RRNews 339: There is No Secret

Hulk Hogan is a Christian and Joe Rogan is not….yet. We discuss Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, critical thinking, doubts about election authenticity, and reported sudden deaths. We also touch on the benefits of a carnivore diet, discuss spiritual beliefs and crack wise on occasion.

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0:03:10 Introduction and Location
0:07:06 Joe Rogan’s Interest in Alternative Medicine
0:10:36 Big Pharma’s Potential Suppression of Affordable Treatment
0:11:03 Frustration over Avermectin controversy
0:14:49 Hulk Hogan shares his faith on Joe Rogan podcast
0:18:24 Finding Centeredness and Peace through Faith
0:24:12 Hogan’s Faith vs. Rogan’s Fascination with Biceps
0:31:48 The Belief in Being One with the Universe
0:39:18 Joe Rogan Softening Up to Different Views
0:42:44 Kenny Maurer Suing NBA for Refusing Vaccine
0:46:10 Debunking the Fake Albert Pike Letter
0:49:16 Conspiracy Unveiled: Government and Industry Changing Food Supply
0:49:51 The Unbelievable Story of John Harvey Kellogg
0:52:37 Flawed Observational Studies: Unreliable Data and Faulty Conclusions
0:53:53 Connecting the dots on known scams and bogus studies
0:55:03 Bill Ackman Funding Scientific Investigation on Vaccinations
0:59:23 Transition: John Harvey Kellogg and his Controversial Practices
1:04:04 Carnivore diet and sexual health discussions
1:07:30 Kellogg’s influence on granola and Corn Flakes
1:11:01 Learning from Twitter and making informed investment decisions
1:19:25 White House Halloween Candy Scam
1:20:59 Top doctors and the role of epidemiologists in studies
1:24:05 Hillary Clinton, American people’s dislike, and Beto O’Rourke
1:27:09 Matthew Perry’s vaccination status and red meat consumption
1:30:47 Thanking Generous Donors and Discussing Ads
1:37:46 Anonymous Donation and Telegram Group Discussions
1:43:50 Tom Brady’s interview shows his journey to success
1:45:20 The interconnectedness of government, corporations, and spiritual entities
1:49:04 Encouragement to learn more about each other and be civil

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics and discussions. We start by delving into the history of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and its connection to Bill Ackman, a financial guru. We clarify that while Ackman is often credited for the success of Corn Flakes, the company technically belonged to his brother. Still, we acknowledge Ackman’s significant role in the cereal’s development and highlight the importance of fact-checking and debunking myths.

Moving on, we shift our focus to the questions raised by Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) about vaccines. We emphasize the need for thorough research and examination of vaccine safety, stressing that this issue should not be political. As parents ourselves, we share our personal motivation to delve into the topic and mention a scientist from UCSF who supports Kennedy’s claims to a large extent. We also highlight the rise in health conditions among children and stress the importance of understanding these trends.

We then discuss how our interest in the vaccine issue goes beyond parenthood and stems from genuinely listening to Kennedy and other scientists’ perspectives. We recount a conversation we had with an epidemiologist who faced censorship on social media platforms like Twitter for questioning the approach to the COVID vaccine. We emphasize the value of free speech and mention a successful investment we made based on COVID-related insights obtained from Twitter.

Speaking of critical thinking, we touch upon the topics of free speech, hate speech, and vaccines. We emphasize the importance of questioning and researching for ourselves, rather than blindly following authority figures. We mention listening to podcasts and researching individuals like Elon Musk and Kennedy, who have raised interesting points on these issues.

Our discussion then takes a turn towards the controversial topic of giving newborns the vitamin K shot. While some parents, including ourselves, regret giving it to our babies, we acknowledge that it does help with blood clotting. We amusingly question why babies are born without enough vitamin K and discuss healthcare professionals’ insistence on administering the shot.

The conversation then shifts to Halloween and the tradition of checking candy for potential dangers. We suggest that this tradition was created by candy manufacturers for their own benefit and make lighthearted remarks about Hulk Hogan’s involvement. We also venture into humorous commentary about the Biden family and mock Dr. Jill Biden’s qualifications.

Next, we delve into the topic of elections, expressing skepticism about their authenticity. We draw a parallel between a plane incident where a lady claimed a guy was not real and the lack of hope we feel regarding elections. We believe that elections have already been fixed, yet not fixed enough, using examples like Hillary Clinton’s loss and questioning Beto’s involvement in transportation due to his past drunk-driving incidents.

Briefly, we touch upon sudden deaths reportedly related to vaccines, such as a 14-year-old experiencing a heart attack while jogging, a former NFL player’s sudden death, and Matthew Perry’s apparent drowning. We question the official cause of Perry’s death and speculate on whether he received the vaccine. We discuss watching someone inject saline unwillingly on television, raising further concerns.

I then mention a post in a Telegram group about whether red meat is bad for you. I express my intention to try a carnivore diet for three days, highlighting the potential benefits of eating meat. We also acknowledge listeners who have made donations to the show and criticize podcasts that interrupt conversations with ads. We thank those who have supported us, including Risky Robert, Robin, the Garden City Ranchers, Kyle, Luke, Chrissy, and Bill.

In a show of gratitude, we acknowledge that listener support is vital for the continuation of the show. We encourage listeners to share the show with others and briefly recommend another podcast called PBD.

We share insights from an interview with someone who went through a challenging experience and discuss how Bill Belichick’s player selections haven’t been as successful since that person left. We touch on the idea of government and corporations potentially trying to harm us and explore spiritual entities and ancient practices. We stress the importance of moderation and personal decision-making regarding health and food.

Moving on, we mention that while we won’t heavily moderate our Telegram group, we encourage respectful behavior. We cite our busy lives and lack of time for moderation and express an interest in getting to know group members personally. We mention topics like chemtrails for future discussion. We end the episode with a lighthearted joke about Hulk Hogan reading a verse and wish our listeners a successful week. We also mention a black Honda Accord on I-35 and invite listeners to wave if they spot it.

Finally, I sign off by mentioning that I’ll be listening to six podcasts and eating steak with a plastic fork while driving, providing a light-hearted touch to the conclusion. I express thanks to everyone for listening and for their contributions, concluding the episode on a positive note.