RRNews 340: Oklahoma Weather Talk

In this episode, we discuss various topics including holidays, podcasting, the Israel-Palestine conflict, global conflicts, the trade agreement with China, Chick-fil-A, Alex Jones losing bitcoins, vaccines, and self-awareness in discussions. We also touch on politician Dan Andrews, listener donations, Utah, and preferences for ham and turkey. We thank our listeners and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

Producers of RRNews 340:

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Danny – Medford, OR
Trusty Rusty – Zion’s Gate, UT
Subtlecain Podcast – Oshkosh, WI


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The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

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What do you think of the famous comedian, JP’s video about Israel and Palestine? I would love to hear your opinions below and I posted it on Telegram and most said he was spot on.

Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club

Once again, we were CONNED. 55 Ingredients in Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich


0:03:09 Excitement for a holiday without strange cult imagery
0:06:43 Appreciation for a podcast episode featuring Adam Curry
0:09:50 Playful self-mockery regarding recording mishaps
0:12:56 Unexpected Podcast Success and Technical Challenges
0:21:21 Enjoying a Clip and the Difficulty of Incorporating It
0:25:51 The Desire for War Emerges
0:31:30 Recognizing Propaganda and Getting Mad for the Wrong Reasons
0:34:38 Putin’s Manipulation and Domestic Problems in Russia
0:38:12 Control and Strategy in Geopolitics
0:41:26 Hong Kong Protests and Timeline Speculation
0:49:36 Investing Dilemma: Ethical Companies or Publicly Traded?
0:52:17 The Mysterious Story of Alex Shone’s Lost Laptop
0:54:57 Spot-on Trump impression and memorable speeches
0:58:02 Joe Latipo and his journey on vaccines
1:01:50 Recognizing indoctrination in medical education about vaccines
1:03:00 Emotional conversations and charged reactions
1:11:41 SciTechDaily: Changing theories and technocratic scientism
1:16:15 Generous Donation from Trusty Rusty in Zions Gate, Utah
1:18:15 Difficulty finding information, will attempt to help.
1:18:30 Awkward silence and a mention of a donation
1:22:12 Reflecting on the longevity of the podcast and future plans
1:27:51 Preparing for Interviews and Tech Talk

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, Tim Kilkitty and Andrew Hoffman delve into various topics and engage in a lively discussion. They start by sharing their thoughts on the holidays and their experiences during that time. Andrew recounts a humorous incident involving a territorial dog named Duke during his exploration of Oklahoma. They also express their excitement about a recent interview on Canary Cry Radio with Adam Curry and discuss the growth and development of podcasting.

Moving on, Tim discusses his struggle with claiming the fountain Bitcoin node and seeks assistance from a listener in Germany. They talk about the challenges they face in podcasting, such as managing multiple email accounts. They apologize for not having a show the following week due to the holiday and shift the conversation towards Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the presidential race and her proposal for social media verification, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The topic then shifts to the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Tim expressing his concerns about being manipulated into supporting a war. They reflect on their own involvement in the conflict and question the role of media manipulation in shaping public opinion. They also discuss the influence of the Israeli government and the motivations behind US involvement in the conflict. The conversation extends to other global conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Taiwan, and the possible distractions they create from the Israel-Palestine conflict. The podcast hosts debate their own beliefs and whether they are influenced by media manipulation.

They then touch on the trade agreement and its connection to China, discussing Trump’s tweets, the Hong Kong protests, and the controversy surrounding the origins of COVID-19. They express disappointment with the unhealthy composition of the Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, mention the boycotts against the fast-food chain, and discuss their investment choices based on aligned values. The hosts also recount a story about Alex Jones losing a laptop with 10,000 bitcoins and discuss a stand-up comedy routine about Trump’s speech relating to the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. They mention Joe Latipo’s changing views on vaccines and share their own journey of questioning traditional vaccine infrastructure.

Tim takes a moment to reflect on his own indoctrination in the scientific culture and how discussions during the pandemic made him realize his resistance to differing opinions. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and constructive conversations when dealing with contentious topics. The hosts explore the significance of being open to discussing controversial topics, sharing personal anecdotes, and discussing the influence of propaganda and brainwashing on emotional reactions.

The conversation then turns to politician Dan Andrews and his handling of the vaccine situation. They express satisfaction over his rejection from a prestigious golf club. Tim and Andrew express gratitude for listener donations and thank various contributors. They discuss Utah, Salt Lake City, and its blend of trendy aspects and conservative values. They also attempt to find information about Zion National Park but face difficulties. The episode concludes with some lighthearted banter and jokingly blaming Andrew for moments of dead air.

In a lighter moment, the podcast hosts discuss their preferences for ham and turkey, particularly for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They engage in a playful conversation about the taste of turkey and express their appreciation for their listeners and supporters. They mention the possibility of future interviews, highlight Adam Curry’s appearance on Canary Cry, and eagerly anticipate listening to that episode. Tim and Andrew end the episode by thanking their listeners and wishing them a happy Thanksgiving.