RRNews 348: Thunderstorms and Hungry Cattle

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Danny – Medford, OR
Robert – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autmun – Snoqualmie, WA
Penny – Mesa, AZ


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Worst Fires In Texas History Obliterate Beef Industry

Forbes Article Related to Chris Sky Clip

To silence critics for good, Saudi crown prince MBS has converted the futuristic Line city project into the world’s biggest earthworks operation.

Newsmax Article about Haiti

College junior wins GOP primary against 10-term incumbent NC sHow I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled the Presidenttate lawmaker: ‘Lot of hard work’

Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Report

How I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled theHungry Cattle & President

Gates-Funded Gavi Takes Aim at Memes, Calls Them ‘Disinformation Super-Spreaders’

In Major Blow To Democracy, Supreme Court Rules Voters Can Vote For Favorite Candidate

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound


0:01:35 Thunderstorm Chit-Chat
0:02:33 Weather Anomalies in Oklahoma
0:04:36 Texas Wildfires Conspiracy Theories
0:32:40 Carbohydrate Myth
0:37:39 Victoria Nuland’s Legacy
0:39:31 Departure of Victoria Nuland
0:41:00 Influence of Victoria Kagan-Nudelman
0:43:59 Crisis in Haiti
0:47:45 Trump-Biden Choice
0:49:42 Speculations on Election
0:53:56 Warning of Dollar Collapse
0:58:07 Preparing for Dollar Collapse
1:00:00 U.S. Dollar Debt Crisis Fears
1:00:43 Dealing with Betrayal in Friendship
1:02:30 Betrayal and Disappointment
1:21:53 Reconciliation and Miracles
1:32:58 Preparing for the Unknown
1:37:06 Seeking Prayer and Financial Blessings

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join me, Tim Kilkenny, and my co-host Andrew Hoffman, as we podcast from Edmond and Piedmont, Oklahoma, amidst thunderstorms and lightning. Sharing a recent incident of a neighbor’s house struck by lightning, we dive into the unusual weather patterns in Oklahoma, transitioning to discussing the Texas wildfires. We explore theories around political motivations and globalist agendas regarding the wildfires, delving into suspicious circumstances and government responses. Highlighting the impact on the cattle industry, infrastructure, and water supply, we draw connections to broader issues like national power grids and military strategies, navigating through conspiracy theories and current events.

The devastating Texas wildfire, burning over 1 million acres in the Panhandle, impacting the cattle population and agriculture sector significantly, prompts discussions on potential ulterior motives behind the disaster. We explore the region’s historical significance, dietary preferences, and the importance of sourcing fresh produce locally, emphasizing the value of connecting with local farmers for overall health and well-being. The episode concludes with a teaser of upcoming content, mentioning discussions on Victoria Nuland’s career and related topics.

Our conversation meanders through topics like likening a Ghostbusters character to a government official, a political figure’s retirement, and the situation in Haiti. We delve into political decisions’ implications, financial matters such as Bitcoin, and the complexities of global politics, financial markets, and societal challenges. Shifting gears, we discuss the shift away from U.S. dollars in economic alliances, reflections on forgiveness, challenges in the world of golf, Saudi involvement, and thEpisode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Reporte broader implications of financial moves, hinting at significant changes on the horizon.

Reflecting on the shift away from the dollar and the challenges countries face in this transition, we discuss historical events, potential crises, societal issues, sleep and self-care tips. Expressing gratitude for listener support, we end with a prayer for financial blessings and well-being, stressing the importance of focusing on the essential things in life beyond money. Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to a great week ahead!

RRNews 345: Praying and Pointing out the Obvious

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Danny – Medford, OR
Luke – Nevada, IA
Reno – Texas
Travis – Parts Unknown
Derek – Parts Unknown
KC – Parts Unknown
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Robert – Parts Unknown
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Jeremy – Parts Unknown


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2081 Athlete Cardiac Arrests or Serious Issues, 1457 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection

Bogus Story of the Year–Fake Space

The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE

Bogus Story of the Year–War Propaganda

Bogus Story of the Year–Taylor Swift and last gasp of Celebrity influence

70 Percent of Deaths from Pfizer Vaccine in Japan Reported Within 10 Days of Jab: Study

Top Story–East Palestine, Chemtrails, and other Poisonings

Bogus Story of the Year–AI and Elon

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Liberal Dude Wakes Up

I think I found people trying to start a cult via Tik Tok live

The Book of Enoch – Ethiopian Book 1 (Complete Audio) Read By Daniel Butler

Ivermectin Squares Off in a New War on Cancer


0:01:35 Introducing the hosts: Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman
0:04:35 Starting Delayed Due to Icy Conditions
0:07:58 Son’s Sickness and Paradigm Shift
0:11:11 Difficulty Finding Doctors Familiar with Terrain Theory
0:14:20 Kamala’s Unlikability and Lack of Speaking
0:15:43 Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley Comparison
0:19:39 Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Cheap Labor
0:23:23 From Payday Loan to Vape Weed Shop
0:31:50 Commercial loans and adjustable rates causing financial struggles
0:39:44 Questioning My View of the World
0:43:03 Challenging My Worldview and Opening My Mind
0:47:15 Seeking Objectivity: Consuming the Other Side’s Perspective
0:49:30 TikTok Ending and the Awakening
0:56:02 Scary and Important Clips from the No Agenda Show
0:56:30 Unexpected Loud Noise Interrupts the Conversation
0:58:01 Rise of Digital Addiction and Content Creation
1:02:20 The dichotomy of millennials and social media addiction
1:05:58 The prevalence of phone addiction in everyday life
1:10:35 Social Media Feed Filled with Ads and Motivational Posts
1:14:34 Two Feeds on Twitter: Following and For You
1:18:40 The Origins of Oil and Manipulation
1:26:06 Early treatments vilified, motivation of doctors questioned
1:34:04 The Pressure of Interviewing a Famous Person Live
1:42:34 Nervous about Interviewing Elon Musk
1:46:19 Discussing Obama’s lack of similar athletic achievements
1:49:02 Shiva, Jesus, and Buddha: Unlikely Allies
1:52:12 Apologies and January Donations: Thanking the Supporters
1:58:10 Donations from Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Jeremy
2:01:15 Introduction to Revelations Radio News segment
2:04:57 Down the rabbit trail of fenbendazole
2:08:23 Control screen time and avoid Oklahoma weed shops

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a wide range of topics. To begin, we address the recent technical issues that have caused delays in our show production. We express our gratitude towards our dedicated listeners and donors who have supported us throughout January. Taking the time to individually thank each donor, we apologize for any oversight in previous episodes.

Acknowledging the crucial role that donations play in covering our equipment and software costs, we emphasize the immense value of our listeners’ support. We then shift the conversation to a mysterious substance, exploring a clip that sheds light on the difference between digestive enzymes and super enzymes.

Drawing from personal experience, we discuss a parasite cleanse that I underwent as part of my lupus treatment. Reflecting on the profound positive impact it has had on my health, we touch on the use of fenbendazole in this cleanse as well.

Concluding the episode, we offer a heartfelt prayer for the well-being of my co-host, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal health. Encouraging our listeners to limit their screen time and make mindful choices with their spending, we express our gratitude for their continued support.

As we wrap up this episode, we extend our thanks to everyone who has tuned in, promising to return next week with fresh content. Stay tuned and keep supporting us as we navigate through these thought-provoking topics.

RRNews 340: Oklahoma Weather Talk

In this episode, we discuss various topics including holidays, podcasting, the Israel-Palestine conflict, global conflicts, the trade agreement with China, Chick-fil-A, Alex Jones losing bitcoins, vaccines, and self-awareness in discussions. We also touch on politician Dan Andrews, listener donations, Utah, and preferences for ham and turkey. We thank our listeners and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

Producers of RRNews 340:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Trusty Rusty – Zion’s Gate, UT
Subtlecain Podcast – Oshkosh, WI


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The PODFATHER! Adam Curry Interview LIVE | CCR 165 | CCNT 688

33 Billion Light Years Away: Webb Space Telescope Finds Galaxies That Challenge Astronomical Theories

What do you think of the famous comedian, JP’s video about Israel and Palestine? I would love to hear your opinions below and I posted it on Telegram and most said he was spot on.

Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club

Once again, we were CONNED. 55 Ingredients in Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich


0:03:09 Excitement for a holiday without strange cult imagery
0:06:43 Appreciation for a podcast episode featuring Adam Curry
0:09:50 Playful self-mockery regarding recording mishaps
0:12:56 Unexpected Podcast Success and Technical Challenges
0:21:21 Enjoying a Clip and the Difficulty of Incorporating It
0:25:51 The Desire for War Emerges
0:31:30 Recognizing Propaganda and Getting Mad for the Wrong Reasons
0:34:38 Putin’s Manipulation and Domestic Problems in Russia
0:38:12 Control and Strategy in Geopolitics
0:41:26 Hong Kong Protests and Timeline Speculation
0:49:36 Investing Dilemma: Ethical Companies or Publicly Traded?
0:52:17 The Mysterious Story of Alex Shone’s Lost Laptop
0:54:57 Spot-on Trump impression and memorable speeches
0:58:02 Joe Latipo and his journey on vaccines
1:01:50 Recognizing indoctrination in medical education about vaccines
1:03:00 Emotional conversations and charged reactions
1:11:41 SciTechDaily: Changing theories and technocratic scientism
1:16:15 Generous Donation from Trusty Rusty in Zions Gate, Utah
1:18:15 Difficulty finding information, will attempt to help.
1:18:30 Awkward silence and a mention of a donation
1:22:12 Reflecting on the longevity of the podcast and future plans
1:27:51 Preparing for Interviews and Tech Talk

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, Tim Kilkitty and Andrew Hoffman delve into various topics and engage in a lively discussion. They start by sharing their thoughts on the holidays and their experiences during that time. Andrew recounts a humorous incident involving a territorial dog named Duke during his exploration of Oklahoma. They also express their excitement about a recent interview on Canary Cry Radio with Adam Curry and discuss the growth and development of podcasting.

Moving on, Tim discusses his struggle with claiming the fountain Bitcoin node and seeks assistance from a listener in Germany. They talk about the challenges they face in podcasting, such as managing multiple email accounts. They apologize for not having a show the following week due to the holiday and shift the conversation towards Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the presidential race and her proposal for social media verification, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The topic then shifts to the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Tim expressing his concerns about being manipulated into supporting a war. They reflect on their own involvement in the conflict and question the role of media manipulation in shaping public opinion. They also discuss the influence of the Israeli government and the motivations behind US involvement in the conflict. The conversation extends to other global conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Taiwan, and the possible distractions they create from the Israel-Palestine conflict. The podcast hosts debate their own beliefs and whether they are influenced by media manipulation.

They then touch on the trade agreement and its connection to China, discussing Trump’s tweets, the Hong Kong protests, and the controversy surrounding the origins of COVID-19. They express disappointment with the unhealthy composition of the Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, mention the boycotts against the fast-food chain, and discuss their investment choices based on aligned values. The hosts also recount a story about Alex Jones losing a laptop with 10,000 bitcoins and discuss a stand-up comedy routine about Trump’s speech relating to the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. They mention Joe Latipo’s changing views on vaccines and share their own journey of questioning traditional vaccine infrastructure.

Tim takes a moment to reflect on his own indoctrination in the scientific culture and how discussions during the pandemic made him realize his resistance to differing opinions. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and constructive conversations when dealing with contentious topics. The hosts explore the significance of being open to discussing controversial topics, sharing personal anecdotes, and discussing the influence of propaganda and brainwashing on emotional reactions.

The conversation then turns to politician Dan Andrews and his handling of the vaccine situation. They express satisfaction over his rejection from a prestigious golf club. Tim and Andrew express gratitude for listener donations and thank various contributors. They discuss Utah, Salt Lake City, and its blend of trendy aspects and conservative values. They also attempt to find information about Zion National Park but face difficulties. The episode concludes with some lighthearted banter and jokingly blaming Andrew for moments of dead air.

In a lighter moment, the podcast hosts discuss their preferences for ham and turkey, particularly for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They engage in a playful conversation about the taste of turkey and express their appreciation for their listeners and supporters. They mention the possibility of future interviews, highlight Adam Curry’s appearance on Canary Cry, and eagerly anticipate listening to that episode. Tim and Andrew end the episode by thanking their listeners and wishing them a happy Thanksgiving.

RRNews 337: MRNA RIP

Pants as payment, strange audio issues, and is Alex Jones the next Taylor Swift? No one wants the MRNA “Vaccines” but not because they are chocked full of foreign DNA. And Andrew Returns as the internet’s #1 Copper Man!!!

Producers of RRNews 337:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Matty B – Australia
Reno – Texas


Nobody – but nobody – wants mRNA jabs anymore

@SenSchumer yesterday about the importance of getting vaccinated!

RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left

‘Was Israel’s Military Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ Amid Hamas Attack? Charlie Kirk, Others Question Mainstream Narrative’ (American Faith News); if so, this has serious implications

Free Reiner Fuellmich!

The “died suddenly” vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know

MRNA is on a Major Losing Streak

ummm……. why are my tax dollars going towards bombing Christian hospitals in the middle east?

Dr. Peter Hotez Receives Inaugural IDSA Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award | Texas Children’s Hospital


Yesterday I announced my exit from the Democratic Party to run as an independent candidate for President. Here is what that means:


0:03:55 A Canceled Water System and an Apology
0:05:07 Sizing confusion and shopping spree
0:07:19 A Surprising Encounter with a Generous Stranger
0:08:43 A Hot Room and the Need for Fresh Air
0:12:27 Clean Feed and Skype – Different Platforms for Podcasting
0:16:04 Comparing Postmodern Entertainment with Burmese Renditions
0:23:47 Speculation about hidden knowledge at the CIA
0:27:05 Decline in demand for mRNA vaccines and financial impact
0:28:50 Travis Kelsey’s questionable actions and vaccine endorsement
0:31:53 Questioning the need for flu shots
0:35:52 Anthrax vaccine licensing and requirements for deployment
0:39:11 Arrest and Confinement of the Scientist
0:42:48 Mysterious Deaths and Vaccine Statistics
0:46:15 Strange DNA in Vaccines and Genetic Manipulation Concerns
0:51:39 Concerns over Border Security and Potential Terrorist Threats
1:00:09 Introducing a new girl to family; military memories shared.
1:00:42 Introduction to Charlie Kirk’s Conspiracy Theories
1:04:17 Speculations and Forbes Article on Conspiracy Theories
1:07:13 The Israel 9-11 Conspiracy Theory
1:10:01 Daniel or Ganser: Exposing the American Empire
1:14:04 Thanking People and Playing a Random Twitter Health Video
1:19:28 Appreciating the Generous Donors

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, my co-host Andrew Hoffman and I cover a wide range of topics. We begin by discussing the Oklahoma weather and share an amusing story about Andrew receiving payment in the form of pants. A kind customer gave Andrew two pairs of high-quality khaki pants, two dress shirts, and a sweater, which leads us to talk about the brand Bill’s Khakis and its unique material.

We then address some audio issues raised by our listeners and speculate on the potential causes, such as computer updates and software infiltration. We also compare our experiences with those of other podcasters who have faced similar challenges. As a lighthearted aside, we joke about James Corbett using Skype for his podcast.

Shifting gears, we bring up a popular YouTube channel featuring Alex Jones singing various songs, including a Taylor Swift track. While we acknowledge it as a postmodern form of entertainment, we both agree that previous renditions were better. We have a playful moment when Andrew admits to being unfamiliar with the song, and I confess my inability to name six words from a Taylor Swift track.

Next, we delve into recent developments surrounding mRNA vaccines and the declining demand for boosters. We mention an accidental tweet by Mandy Cohen, the director of the CDC, revealing the low uptake of the mRNA Omicron booster. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in demand and financial consequences for Pfizer. We express skepticism about the potentially misleading nature of clinical trial results and the decreasing effectiveness of vaccine commercials.

From there, we venture into a discussion about the presence of foreign DNA in some vaccine vials and the potential health implications. This segues into a conversation about transgender individuals and the injection of DNA from someone of the opposite sex.

Our skepticism extends to the medical community’s understanding of genetic manipulation and the potential risks involved. We touch on the waning popularity of mRNA vaccines and speculate that other events like a nuclear incident or a large bomb detonation may overshadow the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The topic then shifts to the border situation, where we entertain the idea of deception leading to a terror attack. We question the legitimacy of an individual’s arrest regarding financial fraud and ponder possible ulterior motives. We also mention the shutdown of platforms such as Neva and the reorganization of articles in Instapaper.

Moving on, we discuss the tension in Israel and the conspiracy theories surrounding the knowledge of coordinated attacks by the Israeli government. We note Charlie Kirk’s role in spreading these theories and Forbes’ response to a YouTube podcast on the matter.

Throughout the episode, we touch on various subjects, including Tsarnaev, John Hinckley, and James Corbett. We also share podcasts we’ve been listening to, exchange music preferences, and briefly touch on the topic of the Earth’s shape. We play a clip about the thyroid and express our gratitude to our listeners and donors.

Furthermore, we delve into the lesser-known fact about the thyroid gland and challenge the diagnosis of hypothyroidism when the thyroid only produces 20% of a specific hormone called T3. We highlight the importance of B vitamins in supporting the conversion of T4 to T3 and the restoration of thyroid function. Additionally, we briefly mention the significance of B12 and niacin and share views from a copper advocate on B vitamins.

In closing, we express our gratitude to our listeners and send well wishes. We end the episode with a verse of the day and discuss the practice of starting the day on our knees. I extend my thanks to Andrew for joining me, and we both express our appreciation to everyone who has tuned in.

RRNews 330: Golden Foil Kill Box

Baseball games are fun, inflation is not. The Maui electric company says that they din’t start the fire, which makes us wonder who did? Was Lahaina a soft Kill Box? Government control during emergencies never seems to actually help. Are lock downs coming again? Tune in as we share our personal views and concerns about these issues.

Producers of RRNews 330:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Show Artwork: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Danny – Medford, OR
Jason – Menominee, MI
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Theo – Canada
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Risky – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Robin – Parts Unknown
Tom – Germany
Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO


RRNews Telegram GroupInterview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić – The Corbett Report

The Road to Totalitarianism – Part 3

Hawaiian Electric says power lines were shut off hours before wildfire

Japan’s X-ray satellite, ‘Moon Sniper’ lunar lander are ready to launch | CNN

Treating Lyme Disease and Co-Infections: A Molecular Biologist’s Journey & Getting Better With Ivermectin!

Interview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić – The Corbett Report

Lahaina, a Modern-Day Pearl Harbor

How that “wildfire” so PRECISELY burned out Maui’s poorer residents—who may now be “resettled” in a “15-minute city” (Schwabspeak for “concentration camp”)

Schools in Kentucky, Texas cancel classes as students, staff test positive for COVID – LifeSite

Rams QB Matthew Stafford struggles to connect with teammates ‘because he’s so old,’ per his wife

The Grapes of Maui

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, my co-host Andrew Hoffman and I start off by sharing our exciting experience at a baseball game in Oklahoma City. We were fortunate enough to get VIP treatment and amazing seats behind home plate, courtesy of a kind lady with season tickets for 25 years. We also discuss our not-so-pleasant trip to a game in Detroit, where we encountered overpriced everything and learned about the less-than-ideal behavior of legendary outfield player Ty Cobb.

Shifting gears, we dive into a discussion about environmental hazards. We highlight the mishandling of radioactive material and the improper disposal of vinyl chloride, expressing concerns about bioaccumulation and the dangers of ingesting radioactive substances through the food chain. We also explore the manipulation of media by intelligence agencies, specifically mentioning instances where the CIA and Pentagon lied about the use of poison gas in Syria. We reference Tucker Carlson’s interview on this topic and examine the influence of defense and intelligence analysts in the media.

Taking a brief detour, we touch on the topic of aliens and government suppression of information. This leads us into a conversation about intelligence agencies and their involvement in election rigging. We express concerns about their unchecked power, the lack of oversight, and even bring up the controversial CIA involvement in the assassination of a US president. In a more lighthearted moment, we briefly discuss the use of gold foil in the moon landing and delve into satellite technology.

Moving on, we discuss the power line fire in Maui and raise suspicions about Hawaiian Electric’s involvement. We question the official story and express our concerns about the lack of help and support for those affected by disasters. In a related context, we mention the term “kill box” and its origin during the Gulf War, where it was used to divide the theater of war and minimize American casualties.

As the conversation progresses, we touch on the possibility of a totalitarian government taking control and manipulating communication channels during emergencies. We express concerns about the potential disablement of communications and the occurrence of various forms of violence, including shootings and the exploitation of natural disasters. We also briefly discuss climate change and how it could be used to restrict people’s movements.

Adding to the conversation, we highlight the negative impact of COVID-19 restrictions, specifically the isolation faced by elderly care facilities and hospitals. We also mention the potential misuse of masks in human trafficking. Finally, we discuss the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and the possibility of future lockdowns, expressing a degree of skepticism about the true motivations behind such measures.

Throughout this episode, Andrew and I share our personal views on these various topics and express our concerns about the actions of government agencies.

RRNews 328: Not a Cool Summer

In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics – from school starting, to hot weather in Arizona. We dive into conversations about family backgrounds, slavery, comedy shows, viral airplane passengers, and the reliability of weather apps. We also explore topics like meat allergies, nanotechnology in blood, cryogenics, and old Linux files. We discuss financial struggles, interest from a religious perspective, and the importance of sharing the truth about Jesus. The episode concludes with Andrew reading from Galatians.

Producers of RRNews 328:

Danny – Medford, OR
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Rick – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Parts Unknown
Robert – Parts Unknown
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ


RRNews Telegram Group

Portland police chief to city cops: Stop telling residents DA Mike Schmidt won’t prosecute crimes

‘Not real’ viral airplane passenger identified as Dallas marketing exec and OSU grad

Original AJ and Rob Dew Report on Alpha Gal

‘So Many Pitfalls’: Feds Push School-Based Health Centers as Critics Sound Alarm Over Lack of Parental Consent

Meat Allergies Caused by Tick Bites: Should You Be Worried?

Learn How Alpha-Gal Proteins In COVID Shots Are Triggering Meat Allergies Worldwide

Woke Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe Ends Career With Missed Penalty Kick That Costs U.S. The World Cup

Mom of 2 dies of water intoxication, family says

How a start-up built the search engine of the future — and then died

Galatians NKJV Audio Bible

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we start off by discussing various topics such as the start of school on August 10th and the hot weather in Arizona. We share a lighthearted moment joking about the need for a water system for a castle under construction in Oklahoma. From there, the conversation shifts to our family backgrounds, where we playfully suggest that everyone’s lineage can be traced back to interesting figures like Vlad the Impaler, U.S. presidents, and royalty.

As the conversation progresses, we touch on the topics of slavery and comedy shows before discussing a viral airplane passenger and the reliability of weather apps. The discussion then takes a turn as we delve into the topic of meat allergies, questioning the validity of claims about alpha-gal syndrome and its connection to vaccines. We also explore the idea of the weaponization of the food supply and the potential motivations behind promoting meat as harmful.

Next, we move on to discuss Lyme disease and the challenges in diagnosing and treating it. We also touch on the experiments conducted by Dr. Charles Morgan and the use of nanotechnology in blood. We explore the presence of nanotechnology in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, highlighting the role of quantum dots in triggering self-assembly of nanoparticles. It is suggested that research has found the necessary materials in everyone’s blood, indicating a widespread presence of nanotech. We also discuss the connection between Morgellons disease, chemtrails, blood clots, and self-assembled hydrogels.

The topic then shifts to cryogenics, ice baths, and an unrelated podcast. Mention is made of inviting Chris White onto the podcast to discuss his views on certain topics, particularly his experiences with internet censorship. The conversation takes another turn as we mention finding old Linux files that were previously thought to be lost.

We continue the episode by playing classic clips that we can add to the podcast, including thoughts on inflation and the financial struggles of many Americans. We discuss the $400 threshold and how it may not necessarily lead to bankruptcy, but it prompts a personal perspective on financial challenges. We delve into the concept of interest from a religious perspective, noting that devout Muslims refuse to pay it. The story of Nehemiah 5:1-13 is brought up, highlighting the outcry against charging interest and the enslavement of fellow Jews. We discuss the relevance of this story and the term usury, emphasizing the importance of walking in the fear of God to prevent taunting by enemies.

In the later part of the conversation, we introduce a clip from Mark Driscoll about going to hell. We answer a question about whether those who don’t know Jesus will go to hell, firmly stating our belief that without Jesus, one is in danger of eternal punishment. We stress the importance of sharing the truth about Jesus and warn against avoiding a clear answer to this question.

The topic then shifts to the responsibility of spreading the message of Jesus through various means, emphasizing the need to share the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ. The discussion touches on faith, obedience, and the role of technology and missionaries in reaching people with the Gospel. The conversation closes with a plan to read passages from Galatians and continue the discussion in the next part of the episode.