RRNews 341: Problems and Prayers

In this episode, we express gratitude for donations and provide personal updates. On Telegram, we now have topics!

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Syngenta can’t escape its secrets

GAVI and Bill Gates New $1 Billion Plan to Mass Vaccinate Africa – The HighWire

Texas Sues Pfizer for ‘False’ and ‘Deceptive’ Marketing of COVID Vaccines

Miami Uni to design smart city in Guyana – IoT M2M Council

They’re spraying Southern California again. What about where you live?

18 people in CT suffered cardiac issues in bulk after receiving a bad batch of the Pfizer “vaccine”


Former NFL Player Frank Wycheck’s Shocking Cause Of Death Revealed

Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake

35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits

Pastures can convert sunlight, animal waste, and CO2 into grass which is fuel for self propelled protein generating machinery we call cattle.

When Food was Medicine

Kiss cancel shows as Paul Stanley “battles flu”; MTV’s Megan McKenna “rushed to hospital”; Sunwoo diagnosed with neuritis/neuralgia; DE Dylan Horton “steps away from Texans due to health issue”

How they plan to use our cars to keep us trapped, and under absolute surveillance

Moderna Stops Children’s mRNA Vaccine Trial Due to Heart Damage

Irish MP Says ‘We Are Restricting Freedom For The Common Good’ With New Hate Speech Bill

‘Ireland, We Are at War’ – Conor McGregor Calls on Irish to Destroy Hotels Before Migrants Can Be Moved In.

Sam Altman joins Microsoft as OpenAI names its third CEO in 3 days | CNN Business

Earth Has Received a Message Laser-Beamed From 10 Million Miles Away


0:03:36 A Month-long Hiatus Explained
0:07:50 Tainted Social Media and Unwanted Group Behavior
0:11:50 Introducing Topics in Telegram for Different Discussions
0:18:12 A month-long absence and gratitude for prayers
0:24:38 Bone to Pick with Chris White’s Movie Critique
0:27:49 Bill Gates’ $1 Billion Plan to Mass Vaccinate in Africa
0:30:48 The Divide: Liberal vs. Conservative Opinions
0:32:15 Kissinger and Controversy Surrounding Him
0:41:07 Red State Challenges in Voting and Political Climate
0:49:10 Flat Earthers vs. Moon Landing Deniers
0:54:44 Vaccine Side Effects: Inflammatory Heart Condition in Connecticut
0:57:09 Heart Condition and Parental Guilt
1:01:31 Increase in Miscarriages and COVID Vaccine Administration
1:05:45 Vaccination and Medical History Concerns
1:09:00 Concealing Data and Inaccuracies in Vaccine Trials
1:12:16 Unexplained Health Issues in Babies Born to Vaccinated Parents
1:16:21 Infertility and Adoption Challenges
1:22:20 Rise in Cervical Cancer and Pap Smear Guidelines
1:26:40 Counteracting Fertility Decline and Personal Experiences
1:31:14 Listener Appreciation and Generous Donation
1:37:59 The Power of Grass and Cattle in Harmony with Nature
1:38:54 The impact of GMO crops and centralized fake meat production
1:39:40 Glyphosate: Drying Crop with Harmful Consequences
1:45:46 Mexican Coke: Urban Legend or Real Thing?
1:48:18 Debating the pronunciation of soy lecithin
1:51:36 Dissecting spreadable butter and seed oils

AI Generated Show Notes:

The main speaker begins by mentioning the recent donations that have been received, expressing gratitude to specific donors and highlighting the importance of their generosity in covering expenses for the show. They also express appreciation for the support from the listeners. The main speaker apologizes for the delay in releasing new episodes and provides an update on their personal circumstances. Meanwhile, the co-host discusses the possibility of finding a job with a regular schedule, which would allow for more consistent show timings.

To further engage with the listeners, the main speaker suggests creating a prayer requests topic on Telegram, encouraging listeners to pray for each other and for the show. They emphasize the importance of uplifting content and ask for recommendations in this regard.

The topic of conversation then shifts to the use of glyphosate in wheat farming and the origins of popular junk foods. The main speaker delves into the potential harms of glyphosate, the herbicide commonly used in wheat production, and its presence in various food products. They express concern about the health implications of consuming foods contaminated with glyphosate and discuss the origins and history of popular processed foods. The main speaker highlights the need for more awareness and education regarding the impact of certain agricultural practices on human health.

Overall, this part of the conversation focuses on expressing gratitude for donations, providing updates on personal circumstances, discussing the possibility of finding a job with a regular schedule, and shifting the conversation towards exploring the use of glyphosate in wheat farming and the origins of popular junk foods.