has audio recordings of conversations with Joe, Hunter

JPMorgan Chase to pay $290 million to settle with Epstein’s victims

Apple Is Tracking You Even When Its Own Privacy Settings Say It’s Not, New Research Says

WHO Gets 20% Budget Increase to Help Address ‘Disease X’ and ‘Emergencies of all Kinds’

Syngenta and its secrets

Theodore ‘Ted’ Kaczynski, known as the ‘Unabomber,’ has died in federal prison

Bodycam shows sobbing 12-year-old Tulsa girl telling cops she fatally stabbed 9-year-old brother: ‘Some demonic s–t!’

RRNews 321: Boycotts, Fasting and UFOs

Producers of RRNews 321:

Danny – Medford, OR
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Chris – Parts Unknown
Robin – Parts Unknown
Eric – Parts Unknown
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Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Caroline – Los Angeles, CA
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Greg – Cranbrook, BC CA
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Bill – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ


The Entire Transgender Craze Leads Back To One Group, And They’re Playing Hardball

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Neuralink Says It Has US Approval to Begin Trials in People

‘Murderers’ and ‘criminals’: Meteorologists face unprecedented harassment from conspiracy theorists

Key paper showing “no link between vaccines and autism” is fatally flawed

RRNews 320: Strange Daze

Trans debates are flooding the media, satellite phones issued to Congress, Ammonium Nitrate is missing, flag flies upside down and the Biden administration continues their controlled demolition of the American way of Life.

Producers of RRNews 320:

Danny – Medford, OR
Chris – West Georgia Mountains


Downtown Portland has had quite a week, but it’s bigger than that

It’s Up To Moms To Crush Target

It had to happen.

Grand Theft World Podcast 133 | Secular Anti-Humanists – Grand Theft World

False Flag OKC Bombing

Former Child Star Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Update on Alleged “White Supremacist” Who Crashed U-Haul into White House Barrier

April 19th Special: The OKC Bombing

Tweet from Grace ????

Trump’s 2025 vision: A lot more power for him

Mish: Contrary To Popular Myth, Brexit Was Not A Bad Decision And Did Not Fail

Recycling process makes plastics more ‘poisonous’ to people: report

“Children should have sex partners” – The UN agenda to normalize pedophilia

100 Questions! – Questions For Corbett #100 – The Corbett Report

Elon Musk is Latest Billionaire to be Subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein Virgin Island Case

$14 Billion in Foreign Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank were NOT Bailed Out – More than $1 Trillion Foreign Deposits at Chase and Citibank as U.S. Debt Crisis Looms

Biden’s new NIH director nominee, who was selected by Fauci, received $290 million in grant funding from Pfizer

FBI Asks Judge to Delay Seth Rich Laptop Release for 66 Years

Girls With No Father at Home Undergo Sexual Development Sooner, Study Finds

RRNews 319: Here we go again!

Trump is back no wants a vaccine and the Bidens are all criminals.

Producers of RRNews 319:

Danny – Medford, OR
Forrest – Parts Unknown
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The Subtlecain Podcast – Wisconsin
The Subtlecain Podcast – Wisconsin
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Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
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Khyle – Newton, MA
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Danny – Medford, OR
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Anonymous – Parts Unknown


Banks that Put Up $30 Billion to “Rescue” First Republic May Have Been Trying to Rescue their Own Exposure to $247 Trillion in Derivatives

It’s Good To Be A Man: A Map to Manhood | Official Trailer

The US Government broke up AT&T in 1982.

Ericsson and the undersea cables

Days before dying, Japan’s lunar lander snaps glorious photo of Earth during a total solar eclipse

Was It EVER a “GERM”?

Hundreds of Hawaii residents rely on bottled water ever since ‘forever chemicals’ were found in their wells

Confirmed: Jeffrey Epstein’s History as an FBI Source

‘The Big Catch-up’: Chelsea Clinton Partners With WHO, Gates Foundation on ‘Largest Childhood Immunization Effort Ever’

Crime Scene: ‘Mass Murderer’ Walensky’s Resignation Came Days After Incriminating Report Emerged

Schefter’s 10 Spot: Tebow phenomenon gets eerie

The privacy loophole in your doorbell

Testing and Filtering Your Water – #SolutionsWatch

This week Andrew had a chance to talk to James Corbett on the Corbett Report from corbettreport.com about water filtration. Due to his hectic schedule we were unable to do a show, but we’ll be back again next week!

If you’re a regular Corbett Reporteer, then by now you’re aware of the danger to human health caused by water fluoridation. But are you aware of the chlorine and other potentially toxic and carcinogenic substances in your tap water? And are you aware of your options for filtering your water and how to test to make sure you’re getting all of the particulates out? Join James today as he talks to a water expert and answers some basic questions about testing and filtering your water.

Watch on Archive / BitChute Odysee / Rokfin Rumble / Substack  / Download the mp4

*Those in Oklahoma or Southern Kansas can contact Andrew regarding water testing and filtering at (405) 531-2784 or email him at andrewhoffman1776 [at] proton.me

Fluoride coverage on The Corbett Report

Fluoride coverage on The Last American Vagabond

Newly Released Review Of Fluoride’s Toxicity Highlights NTP Scientist’s Battle To Follow The Science

Second Phase Of Fluoride Lawsuit Set To Begin In January 2024

Fluoride Action Network

Episode 121 – Know Your Toxins: BPA

Stupid Conspiracy Theorists! Chemicals Aren’t Turning The Frogs GAY!!

Are you SURE those AquaCera “fluoride filters” are working?

Revelations Radio News

The Lord of the Rings – FLNWO #07

Leaf Home Water Solutions

EWG’s Tap Water Database

Using Chlorine In Water Raises Risk of Cancer

RRNews 318: Hunter’s Laptop: IN / Tucker: OUT

Tucker is out at Fox but Hunter Biden’s laptop is in. The 2020 election was stolen and its extremely obvious to anyone who cares to look.

Producers of RRNews 318:

Danny – Medford, OR
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Caleb – Bathavia, OH
David – Elk River, MN


Voter Fraud Video

Tracking Timothy Kilkenny II in the OKLAHOMA CITY MEMORIAL MARATHON

(94) The Dysphoria Programme… – YouTube

(1) Adam Curry – Texas on Twitter: “Pfizer fired @TuckerCarlson” / Twitter

(28) Blackrock Owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation

KBirb on Twitter: “After COVID windfall, Pfizer pivots with $43 billion acquisition of Cancer pharmaceutical Seagen, closing by end of 2023. Formerly Seattle Genetics. ????Seagen 2022 revenue $2B. ????4 products + 38 clinical trials for new products. ????Pfizer expects 5-fold growth to $10B by 2030. ????1/

Viva Frei on Twitter: “Justin Trudeau is trying to gaslight the world. He is such a gaslighter it defies reality. This took me all morning to edit. Make it live forever. #GaslighterTrudeau https://t.co/3vVFVAHsoK” / Twitter

The Cramer Touch: Guess Which Stock Took a Near 50% Nosedive After CNBC Host Doubled Down | Newsbusters

WHO, Gates Foundation Seek to Reverse Falling Childhood Vaccination Rates + More • Children’s Health Defense

Justin Trudeau Accused of Rewriting History by Claiming He Never Forced Anyone to Get Vaccinated + More • Children’s Health Defense

(28) Rockefellers All the Way Down – by Sage Hana

Petrochemical Pesticides and Fertilizers Linked to Children’s Health Issues • Children’s Health Defense

Featured Books by Jacques Ellul | | The International Jacques Ellul Society

Exclusive: She Made ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ Required Reading for Her Students. Here’s What Happened Next. • Children’s Health Defense

College Administrator: “It’s come to my attention you’ve assigned The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to your class”

Home Page | Bible Prophecy Daily

(28) More than 24,000 People Claim They Developed Tinnitus After Receiving a COVID Vaccine

(28) RFK Jr. Vows to End the Chronic Disease Epidemic: “We Have the Sickest Generation in American History”

(28) Oh dear. Japanese moon landing fails – by Peter Halligan

Using Chlorine In Water Raises Risk of Cancer – The Washington Post

‘Real enemy is humanity itself’: Exposing the occult roots of The Club of Rome’s climate agenda – LifeSite

RRNews 317: Libertarian Brain Chips

Elon blows up his rocket while simultainously blowing up Twitter. Andrew tells more about rockets and Washington State bans “assault” weapons.

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Contaminant Glossary – SimpleLab Tap Score

Learn about Dioxin | US EPA

SpaceX giant rocket explodes minutes after launch from Texas

Second Phase of Fluoride Lawsuit Set to Begin in January 2024

Murder of Cash App creator, cryptocurrency executive Bob Lee, along with July launch of FedNow℠ instant digital payment system marks clear acceleration towards The Great Reset goal of U.S. CBDC


Tiffany Dover Is Dead: Declassified 1944 CIA manual outlines government, mainstream media manipulation tactics, as artificial intelligence and performance art blurs lines between reality and theater

Are You Eating Pork Injected With Merck’s mRNA Livestock Vaccine? • Children’s Health Defense

‘Definitely Toxic’: Hundreds Forced From Homes as Indiana Plastics Fire Continues to Burn • Children’s Health Defense

Nanoparticles Found in Many Foods Could Wreak Havoc With Your Gut Microbiome • Children’s Health Defense

RRNews 316: High Mileage Drives / Runs

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18,000 cows killed in explosion, fire at Texas dairy farm may be largest cattle killing ever

Shelter in place order issued as large fire breaks out in Richmond

Two children killed in fire caused by e-bike’s lithium-ion battery in New York, officials say

HSBC hires dozens of SVB investment bankers in US push | Financial Times

A miscarriage of statistics: The thalidomide sequel

Conspiracy theorists made Tiffany Dover into an anti-vaccine icon. She’s finally ready to talk about it.

Mercer mourns death of men’s soccer student-athlete Baba Agbaje

David Crosby died during battle with COVID-19, according to Graham Nash

Massachusetts Man Charged with Felony for Actions Related to the U.S. Capitol Breach | USAO-DC | Department of Justice

12ft | Ukrainian hackers say they have compromised Russian spy who hacked Democrats in 2016 | Reuters

Editorial: Oregon is dealt a blow – oregonlive.com

EWG Tap Water Database

RRNews 315: Military Operations and Godly Motivation

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Evacuations underway after freight train derails, catches fire in Minnesota

New York grand jury votes to indict Trump in hush money case: Live updates

Grim Milestone: Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Has Now Been Held in Prison for 800 Days Without a Trial | The Gateway Pundit

Teen disqualified from Pokémon tournament for laughing upon being asked his pronouns

Groundbreaking Analysis: COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths, $147 Billion in Damage to Economy in 2022 Alone • Children’s Health Defense

Shipwreckedcrew.substack.com on Twitter: “Let me make something CLEAR. The videos released and played on Fox News DID NOT play a role in any “early release” for Jake Chansely. Al Watkins claiming that to be the case is FALSE and is Watkins to continuing to deflect blame away from himself for his horrible work.”

Sasha Latypova Artworks Gallery

Sasha Latypova – Portfolio of Works: Figurative

Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future – YouTube

(47) Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease – Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference) – YouTube

Melissa Tate on Twitter: “In an epic rant, Alex Jones was warning the world about the Drag Queen agenda for your children back in 2017 “If you will put up with this you will put up with anything”

Pentagon May Have Released Weaponized Ticks That Helped Spread of Lyme Disease: Investigation Ordered

(42) Moving to and Living in Oklahoma – YouTube

Andrew Lawton on Twitter: “Joe Biden never disappoints. “So today, I applaud China for stepping uh… excuse me, I applaud Canada.”

Kari Lake election challenge mostly rejected by Arizona Supreme Court

3 Detox Rituals You Can Start Today

RRNews 314: Deleterious Dioxins and Disastrous Debt

What do large banks and dioxins have in common? They are both dangerous and both infecting every aspect of our lives.

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The Vigilant Fox ???? on Twitter: “Fauci Admits He Had a Bad Vaccine Reaction in New Documentary Film Fauci: “I got my second vaccine yesterday, and I feel like sh*t today!.” @TuckerCarlson: “Oh — he had a vaccine reaction. He must be a CONSPIRACY THEORIST!”

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, March 14-March 21, 2023

Free agent TE Foster Moreau steps away from football after physical reveals Hodgkin lymphoma

Testicular Turbo Cancer in Young Athletes? Diagnosis to Death in Days or Weeks. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Injury to the Testes – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Poster Boy for Vax Campaign Dies at 4 Years Old, Experts Say Not Caused by Vaccines

Mom jumps into action when 17-year-old daughter goes into cardiac arrest at cheerleading competition

Vaccine Makers Prep Bird Flu Shot for Humans ‘Just in Case’; Rich Nations Lock in Supplies + More • Children’s Health Defense

CNN Environment News: Dioxin Dangers

Toxins in Breast Milk vs. those in Formula or Cow’s Milk

Maternal Deaths Spiked In 2021—Particularly Among Black Women—As U.S. Maintains Deadly Reputation For Pregnancy And Childbirth

Conspiracy of Silence – by Eric F Coppolino

Times Beach, Missouri – Wikipedia

East Palestine, Ohio train wreck: It’s the dioxin

Bioweapon BS recommended by Dan in Australia

Is Lyme Disease the Result of a Bioweapon Gone Wrong? • Children’s Health Defense

Cabot Phillips on Twitter: “Imagine you lose the biggest game of your life and ten minutes later this woman comes in and talks to you like you’re in a 1st grade gym class

Frequencies, Part 1: Was Einstein Right About the Future of Medicine? • Children’s Health Defense

Frequencies, Part 2: Demystifying the World of Electromagnetic Medical Devices • Children’s Health Defense

‘What if Everything You Knew About Autism Was Wrong?’ New Documentary Asks • Children’s Health Defense

RRNews 313: Collapses & Coverups

Banks and narratives are completely collapsing, meanwhile massive coverups continue.

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A Vermont Christian girl’s basketball team refused to play a rival team with a trans athlete. The school is now prohibited from future tournaments. | Not the Bee

How Biden saved Silicon Valley startups: Inside the 72 hours that transformed U.S. banking – POLITICO

Tucker pulled his punches – American Thinker

Audrey Michelle on Twitter: “@nwo_to https://t.co/arX79HZlKL”

???????????????????????? on Twitter: “Another disgusting feature. Bruce Reinhardt, the “Epstein judge” who also approved Mar a Lago raid is involved.”

The Fight For Anonymity: How to help Douglass Mackey and Preserve Free Speech

Global Sperm Counts Declining at Accelerating Rate: New Meta-Analysis

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “NEW — Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Announces Acquisition of Cancer Treatment Biotech Seagen For $43 Billion “1-in-3 people in the world are going to have cancer in their lifetime…This is something like the mRNA for vaccines, [but] this is for cancer.”

Elon Musk on Twitter: “@TheChiefNerd Synthetic mRNA does have great potential to cure cancer”

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse & Medical Freedom

The real story behind the Silicon Valley Bank debacle

Brad Hargreaves on Twitter: “Two, any “uninsured” balances at SVB – those above $250K – are in jeopardy. FDIC plans to pay them out “as it sells the assets of SVB”. Lots of startups exclusively banked with SVB as *this was a covenant of their debt*!”

Why was there a run on Silicon Valley Bank? – by Noah Smith

The Demise of Silicon Valley Bank – by Marc Rubinstein


(2) St. Louis Battlehawks trainer passed away

Please help stop college vaccine mandates by filling out one simple form

Drew Holden on Twitter: “????THREAD???? As the Covid lab leak hypothesis gains institutional traction, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the enormous shift in press coverage it’s received. Originally the idea was a right wing conspiracy theory. Now, the press accepts it may be true. Follow along ⤵️”

Why did this cop turn up dead?

RRNews 312: Literally Illiterate

Kids are not being taught how to read, and what are they spraying in the atmosphere? Portland and Seattle continue their downward trend while young woman are starting to regret their choices of career over family.

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Project 86 vs Transhumanism (Part I) – by Andrew Hoffman

Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong | Podcast

Decodable Books | Heggerty

PDX Real – story told by Angela (@pdx.real) • Instagram photos and videos

Jacques Ellul – Wikiquote

Pamela Everett Goodman on Twitter: “Benjamin would be 34 today, 03/08/23. The J&J killed him. There will never be amnesty without accountability. We have lost thousands of young children to these crimes against humanity. And we will never stop fighting or let you forget.

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “‘The CIA worked with U.K. intelligence officials to turn microphones in TVs into listening devices’, as well as targeting ‘control systems’ used by cars and trucks | @CBSNews #Vault7 #FreeAssangeNOW

WikiLeaks says CIA hacked Samsung smart TVs – CBS News

Novak Djokovic denied entry into US, pulls out of BNP Paribas Open

RRNews 311: Lab Leaks and Rigged Elections

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GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying

Fiery Greece train collision kills 32, injures at least 85 | AP News

Top Podcast Executives Talk 2023 Trends: Video, Audio Books and More – The Hollywood Reporter

By 2050, Used Wind Turbine Blades Will Exceed 43 Million Tons Of Waste Every Year – Cowboy State Daily

East Palestine train derailment site workers are getting sick, union says | Fox News

IT Guy on Twitter: “It’s also indicative of their self-awareness.” / Twitter

The Lockdown Files

Dr. Eli David on Twitter: “From the leaked #LockdownFiles obtained by @Telegraph: UK Health Minister asks newspapers to spread panic to artificially increase Covid testing numbers:

ATF HQ on Twitter: “Today, we remember and honor the life and service of Special Agents Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan, Robert Williams and Steven Willis, who were killed attempting to execute warrants at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in 1993. https://t.co/SEsH2ZDgSN #LODD #EOW #ATF

EPA Green Lights ‘Climate-Friendly’ Fuel From Discarded Plastics Despite High Cancer Risk • Children’s Health Defense

Truth Justice ™ on Twitter: “WHO CRIMINAL BLACKMAIL: U.S. Attorney states some Governments and some U.S. Supreme Court Justices have been blackmailed, their family to be killed, the children to be kidnapped and killed or abused. WHO involved in horrible blackmail corruption and linked to Jeffrey Epstein.… https://t.co/aWT6BKQLgg”

Catturd ™ on Twitter: “We were right about the lab leak. We were right about natural immunity. We were right about masks. We were right about lockdowns. We were right about the vaccines. We were right about boosters. We were right about them faking COVID numbers. We were right about the deadly…”

(74) A Failed Defect Detector and the Train Derailment at East Palestine

WHO Says Bird Flu Situation ‘Worrying’ After Girl’s Death

Elon Musk on Twitter: “First Starlink v2 satellites reach orbit

Russell Wilson wanted Pete Carroll out, per report; QB denies

BOMBSHELL: Expert Witness Reveals Installed AZ Governor Katie Hobbs Laundered Cartel Money Through Fake Deeds and Mortgages to Rig Elections . . . Including Her Own ⋆ ???? The Liberty Daily

thelibertydaily.com › bombshell-expert-witness-reveals-installed-az-governor-katie-hobbs-laundered-cartel-money-through-fake-deeds-and-mortgages-to-rig-elections-including-her-own

James Miller on Twitter: “????Ok, so a Chinese Spy Balloon flies for 5 days over the country, and then a bunch of factory fires happen and an horrible toxic plume spreads chemicals over multiple states from a train derailment. ????????And then then 5 people hired by the train company to measure the air and…

CDC confirms 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced & the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA

Sara Gonzales on Twitter: “There were three separate fires in three different oil refineries owned by the same company, Pemex. All in one day. What is going on???

RRNews 310: Through the Darkness

*I’m sorry about the audio of this episode. I did my best to clean it up. – Tim
This week we welcome Tom Dunne from Though the Black podcast on to the show to discuss all things related to Ohio toxic spill and the current Kentucky Revival.

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(54) The Chapel Service that Launched the Asbury Revival 2023 – YouTube

Through the Black

Spiritual Vitality – Asbury University

Leonard Ravenhill | Page 1 of 1

Southern Baptists oust Saddleback Church over woman pastor | AP News

The Columbia Bugle ?? on Twitter: “Steve Bannon Blasting The Government’s Response To East Palestine “This is a screw you.”

(57) Toxic Emergency in Ohio – YouTube

Plastics Chemical Released When Train Derailed in Ohio Can Cause Liver Cancer • Children’s Health Defense

Swig ?? on Twitter: “Board members and C Suite officers involved in this according to my source are as follows: Board members: Matt Tyrmand – Ringleader John Garvey George Skakel Joseph Barton (not the congressman) Steve Alembik CFO: Tom O’Hara COO: Barry Hinckley (Ringleader pronouns in bio)

Jordan Schachtel on Twitter: “A few thoughts on Project Veritas It’s sad to see Project Veritas essentially self-destruct after breaking its biggest story ever. Again, I for one am very much appreciative of what was accomplished with the Pfizer story. It’s been brutally difficult to awaken people to the…”

The Real Milk Co on Twitter: “Yrs ago I caught a feed supplier adding GM Soya oil to NON GM feed. Rep claimed it COULD NOT be made without GM Soya oil. Trading Standards, the FSA, UFAS & UKAS (regulators) didn’t want to know. They were complicit in this oil having to be added. I had to sign non disclosure ag”

Newly Released J6 Footage Shows ‘Non-Uniformed’ Officers, Police Urging Pro-Trump Protesters to Go to the Capitol

R A W S A L E R T S on Twitter: “?#BREAKING: Firefighters are battling a massive fire at an industrial facility by an explosion, resulting in multiple casualties and fatalities. ?#Medley | #Florida Right now, firefighters are fighting a huge blaze in an industrial building in Medley, Florida, which is…

George Soros calls for weather control to stop global warming, ice sheet melting | Fox News

Patrick Bet-David on Twitter: “Do you agree with Jimmy Dore?

12ft | Bankrupt Alex Jones spends nearly $100,000 a month – BBC News

RRNews 309: Look over there! (UFOs)

The train derailment may be a bigger deal than we’ve been told, but everyone wants to talk about aliens. Now instead of blaming UFOs on weather balloons, they’re calling UFOs weather balloons. Why all this distraction right now?

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(47) Rogan Talks to a New Christian | Doug Wilson – YouTube

QuestionEverything??? on Twitter: “What a coincidence: Top 3 Owners of Norfolk Southern Corp The Vanguard Group, Inc. JPMorgan Investment Management, BlackRock Fund Advisors” / Twitter

kanekoa.substack.com on Twitter: “THREAD: Photos, videos, and news reports about the train derailment and toxic chemical release in East Palestine, Ohio. This may be the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. ??

East Palestine toxicology test relies on controversial consulting firm accused of serving corporate interest rather than public health

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Twitter: “That poison is coming back down very soon.” / Twitter

(42) Ohio Just Got Chernobyl’d – YouTube

‘Bomb Train’ in Ohio Sickens Residents After Railroad Cutbacks, Corporate Greed Led to Toxic Disaster • Children’s Health DefenseFingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Sent to FBI, Affidavit Says • Children’s Health Defense

Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter: “NEW TOXINS IDENTIFIED—“We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,” said Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist. Rail company Norfolk Southern is paying just $25k to the town, or ~$5 per resident.? HT @therecount

More Perfect Union on Twitter: “On February 3, a horrifying railroad accident took place. A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. You might’ve seen images of the flames, but you probably haven’t heard that unions were trying to prevent this exact accident. ?

Ar?ma ♡MAGA♡ Lad¥ on Twitter: “@GallopingGaye @BobDunlap9477 Pray for us in Ohio. 75,000 farms affected in East Palestine that supplies food for the state. Chickens and fish dead or dying 200 miles away from ground zero. I’m 60 miles away so this is frightening ?

Ohio: After a train derailment, residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make | CNN

‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region – UNICORN RIOT

Pümā on Twitter: ““White noise” (2022) set in Ohio documents the aftermath of a train derailment and deadly hazardous chemical leak…the elite are required by Karmic law to show their hand…

Tweet from Wyatt about East Palestine Disaster

Upward News on Twitter: “⚠️ BREAKING: Emergency crews are responding to a train derailment in Enoree, South Carolina.

Deadly crash shuts down eastbound I-10 | Houston, Texas traffic | khou.com

Here We Go: US to Begin Testing First Avian Flu Shot on Poultry

Pfizer Vaccine Bonanza Slows — But Bill Gates Sold Early, Made Huge Profits • Children’s Health Defense

Pushing COVID-19 Shots in Pregnancy: The Greatest Ethical Breach in the History of Medicine – America Out Loud

Joni Job on Twitter: “Demonic mockery at the Super Bowl with Damar Hamlin’s jacket – they wouldn’t do this with Alah. They wouldn’t do his with Mohamad. They just wouldn’t. Beware of False Christians

Smash Baals on Twitter: “He Gets Us is offensive to the world for not completely supporting?️‍?+ Yet they stop just short of “Jesus gets us because He was a sinner like us” The Bible is going to offend the world if it doesn’t fully endorse its sin so might as well offend them with the Truth that can save

God Hopeful The Millions Spent On ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad Will Finally Give Him Some Exposure | Babylon Bee

Super Bowl Flyover Featuring All Female Pilots Running 20 Minutes Late | Babylon Bee

Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail — for Collecting Rainwater on His Property | CNSNews

cnsnews.com › news › article › oregon-man-sentenced-30-days-jail-collecting-rainwater-his-property

Idaho House passes “Greater Idaho” bill – the Greater Idaho movement

‘HAARP’: Was earthquake in Turkey created by United States?

Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks out… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

‘Bernie Baby’ Died of SIDS, Family Says – The New York Times

Reports: A piece of the sun broke off, then got sucked into a polar vortex | KOKH

RRNews 308: The Pasteurization of Modern Society

The Grammy’s are now completely unapologetically Satanic, but the media continues to gas light the public by mocking people calling out the obvious. Enzymes may play a crucial role in our health and we know nothing about them. And milk is better for you than we we’ve been told, especially raw milk.

Producers of RRNews 308:

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The Christian Right Is Having a Meltdown Over the ‘Satanic’ Grammys

New Show: The Power of Enzymes – Extreme Health Radio

Grimm World Part 1 – The subtlecain Podcast

Damar Hamlin and the Eugenics Crime of All Time

Devon Tower Climber Reaches New Heights By Climbing Chase Bank Building In Phoenix

A Year After Being Deported, Novak Djokovic Makes History Winning Australian Open as Bill Gates Looks On • Children’s Health Defense

The 2023 Grammys, Host of the Sam Smith Satanic Ritual | The Vigilant Citizen

David Whitehead ???? on Twitter: “Mass ritual?” / Twitter

Russell Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation raises millions. Less than half goes to charity

Former Georgia Bulldogs tennis player Lilly Kimbell dies at 31 | Sports | news-daily.com

Jikkyleaks ? on Twitter: “BREAKING CHEESE ??? #spraygate Who is Dr Kirsty Ainslie @ainslielab and why is she included in the Ecohealth DEFUSE proposal yet doesn’t have her Ecohealth affiliation listed in papers? And what has she been spraying, exactly?

PREEMPT Volume 1 no ESS HR00118S0017 EcoHealth Alliance DEFUSE

Zach Vorhies / Google Whistleblower on Twitter: “ChatGPT will write a poem celebrating a hypothetical communist revolution of the United States. But when asked to do the same about a hypothetical counter revolution, ChatGPT says its goes against its programming.

Thread by @Perpetualmaniac on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

The Future of Food (Is Ours to Decide

Bill Gates Invested In Artificial Eggs Before Mysterious Egg Shortage and Price Hike

Canadian Government Forces Dairy Farmer to Dump 30,000 Liters of Milk Because He Exceeded His Quota (VIDEO)

Nasa super camera picks up surprising image on the surface of Mars

Dr. Simon Goddek on Twitter: “Dr. Oveta Fuller said she took the vaccine and nothing happened to her… except that she is dead now. https://t.co/hTpPWJol3p”

Heart attacks on dramatic rise for 25-44 age group | KHON2

Roselle Catholic’s Tarik Watson collapses, game at LI Lutheran suspended – Newsday

Emerald Robinson ✝️ on Twitter: “Damar Hamlin can leave a hospital 7 DAYS after being placed in the trauma unit of a hospital on a ventilator in critical condition? AFTER getting CPR for 9 minutes? With no brain damage? He’s only lost the ability to do interviews? That’s what the NFL is telling you.”

Roo the Tog – Anticontagionist ? on Twitter: “Respiratory contagion is a myth so whatever they’re trying to create in those labs ? will fail at making us all sick. Yes, they can poison us but we can’t consequently poison each other, our bodies act as a filter, that’s what sickness is; we are amazing or dead, not spreaders.”

Claims baselessly link COVID vaccines to athlete deaths | AP News

Murray ?? on Twitter: “The War on Eggs is escalating.” / Twitter

Tan Man on Twitter: “Why is Raw Milk ILLEGAL? Here’s the unbelievable true story of how the original superfood got banned, and why you should drink it anyway

RRNews 307: Leading our families by following Jesus.

Negative male stereotypes are everywhere, is this a symptom of our culture or is it something more sinister. The Bible calls men to be leaders of their family, but in today’s world we see less and less examples of men doing this. Tyler has come up with a few simple ways that men can take back their health and even their Godly calling to lead their families.

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Tyler’s Twitter

Tyler’s Books

Tyler’s YouTube

Tyler’s Facebook

RRNews 306: Hooked on Pharma Worked for Me

Phonics in school are a thing of the past, but big tech in school is full steam ahead. Many people have Died Suddenly lately, but no one can figure out why. Pharmaceutical companies have new ideas for how to cure everyone, and Where in the world is Damar Hamlin?

Producers of RRNews 306:

Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Chris – West Georgia Mountains


Vidmax.com on Twitter: “Australian Olympic bobsledder, Simon Dunn has #DiedSuddendly at the age of 35. As usual, no cause of death was given but Dunn was healthy as a horse. #SuddenDeaths2023 #VaccineDeaths #StoptheShotsNow #mRNA #DiedSuddenlyNews #Myocarditis

George Neumayr

Doc Anarchy | Substack on Twitter: “Here’s what I would do if myself or a loved one developed cancer. This isn’t a foolproof guide, but a good place to start. This is my top 7 ?

Corporate suicide watch: Harley-Davidson plans to go all-electric – American Thinker

There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Gorsad Kyiv and it’s Worse than Balenciaga | The Vigilant Citizen

Rituals and Adrenochrome: The Dark Meaning of “The Watcher”, a Netflix Series Based on a True Story | The Vigilant Citizen

Luther ‘Cyrus’?️?? on Twitter: “Thoughts on the Bills vs Bengals game yesterday, Damar Hamlin & his family (Final video). ??♟️ In this case I hope I’m wrong, but something isn’t right & I trust my instinct…

(5) Forrest Maready on Twitter: “1. A lot of people are taking a second look at vaccines these days. As someone who’s written several books about them, I thought you might enjoy my personal opinion/list of the most interesting unknown facts about vaccines. It’s a crazy list! (Thread)”

2022-08-02 COVID-Period Mass Vaccination Campaign and Public Health Disaster in the USA – Denis Rancourt

All Hell Breaks Loose: Elon Musk Tweets He Felt He Was Dying After Booster, Young Cousin Hospitalized With Myocarditis; Scott Adams Says Anti-Vaxxers Were Right, Protests Outside BBC, Fox News VP Dies

Woman with No History of Heart Issues Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest, Friend Calls on Community for Help

Category: Sunday Report – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

George Neumayr, RIP – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

George Neumayr on Twitter: “I am tangling with some dangerous forces here. Should something happen to me, close readers of my tweets will know why.” / Twitter

Bartholomew on Twitter: “McCarrick is the Epstein of the Church.”

George Neumayr on Twitter: “And I suspect there will be some murders before this is over, maybe even my own. I am not joking. This is getting scary.”

George Neumayr on Twitter: “Remember the time I discovered McCarrick’s DC hideout? I knocked on the door, got past the housekeeper, and seriously debated going up to McCarrick’s room on the second floor. I decided against that, fearing a criminal offense and death: Teddy might have shot me.”

George Neumayr on Twitter: “Thanks for the gallows humor” / Twitter

George Neumayr (@george_neumayr) / Twitter

David Crosby Opens Up About Coronavirus: “If I Lose the Tours, I Probably Will Lose My Home” | GQ

Las Vegas Judge Court Document