RRNews 326: Warm July Nights

In this episode, we cover topics ranging from the need to be vigilant against global conspiracy to personal experiences with wasp stings and encounters with snakes and scorpions in Oklahoma. We discuss the severity of sex trafficking, highlight Tim Ballard’s mission to track down child traffickers, and delve into connections between Freemasonry and Mormonism. We also touch on controversial topics such as the Hunter Biden laptop, the Clinton’s involvement in human trafficking, and the importance of individual action in combating these issues. Finally, we discuss the possibility of pardons for January 6th prisoners and express skepticism about the integrity of elections.

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Why Are Inverted Pentagrams on LDS Mormon Temples?

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, I delve into a wide range of topics and discussions. I start by talking about the need to guard against the military-industrial complex and a global conspiracy. I bring up the concept of creating a new world order and the importance of staying vigilant.

The conversation then takes a more lighthearted turn as Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman join me to share our personal experiences with wasp stings and encounters with snakes and scorpions in Oklahoma. We swap stories and discuss different methods we’ve used to deal with wasps, as well as express surprise at the presence of snakes and scorpions in certain areas.

From there, I segway into discussing a recent incident involving my wife and her successful handling of an issue with a broom handle. I express gratitude for her actions and acknowledge that I would have handled it differently. This leads me to talk about the hot weather in July and compare it to the extreme heat in Phoenix, Arizona. I share insights from a climate expert about the increasing frequency and intensity of heatwaves due to global warming.

I reminisce about my time living in Phoenix and the extreme heat I experienced there. I mention how cities with pavement and rocks absorb and trap heat, making them even hotter. I recall a childhood memory of wanting to ride my bike during a hot day and mention a local time and temperature channel I used to watch. I compare the temperature then to the present and note the pattern of hot weather in July. I emphasize the significance of July and August as the most critical months for extreme heatwaves.

The conversation then shifts to the recent passing of John McCain and the new political dynamics with Mitt Romney’s entrance. We discuss a cringe-worthy clip of Romney attempting to connect with the common man by holding a hot dog on National Hot Dog Day. We find his pandering embarrassing and mock his repeated mention of hot dogs as his favorite meat. We compare the cost of hot dogs and jokingly allude to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Moving on, we dive into a discussion about the lackluster choices in previous presidential elections, highlighting Obama as the only charismatic candidate going up against political corpses like McCain and Romney. We mention a humorous Babylon B version of Hillary Clinton’s “I take part in levity” and end by discussing a text message we received about the Sound of Freedom movie potentially being an operation. We share a CBS News report from eight years ago about a sex trafficking ring in Columbia, shedding light on the seriousness of this issue.

Next, I talk about Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, and his mission to track down child traffickers. We discuss his involvement in a sting operation in Colombia, where 54 boys and girls were rescued and five suspects were arrested. The emotional toll of fighting against child trafficking is emphasized. The conversation then transitions to a discussion about Freemasonry and its connections to Mormonism.

In the next segment, I discuss an interview between Jim Caviezel and Bannon on the topic of child trafficking. They discuss the high demand and prices for body parts and blood of children in biolabs, as well as the disappearance of 85,000 children and the lack of media coverage on the issue. The conversation then shifts to the controversial laptop of Hunter Biden and its potential connection to adrenochrome and other illicit activities. We mention the involvement of three-letter agencies in trafficking and criticize the complicity of government agencies in these issues.

I then delve into various connections between the Clintons and individuals involved in human trafficking and child exploitation. I bring up the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), which was launched by the Clintons but has seen an increase in human trafficking since its inception. The Clinton Global Initiative’s involvement with organizations tied to child trafficking is highlighted as well.

We discuss how people are distracted by bread and circuses while overlooking important issues. We mention the infringements on our freedoms through various acts and taxes and the society’s dependence on others to solve problems. The scale of evil in the world is emphasized, and instances of mass atrocities throughout history are referenced. We stress the importance of individual action and self-education as a means to combat these issues.

The conversation then shifts to the possibility of pardons for the January 6th prisoners and the efforts to suppress any similar actions in the future. We discuss the arrest and imprisonment of individuals as propaganda and question the reported number of casualties from January 6th. We criticize politicians for their associations with controversial figures and failure to distance themselves from immoral practices. The 2024 presidential cycle is discussed, and while some believe there might be disruptions, we argue that elections are a major scam that will continue to be held.

We mention the false claim that Trump received more votes than any single person in history during the 2020 US presidential election and highlight the issue of China reportedly counting 86 million votes in their fake elections. We discuss exclusive footage of the events of January 6th and the significant breach of security and failure on the part of the police. We question the nature of the gear and its origin, expressing concerns about the loss of control by the police. The events of January 6th are viewed as orchestrated and staged, contrary to the narrative presented.

The Afghanistan World Foundation and its connections to influential figures like Henry Kissinger are brought up, as well as the involvement of various celebrities with questionable connections. We express concerns about the changing landscape of charity and the need to dismantle the culture of treating people poorly based on time

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