RRNews 340: Oklahoma Weather Talk

In this episode, we discuss various topics including holidays, podcasting, the Israel-Palestine conflict, global conflicts, the trade agreement with China, Chick-fil-A, Alex Jones losing bitcoins, vaccines, and self-awareness in discussions. We also touch on politician Dan Andrews, listener donations, Utah, and preferences for ham and turkey. We thank our listeners and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

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Danny – Medford, OR
Trusty Rusty – Zion’s Gate, UT
Subtlecain Podcast – Oshkosh, WI


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The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

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What do you think of the famous comedian, JP’s video about Israel and Palestine? I would love to hear your opinions below and I posted it on Telegram and most said he was spot on.

Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club

Once again, we were CONNED. 55 Ingredients in Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich


0:03:09 Excitement for a holiday without strange cult imagery
0:06:43 Appreciation for a podcast episode featuring Adam Curry
0:09:50 Playful self-mockery regarding recording mishaps
0:12:56 Unexpected Podcast Success and Technical Challenges
0:21:21 Enjoying a Clip and the Difficulty of Incorporating It
0:25:51 The Desire for War Emerges
0:31:30 Recognizing Propaganda and Getting Mad for the Wrong Reasons
0:34:38 Putin’s Manipulation and Domestic Problems in Russia
0:38:12 Control and Strategy in Geopolitics
0:41:26 Hong Kong Protests and Timeline Speculation
0:49:36 Investing Dilemma: Ethical Companies or Publicly Traded?
0:52:17 The Mysterious Story of Alex Shone’s Lost Laptop
0:54:57 Spot-on Trump impression and memorable speeches
0:58:02 Joe Latipo and his journey on vaccines
1:01:50 Recognizing indoctrination in medical education about vaccines
1:03:00 Emotional conversations and charged reactions
1:11:41 SciTechDaily: Changing theories and technocratic scientism
1:16:15 Generous Donation from Trusty Rusty in Zions Gate, Utah
1:18:15 Difficulty finding information, will attempt to help.
1:18:30 Awkward silence and a mention of a donation
1:22:12 Reflecting on the longevity of the podcast and future plans
1:27:51 Preparing for Interviews and Tech Talk

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, Tim Kilkitty and Andrew Hoffman delve into various topics and engage in a lively discussion. They start by sharing their thoughts on the holidays and their experiences during that time. Andrew recounts a humorous incident involving a territorial dog named Duke during his exploration of Oklahoma. They also express their excitement about a recent interview on Canary Cry Radio with Adam Curry and discuss the growth and development of podcasting.

Moving on, Tim discusses his struggle with claiming the fountain Bitcoin node and seeks assistance from a listener in Germany. They talk about the challenges they face in podcasting, such as managing multiple email accounts. They apologize for not having a show the following week due to the holiday and shift the conversation towards Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the presidential race and her proposal for social media verification, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The topic then shifts to the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Tim expressing his concerns about being manipulated into supporting a war. They reflect on their own involvement in the conflict and question the role of media manipulation in shaping public opinion. They also discuss the influence of the Israeli government and the motivations behind US involvement in the conflict. The conversation extends to other global conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Taiwan, and the possible distractions they create from the Israel-Palestine conflict. The podcast hosts debate their own beliefs and whether they are influenced by media manipulation.

They then touch on the trade agreement and its connection to China, discussing Trump’s tweets, the Hong Kong protests, and the controversy surrounding the origins of COVID-19. They express disappointment with the unhealthy composition of the Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, mention the boycotts against the fast-food chain, and discuss their investment choices based on aligned values. The hosts also recount a story about Alex Jones losing a laptop with 10,000 bitcoins and discuss a stand-up comedy routine about Trump’s speech relating to the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. They mention Joe Latipo’s changing views on vaccines and share their own journey of questioning traditional vaccine infrastructure.

Tim takes a moment to reflect on his own indoctrination in the scientific culture and how discussions during the pandemic made him realize his resistance to differing opinions. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and constructive conversations when dealing with contentious topics. The hosts explore the significance of being open to discussing controversial topics, sharing personal anecdotes, and discussing the influence of propaganda and brainwashing on emotional reactions.

The conversation then turns to politician Dan Andrews and his handling of the vaccine situation. They express satisfaction over his rejection from a prestigious golf club. Tim and Andrew express gratitude for listener donations and thank various contributors. They discuss Utah, Salt Lake City, and its blend of trendy aspects and conservative values. They also attempt to find information about Zion National Park but face difficulties. The episode concludes with some lighthearted banter and jokingly blaming Andrew for moments of dead air.

In a lighter moment, the podcast hosts discuss their preferences for ham and turkey, particularly for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They engage in a playful conversation about the taste of turkey and express their appreciation for their listeners and supporters. They mention the possibility of future interviews, highlight Adam Curry’s appearance on Canary Cry, and eagerly anticipate listening to that episode. Tim and Andrew end the episode by thanking their listeners and wishing them a happy Thanksgiving.

How and why we must destroy the enemy’s weapon of mask deception.

By: Terry Hart

My primary concerns about mask wearing are not related to efficacy. There may be some rare circumstances where mask wearing hinders contagion. However, since there is so much evidence showing that mask wearing causes harm, the obvious conclusion is that mask mandates are not about health, especially when you consider the many flip-flops and inconsistencies with the mandates (e.g., it is acceptable to remove your mask when sitting, eating, speaking, very little said about the quality of masks, etc.).

Almost everything related to the mainstream COVID 19 story has been a lie. (See a very abbreviated list of the lies in the end notes.) Although some of these deceptions have recently been more widely revealed and corrected, there has been precious little accountability for those who were promoting incorrect information and no slowing of the overwhelming push to get everyone on planet injected with this new experimental technology. I believe that our compliance to the mask mandates was the key turning point in the building of this worldwide deception. Masks are the cornerstone deception that must be destroyed.

I am convinced that mask mandates are a very effective means of controlling the masses, and I see them as a spiritual attack. In fact, in all human history I cannot think of a better example of the minds of most of the world’s population being so effectively influenced as they have been by mass compliance to this mask-uerade. Yes, you might argue that mass media propaganda has recently had more success in getting much of the world to believe in lies, but an insidious effect of the masks is that it results in us participating in and promoting this propaganda. If there is one thing that has a more powerful influence than the media, it is our example. It has been proven in experimental studies that just one additional non-compliant person in a crowd of the compliant thoroughly protects the non-compliant from participating in a lie promoted by the crowd. Every time we cover our faces, whether proudly or shamefully, we are powerfully broadcasting to those around us that we agree with the irrational and exaggerated fear pushed by the pharma-funded corporate media.

The all-sufficient Word of God always has the answers we need, and the solutions for every circumstance. There is one historical account given in the Old Testament that is so vital, that God recorded it for us in great detail three times. It is the account of the terrifying and unstoppable Assyrian army poised to overthrow Jerusalem (2 Kings 18-19, 2 Chron 32, Is 36). The Assyrians, represented by Rab-shakeh, attempted to convince king Hezekiah and the Jews to surrender. Surrender to the enemy must have seemed like the easy way out against an army that had already devastated many nations. Why resist and die the slow painful death of starvation under siege, or perhaps a quick death in battle? Why not take the easy way out and least survive, though it be under the oppressive rule of the enemy? The good and righteous king knew that it was not God’s will to give in to the enemy. It may be that God also wants us risk everything rather than to submit to a life of oppression. We must keep in mind that our resistance is not so much against any person in authority, it is against the Devil himself (Eph 6:12, James 4:7), who just uses people to do his will. In an attempt to persuade Hezekiah and the Jews to surrender, Rab-shakeh used all of the usual tactics of the enemy. He told many monstrous and potentially destructive lies (2 Kings 18:22, 25, 29-30, 19:10). He used mass communication to get his deception broadcasted loud and clear to the public (sound familiar?) (2 Kings 18:26-28). He used fear (2 Kings 18:27, 33-35, 19:10-13) to attempt to terrorize them into submission. He tried to get them to distrust a good spiritual leader (2 Kings 18:29) and to distrust God (2 Kings 18:30, 19:10). He tempts them by offering something that is seemingly better than their current condition (Much like a return to life as we knew it, if we would only get the jab!) (2 Kings 18:31-32). This last tactic may be the most important one. I believe that Satan’s final and great temptation for the soon coming end of this age will be the same as his original temptation in Eden. At the heart of the temptation was convincing Eve that God was withholding something better, which she did not currently possess–“your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”. Adam and Eve should have been patient and content with what God had given them up to that point in time. The Assyrian enemy tempted God’s people to surrender in a similar way when he said, “Until I come and take you away to a land like your own land, a land of corn and wine,” (2 Kings 18:32). Here the Devil was tempting them to forsake their God given inheritance, their own land. In a similar way, I believe we are now just beginning the process of being tempted to forsake our God given immune systems, which operates by the DNA that God gave us, and to replace it with technologically altered DNA. There is some debate about whether any of the current COVID shots change our DNA, but whether they do or not, I think it is very likely that future booster shots, or some similar technology, will in fact change our genetics. There are many reasons, both Biblical and extra-Biblical, that we should reject the abominable idea that it is beneficial to tamper with God’s creation in this way.

What is the solution to our current dilemma? We should follow Hezekiah’s example in two ways, and trust that God will give the victory to His people according to His perfect plan. First, we should not comply with the enemy and lead others to do the same, as Hezekiah did (2 Kings 18:36). We must not believe the lies being told, we must not give in to fear, and we must not make a deal with the Devil who promises that he has something better for us than what God has given, and especially what He will soon give us. Secondly, we must humble ourselves and pray to God as Hezekiah did. If there is a way of escape from our current distress other than through death or the Rapture, it will be through non-compliance and prayer.


i https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/frontlinenews/all-you-need-to-know-about-facemasks-but-didnt-know-to-ask/
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  • Initially the death rate for this disease was said to be quite high. This was useful to promote fear, but as the testing increased, the death rate was revealed to be far below 1%. So, the pharma-funded medial narrative changed from a focus on death rate to the increasing number of cases.
  • The COVID death numbers were vastly overstated. A large percentage of those who supposedly died from COVID, really died with COVID. The CDC admitted that 94% of COVID deaths had other “health conditions and contributing causes.”(https://nbc-2.com/news/2020/08/31/cdc-report-shows-94-of-covid-19-deaths-in-u-s-had-contributing-conditions/) Meaning that only 6% can be said to have died from COVID alone, and many of the 94% may have survived COVID if they did not have other contributing serious health conditions, including extreme old age.
  • The faulty PCR test—Until May 1st 2021 the CDC considered any positive test result with a PCR test run up to 40 cycles to be a case of COVID. This was criticized by experts who said that the max should be 30-35 cycles since tests with more than this number would be 97% false positives. As of May 1st, the CDC changed their policy to a much more accurate 28 cycles, but only for those who have received the COVID jab.(https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontlinenews/cdc-createsdifferent-testing-standard-depending-on-vaccination-status/ ) The result is that many false positives going forward will be attributed to those who have not had the COVID shot and will give a false impression of the effectiveness of the shot.
  • The widespread censoring of information (COVID symptoms prevented and cured by many safe and effective drugs & supplements; avoidance of the natural immunity topic) that proves that there was really no need to even create a