RRNews 338: Parasitic Relationship

Are parasites to blame for all of your health (and government) problems? We still have control over our health, what are the choices that we are making?

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0:03:10 October weather in Oklahoma: Unpredictable and confusing
0:06:50 Discussion about Owen Schroyer’s involvement on January 6th
0:09:01 Facing Incarceration: A Final Message to Supporters
0:10:37 Reflecting on the idea of jail time
0:14:26 Making a choice to turn life over to a higher power
0:17:40 Finding peace and efficiency in being still with oneself
0:23:57 Doing the Right Thing vs Justifying the Means
0:26:40 Non-essential businesses and the “scam” surrounding them
0:30:50 Israel’s medical database and vaccine statistics
0:34:31 Lack of Trust in Doctors
0:34:43 UFC’s attempts to resume events during COVID-19.
0:37:48 The success of a surgical procedure and doctors’ lack of knowledge.
0:41:28 Insurance companies rewarding pediatricians for high vaccine rates.
0:50:21 Fenbenzidol as a Medicine for Parasite Cleanse
0:56:19 Ivermectin cleanse for lupus and MS symptoms
1:05:44 Creative Ways to Eat on the Go
1:10:19 Creatures in a lab: doctors, rats, guinea pigs?
1:13:45 Issue with Spotify and copyrighted content.
1:18:21 Unfair distribution of donations and contributions
1:22:03 Acknowledging new donations from Terry and David
1:27:09 Tragic Story of Child Spokesperson for Vaccines in Israel
1:29:18 The Amish and their vaccine-free lifestyle
1:32:23 Future milk in New Zealand and beyond
1:38:02 Andrew’s long day and gratitude for his wife’s support

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I begin by discussing a recommendation from Chris White to look up Pam Bartha, who focuses on MS and teaches people about adopting a healthy diet before treating parasites. I mention that she’s not a doctor but runs a school where she teaches students. Her website is livediseasefree.com, and she has been MS-free since 1989. This leads me to question if autoimmune diseases are actually the result of the body attacking parasites and toxins rather than itself. I express my skepticism towards doctors and mainstream medicine, highlighting that these alternative solutions are cheaper than chemotherapy. We briefly touch on the devastating effects of chemo, especially on children with diseases like leukemia. I mention a close friend with MS who takes expensive medication and discuss the possible side effects of vaccine adjuvants. We end the segment on a lighter note, discussing air fryers and a homonym friend named Andrew Kaufman.

In the next part of the podcast, I discuss my search for an air fryer and the concerns I have about the coatings used in these appliances. I talk about how convenience often leads us to consume harmful substances. My colleague agrees, and we discuss the difficulties of finding healthy food options while on the road. We then explore some alternative options and discuss the connection between parasites and our cravings for sugar.

The conversation takes a turn as we talk about parasites and their prevalence in dogs. We also discuss the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 and joke about humans being “guinea pigs” in testing different treatments. We mention donations and show art on our podcast and express gratitude for a new contributor.

Realizing that we have been using a copyrighted song as our outro, we discuss the need to find a new one and ask for suggestions from our listeners. We also talk about other contributions from listeners and express gratitude to those who have donated. We briefly mention some technical difficulties with our spreadsheet.

In another part of the podcast, I share interesting news stories and topics, including concerns about vaccines, a lawsuit against Panera Bread, and the low cancer rates among the Amish community. I also mention a sub stack by Jennifer Depew and touch on the concept of living in an artificial reality.

We end the podcast by discussing the importance of focusing on the positive and being a positive influence in the world. We express gratitude to our loved ones and encourage listeners to do something kind for others.

In closing, we thank our listeners and invite them to support us through donations or by contributing to the show. We also mention the opportunity to submit podcast art and release the audio version on our Telegram channel. We express our appreciation for the support we’ve received and encourage listeners to make a difference in the world. This is Revelations Radio News, signing off.