RRNews 336: Divided and almost Conquered

Vaccines are dangerous, but speaking out against them is more dangerous. Israel and Palestine are at war, and the establishment wants us to go to war with each other.

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“You Crossed the Line” – PBD Delivers a Powerful Speech and Gets Standing Ovation

Reaction to Israel War | Tim Pool and Jimmy Dore | PBD Podcast | Ep. 312

My mother-in-law’s cousin, a peace activist who worked to get humanitarian supplies into Gaza, was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas.

Here’s the journalist behind the unverified story about “babies heads being cut off by Hamas”

Dr Andrew Moulden RIP Vaccine Consequences

Episode 199: Vaccine Consequences – Gardasil & Dr. Andrew Moulden

Yesterday I announced my exit from the Democratic Party to run as an independent candidate for President.


0:03:36 Golf courses in Oklahoma
0:09:39 Propaganda and identifying agitation propaganda
0:19:41 Media Bias and Political Divisions on Israel-Palestine Conflict
0:28:07 Media Manipulation and Migrant Crisis
0:36:34 Introduction to Vaccine Controversy and Anti-vaxxers
0:45:29 Linking Disorders to Ischemic Condition and Repeat Vaccinations
0:46:45 Multiple Disorders Linked to Vaccinations
0:47:44 Suspicious Deaths of Anti-Vaxxers Raise Concerns
0:49:02 Cumulative Effects of Vaccines
0:51:59 RFK won’t come, but not the limiting factor.
0:58:40 A Podcast with Patrick Bet David, Tim Pool, and Jimmy Dore
1:04:18 FBI and Deep State Manufacturing Chaos
1:07:35 Potential Alliance: Government Distrust Unites Left and Right
1:12:04 U.S. caught on failed mission, sleeper cells activated
1:15:05 The Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars
1:24:25 A Chat about Hobbies and Golf
1:33:11 Powerful Speech on Getting Out of Our Bubble
1:38:43 Moving from tolerance to courage and selling the dream
1:41:07 Embracing our individuality and standing firm in our beliefs
1:45:03 Church Bus with a Message
1:47:05 The Importance of Not Letting Hate Consume You
1:49:16 The Alleged Plan for Gretchen Whitmer

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I delve into a range of thought-provoking topics. I begin by discussing the potential dangers of the Gardasil vaccine for teenage girls. I argue that it is not the germs themselves causing disease, but rather the body’s response to foreign substances. I express concern over the observed neurological damages in these girls and connect it to the cumulative effects of childhood vaccines.

The conversation then takes a darker turn as I discuss the suspicious deaths of individuals who were speaking out against the establishment. I specifically mention the case of Jeff Bradstreet, a doctor who wanted to investigate vaccine safety. I express doubts about a potential debate between Travis Kelsey and Aaron Rodgers on the topic of vaccines.

Shifting gears, I mention a recent conference and podcasts in Miami featuring various podcasters. I recommend listening to Jimmy Dore’s interview with the Last American Vagabond for insightful content. I also briefly mention Tim Pool’s show, a clip about the Democratic party being a cult, and an upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton.

Expressing my excitement about rational debates and discussions, I emphasize the importance of standing up to protect neighborhoods and being aware of government and corporate influences. I discuss the potential for war or chaos and note that it is already happening. I believe that people are starting to wake up to the situation, just as they did with the Stop Cop City movement.

I mention that the government is using RICO statutes and grand juries to prosecute both Trump and Stop Cop City, leading many to realize they have a common enemy. I express hope that groups like Black Lives Matter and others will come together and realize the illegitimacy of the government. However, I also caution that a civil war would give the establishment an opportunity to destroy the constitution.

Moving on, I discuss a news story involving the murder of a left-wing activist and the response from the right. I find it fascinating how these discussions can lead down unexpected rabbit trails. Another speaker agrees, noting the potential for those who dislike the government to unite. We speculate about a possible Middle East conflict, seeing it as a way to prevent such unity, as it would benefit certain interests.

We also discuss how the situation in Israel is being exploited to undermine RFK Jr. and label him as an anti-Semite. The timing of the Israeli conflict is seen as strategic in this regard. We touch on the importance of having a viable independent candidate, as the establishment tries to prevent independent candidates from gaining traction. I mention a story about Ralph Nader being targeted to bankrupt him and prevent him from running for president, questioning the seriousness of his candidacy.

Shifting gears, I speak about living in nice parts of the country but still desiring to be invited to liberal parties. I discuss navigating different communities and the need to sell the dream and give people perspective. I stress the importance of rising above negativity, respecting each other’s fights, and making a positive impact. Engaging in meaningful discourse, sharing arguments, and listening to one another are crucial steps.

We should focus on selling the positive aspects of America and life in general, which will bring us together and intimidate our enemies. Being individuals who make a positive impact and standing firm in our beliefs is key. I emphasize the importance of being courageous, setting a good example, and opening up our homes to others.

I mention the influence parents have on their children’s behavior and discuss the importance of leading by example. We then transition to discussing words of wisdom in times of crisis, which leads us into a discussion about politics. We speculate about possible insider information regarding the Democratic National Convention and discuss political strategies.

Touching on the perception of certain opinions as anti-Semitic, we explore the complexity of these issues. I mention a former guest of the show, Ty, who made it onto Michelle Tafoya, and acknowledge his success. We discuss the notion that no one can make you feel anything unless you allow them to, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what truly matters and not letting social media and news sites dictate our emotions.

Expressing gratitude for the support, I mention a broken phone screen that may hinder communication. I thank the listeners and bid farewell for the night.