RRNews 325: Yogurt, Thunder and Salvation

In this episode, we discuss various topics, including Greek yogurt, child trafficking, the declining internet, population control measures, and climate change skepticism. We recommend watching the movie “Sound of Freedom” and share our personal experiences. We also talk about advertising challenges, our commitment to honest content, and our journeys with faith. We tease upcoming episodes and invite listeners to join our Telegram group.

Producers of RRNews 325:

Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Not the Illuminati – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Parts Unknown
Penny – Mesa, AZ


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AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the podcast, I am podcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma, while my co-host Andrew is podcasting from Piedmont, Oklahoma. We discuss the superiority of Greek yogurt over regular yogurt, particularly when paired with honey and fruit. We also vent about the constant rain in our area. I share my frustration with my daughter waking up at night and crying for no reason. I mention a recent thunderstorm that caused her to cry throughout the night. We discuss the thunderstorms in our area and how they affect our sleep. I talk about my daughter waking up multiple times at night and my struggle with sleep deprivation. I ask for prayers for both myself and my daughter. I mention a recent storm and the alarm from the storm radio going off at night. We also address technical issues in a previous episode and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We celebrate reaching our 325th episode.

Moving on, we talk about the film “Sound of Freedom” and its positive reception. We discuss how the film sheds light on child trafficking and support it has received from figures like Dana White. We mention a Facebook group for the film and people paying for others to see it for free. I mention receiving an invitation to watch the movie for free but express uncertainty due to scheduling. We talk about media outlets critiquing the film and its potential agenda. Another speaker agrees and criticizes the association of child trafficking with conspiracy theories.

The conversation then takes a turn, discussing the dangers of dismissing certain issues and covering them up as false memories. We mention a situation from the 80s where a preschool run by Satanists abused children and how it was covered up. We discuss the connection between woke ideology and child sex trafficking and express our desire to fight against it. We then discuss the issue of children being given harmful chemicals and the role of technology in gender-affirming surgeries. We express our concerns about the future and the influence of AI and algorithms. We talk about population control measures and how communication has shifted from gods to AI. We mention an article by James Corbett about the death of the internet and its implications. We discuss Reddit and its declining quality, along with TikTok’s popularity and online advertising. We mention the declining internet and its influence on conspiracy realists.

The discussion continues with the use of Graphene on phones and the number of daily active users on various platforms. We mention Meta and the potential shutdown of social media in France. We discuss the content censorship on Meta’s new app Threads. We talk about the UK government considering giving more powers to monitor internet logs. We discuss the decline of the internet and recommend reading an article by James Corbett. We talk about the decline of Reddit and the quality of content. We discuss the number of daily and monthly users on various platforms.

We then talk about our experiences with YouTube and encountering 9/11 truth videos without searching for them. We discuss conspiracy theories about the government’s involvement in 9/11 and the impact of videos like “Loose Change.” We mention InfoWars and its controversial claims. We discuss the presence of harmful chemicals in water and the debate around filtering minerals. We talk about the fear of overdosing on vitamin D and the blown-out proportions of certain issues.

We shift to discussing Bill Gates and population control measures. We mention the spiritual aspect of the issue and how we communicate with AI instead of gods. We talk about gender identity and genetic testing, along with the decline of the internet and online news accessibility. We discuss social media platforms censoring content and the battle to stay ahead of advertisers. We mention permission to access microphones and cameras on apps. We talk about blame a former coworker for a speaking habit and the expression “100 percent.”

The conversation then moves to the use of Graphene and Facebook’s daily active users. We talk about Twitter and YouTube’s user numbers. We discuss the popularity of short video features and reminisce about the early days of YouTube. We talk about encountering conspiracy theory videos without actively searching for them.

Next, we discuss climate change and skepticism about temperature maps. We mention extreme temperatures in places like Phoenix and personal experiences in hot weather. We mention using camelbacks in the military and frustration with the lack of clear answers on the impact of becoming carbon neutral. Finally, we recommend watching the movie “Sound of Freedom” due to its importance in highlighting child trafficking.
In this part of the conversation, I express appreciation for the individuals who funded the movie through crowd-sourcing and commend Jim Caviezel for his portrayal of Tim Ballard. We discuss the criticism the movie has received, noting the strange reluctance of some critics to defend the importance of protecting children. I encourage listeners to watch the movie, pay attention to recommendations and criticisms, and to stay for Jim Caviezel’s important message at the end.

We then transition to discussing various topics, including challenges with advertising on our podcast and our commitment to producing honest content. We express gratitude for our donors, offer prayers and support for those who have experienced loss, and discuss our personal journeys with faith.

The conversation shifts to the idea of maintaining control over what we can control and trusting in God’s grace and forgiveness. We touch on the topic of conspiracy theories and the importance of meaningful conversations and breaks from constant media consumption. We mention the possibility of starting a men’s group and a Revelations Radio News group on Telegram.

In the final part of the conversation, we discuss potential plans for the future, including attending an event in Sun Valley, Idaho, where influential individuals like Jeff Bezos are present. We reflect on the impact of wealthy individuals buying land in Idaho and the challenges of finding service employees in the area. We also make light-hearted references to chemtrails and joke about the absence of them in Seattle due to Jeff Bezos being out of town.

As we conclude the show, we thank our guest Andrew and invite him to return in the future. We tease upcoming episodes and mention the Telegram group link in the show notes, encouraging listeners to join and engage with us. We sign off with well wishes and the promise to catch up with our audience in the next episode.