RRNews 320: Strange Daze

Trans debates are flooding the media, satellite phones issued to Congress, Ammonium Nitrate is missing, flag flies upside down and the Biden administration continues their controlled demolition of the American way of Life.

Producers of RRNews 320:

Danny – Medford, OR
Chris – West Georgia Mountains


Downtown Portland has had quite a week, but it’s bigger than that

It’s Up To Moms To Crush Target

It had to happen.

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100 Questions! – Questions For Corbett #100 – The Corbett Report

Elon Musk is Latest Billionaire to be Subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein Virgin Island Case

$14 Billion in Foreign Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank were NOT Bailed Out – More than $1 Trillion Foreign Deposits at Chase and Citibank as U.S. Debt Crisis Looms

Biden’s new NIH director nominee, who was selected by Fauci, received $290 million in grant funding from Pfizer

FBI Asks Judge to Delay Seth Rich Laptop Release for 66 Years

Girls With No Father at Home Undergo Sexual Development Sooner, Study Finds