RRNews 327: Agenda(s) 2030

We explore a theory presented in the documentary “Messiah 2030” that suggests a 7,000-year timeline of biblical events. We discuss its connections between characters and the significance of numbers in the Bible. We also touch on the potential agenda associated with the year 2030 and briefly discuss the argument of evolution versus the existence of God. Additionally, we delve into interviews with Anthony Wiener and RFK Jr., discussing Wiener’s arrogance and RFK Jr.’s political future. The conversation concludes with a question about taking the vaccine and reflections on the concept of the Mark of the Beast.

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Luke – Nevada, IA


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AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we delve into an interesting theory presented in a documentary called “Messiah 2030”. The theory suggests that the timeline of biblical events spans over 7,000 years, from the creation of the world to Jesus’s thousand-year reign. We discuss the connections drawn between various biblical characters and events, as well as the significance of numbers and passages in the Bible. While I admit that I haven’t finished watching the documentary, I recommend it as something worth exploring.

Moving on, we touch upon the year 2030 and the potential agenda associated with it. We ponder the idea of global enslavement and whether the individuals behind it are aware of the timeline presented in the documentary. Alongside this, we briefly delve into the argument of evolution and randomness versus the existence of God. We question why, if everything else seems to follow a predetermined script, the timeline wouldn’t as well.

Next, I bring up the relevance of the wise men and Jesus’s birth in relation to the concept of a predetermined timeline. I hint at the idea that these events were intricately planned, adding another layer of depth to the discussion.

Shifting gears, I discuss an interview with Anthony Wiener conducted by Paul Patrick Bat-David. I commend Bat-David for mentioning the term “Frazzledrip” during the interview and observing Wiener’s reaction. We delve into Wiener’s arrogance and the way he consistently refers to his own radio show. I praise Bat-David for handling the interview well and highlight the large number of viewers who will witness it. I describe the interview as bizarre and note that Wiener seemed rattled.

Additionally, I briefly mention another interview conducted by Bat-David, this time with RFK Jr., where he discusses the details of his father and wife’s assassinations. I express my disagreement with John C. Dvorak’s theory that RFK Jr. is a CIA operative. I also touch upon RFK Jr.’s belief in global warming and support for vaccines, which I consider a deal breaker. Speculating on RFK Jr.’s future in politics, I predict that he will align more with regular Democratic views.

The conversation concludes with a question about whether I would take the vaccine despite not supporting anyone who advocates for it. I express that I wouldn’t make the choice to take the vaccine, but if it were offered to me, it’s hard to say. Reflecting on the concept of the Mark of the Beast coming in seven years, I acknowledge that it may seem foolish but note that it has provided a glimpse into our potential response. It allows us to test whether we would stand up or go along with something similar to Nazi Germany. I explain that taking the experimental injection increases the likelihood of also accepting the Mark. While it’s not definite, it’s akin to marking oneself and putting oneself on the Mark of the Beast marketing campaign list.

Furthermore, I mention that some family members have taken the vaccine, although not in my household. I share my gratitude for the support of listeners and sign off, expressing my hopes that they have a great week and thanking them for tuning in.

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