RRNews 343: 2023 in Review | Happy New Year!

Producers of RRNews 343:

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Danny – Medford, OR
Jeremy – Minneapolis, MN
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky Roberts – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
David – North Andover, MA
Billie – Parts Unknown
Luke – Nevada, IA


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0:03:12 Exciting Beginnings of a Revelations Radio News Podcast
0:03:49 The Importance of Punctuation and Texting Culture
0:06:53 Andrew’s Christmas and the Pioneer Woman Mercantile
0:11:30 Casual conversation at a Lakers game
0:18:29 Building Community Through Human Interaction
0:22:08 Bogus Stories: War Propaganda and Chinese Spy Balloon
0:26:35 Fake Space: Rockets, Asteroids, and Magic Boxes
0:30:56 33 Billion Light Years Away: Galaxies and Bogus Science
0:34:37 DeMar Hamlin’s Inactive Role on the Field
0:42:24 Former NBA player skeptical of vaccines
0:45:42 Celebrities losing influence in shaping public opinion
0:48:12 Setting the stage for bogus stories
0:55:00 Futuristic Possibilities: Freezing and Reviving the Human Brain
0:55:10 Transhumanism and the Belief in Living Forever
1:04:34 Top Stories: Athlete Cardiac Arrest and Vaccine Cover-Up
1:09:02 Shootings and the Controversy of Gender Identity
1:13:57 God’s Accidental Assembly and the Stork’s Misdelivery
1:17:11 Transhumanism, Dick Cheney, and Pig Heart Transplants
1:21:46 Good advice and the search for truth begins
1:24:47 Adam Curry’s journey to finding Jesus and its impact
1:28:14 Uncommon adult conversions and the spiritual reality
1:32:18 Sub-Story 1: Collapse of FTX as a Money Laundering Scheme
1:39:05 Predicting the end of the economy and economic stories
1:41:32 False Predictions of Market Crash in 2009
1:43:09 Donations from Danny, Medford Oregon
1:44:43 Decreasing PayPal Donations Raise Concerns
1:53:24 Yogurt as a Delivery Method for Powder Supplement
2:02:15 Election prediction: Trump’s potential landslide victory
2:05:56 More people rejecting all vaccines, not just COVID vaccine
2:06:06 Slow March Towards Economic Control
2:10:01 AI Fraud Exposed, Less Hype in Future
2:13:28 Predicted Outcome: Disaster or Political Crisis on Migrant Issue
2:18:14 Renaissance of Good Music and Art, New Platforms Emerging

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, the main speaker reflects on the media’s potential manipulation of news stories and emphasizes the importance of being critical consumers of information. They point out how certain stories overshadow significant news events and urge listeners to question the agenda behind the presentation of these stories. The speaker also acknowledges the controversy surrounding figures like Elon Musk, acknowledging that opinions about him may differ among listeners.

The conversation moves on to the topic of vaccine-related health issues, with the speaker expressing frustration over the denial of any connection between vaccines and adverse effects. They further discuss a tragic shooting incident in Nashville and raise questions about the influence of societal pressures on gender transition. The main speaker stresses the need for careful consideration before undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

In the next part of the conversation, the main speaker and their co-host discuss predictions and trends for the upcoming year. They predict that poisoning and propaganda will become more prominent, drawing attention to Hillary Clinton’s scandal management approach as an example. They suggest that vaccines, chemtrails, and other factors may continue to poison people, making it difficult to identify the cause of illnesses. The possibility of a collapse in cryptocurrencies, except for Bitcoin, is also mentioned, along with the potential introduction of central bank digital currencies. The speaker and their co-host believe that these trends may lead to less anonymity and freedom for Americans, cautioning that there may be a gradual march towards full economic control, although a complete economic collapse is seen as unlikely during Biden’s re-election year.

Moving on, the main speaker presents their next prediction, discussing the potential exposure and decreased concern of AI fraud in the future. They also touch on the migrant crisis, speculating that it may reach a boiling point either during the presidential election or through a potential false flag or real terror attack. Expressing frustration with ongoing political debates surrounding immigration, the speaker predicts disastrous consequences if the issue is not properly addressed. Despite experiencing a cough and sniffles, they continue the discussion, mentioning that people will continue to get sick for various reasons. Lastly, the main speaker expresses their belief that the alien psyop will continue to fail, referencing Tucker Carlson’s coverage and the lack of significant attention it received during a congressional hearing.

As the conversation nears its end, the main speaker concludes on a positive note, discussing predictions for the future. They anticipate exponential growth in anti-vaxxers, alternative health movements, and the evolution of podcasting. Additionally, they foresee a renaissance in good music and art. Looking ahead to 2024, the main speaker envisions continuing to host social gatherings and living a more fulfilled life. They also bring up the possibility of getting $100 to reconsider their position on the flat Earth, jokingly pondering if someone will actually offer that reward. The main speaker reflects on previous shows and predicts a similar output in 2024, with the hope of uninterrupted sleep. They apologize for the three-week hiatus during the donating season but express gratitude for the loyalty of their listeners.

Wrapping up the year on a positive note, the main speaker assures their audience that this is not the last show ever. They express their excitement about meeting new listeners and the possibility of hosting a meet-up. With their schedule no longer conflicting, there’s a strong likelihood of an actual gathering. The main speaker emphasizes their desire to continue being friends, ranting, and raving about the state of things. They express genuine gratitude for the support of their listeners and their excitement for the future. The speaker concludes by stating their intention to be good examples for their children and prioritize spending quality time with them.

Despite the conversation being long and rambly, the main speaker expresses excitement for what’s to come in 2024. They reflect on the duration of their podcast, noting that it has surpassed the length of their marriage. They share a laugh about the technical difficulties they’ve encountered along the way but express deep appreciation for the support of their listeners. The main speaker expresses their hope for future meet-ups and the continuation of sharing thoughts and opinions in the coming year. Finally, they extend their wishes for a Happy New Year!