RRNews 344: Parasites and Black Holes

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They want to censor you so you have no free speech at all

One chemo alternative?

Our letter to the WEF:

Why Landing on the Moon is hard now

I opened up the can of worms (pun intended).

A fuel leak forces a US company to abandon its moon landing attempt

More delays for NASA’s astronaut moonshots, with crew landing off until 2026

Ray Epps, a target of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories, gets a year of probation for his Capitol riot role

Multiple Myeloma due to Camp LeJeune Water Contamination

JJ Couey’s Scathing Analysis of Bret Weinstein’s Trade Show Pitch of mRNA “Beautiful Technology”

In The Name Of Science: Nobel Prize Winning “Quantum Dots” Cause Irreversible Organ Toxicity To Living Organisms

what’s something that used to be awesome but now is terrible? i’ll start: portland, oregon

U.S. Attorney Suggests DOJ Will Expand Prosecution of J6 Protesters Who Did Not Enter Capitol

Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab Using Vibrating Molecules


0:03:10 Cold Weather Chatter and Chiefs Game
0:06:43 Transitioning from 1099 to W2 Employment
0:10:16 Dr. Lee Merritt’s Advice on Parasite Elimination
0:19:00 Exploring a potential alternative treatment for cancer
0:22:41 Speculating on the hidden cure for cancer
0:27:34 Delivered package mishap and gratitude for help with gift
0:30:44 Theme of Davos: Rebuilding trust and lack of trust
0:33:51 Progression of vaccine skepticism and distrust
0:37:40 Unveiling the Sun’s Galactic Birthday
0:37:59 The Age of the Sun: A Fascinating Discovery
0:39:23 The Science Behind Black Holes
0:40:57 A Letter to the New World Order
0:44:51 The unsettling truth about selling your soul to commerce
0:48:15 Trump’s compromise: Letting the January 6th people rot in prison
0:51:55 The next wave of arrests for simply being present on January 6th
0:56:55 Discussion on Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas’s Journey
1:02:37 NASA’s mission to retrieve asteroid material and the involvement of Lockheed Martin
1:05:45 The challenges of landing on the moon today compared to the past
1:11:32 Protecting Kids from Inappropriate Content on YouTube
1:15:10 Controversy Surrounding Moonlander Launch with Human Remains
1:16:40 Adam Curry’s View on the Space Scam
1:18:13 The Paper Straw Debate in the Northwest
1:23:04 Anecdote: Contamination and Vaccines
1:27:22 Introduction to the issue of nanoplastics and their effects
1:30:58 Thanking donors and discussing podcast recognition
1:35:25 Reflecting on the podcast’s reach and street credibility
1:40:07 Donation Mix-Up and Special Number 451
1:43:42 Finally Found the Missing Email
1:45:42 The Challenge of Covering News During an Election Year
1:47:12 Polishing up Jimmy Dora’s routine on doing your own research
1:49:10 Big Pharma Propaganda and Anti-Intellectualism

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we delve into the potential drawbacks of paper straws, once hailed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Recent research reveals that these seemingly sustainable options not only deteriorate quickly but also contain low levels of forever chemicals, known as PFAS, which take centuries to break down and contribute to pollution. It’s surprising to note that PFAS was found in almost all tested straw materials, with the exception of stainless steel. This discovery raises concerns about the environmental impact and potential health risks associated with these supposedly eco-friendly alternatives. We also touch upon Microsoft’s failed attempt to introduce biodegradable utensils, which disintegrated while eating soup, serving as a reminder to be skeptical about products labeled as “green.”

Shifting gears, we address a recent article discussing the amount of plastic ingested when consuming water from plastic bottles. New research suggests that previous estimates, which indicated ingesting the equivalent of a credit card’s worth of microscopic plastic particles each week, might have underestimated the actual extent. We explore the concerns surrounding nanoplastics infiltrating our bloodstream, as well as our food and waterway systems, carrying harmful toxins that pose health risks.

Expressing our gratitude, we acknowledge and thank listeners who have generously contributed to our podcast. We share a heartwarming anecdote about someone inquiring about our show and express our awe at how it has expanded into our own friend circle. Additionally, we reflect on our experiences as guests on other podcasts and fondly remember a late friend who affectionately referred to us by a different name on-air, cherishing his memory as a kind individual.

Moving forward, we highlight Santa Monica Bay’s scenic beauty while playfully remarking on its liberal population. We express gratitude towards donors such as Daphne, Robert, Hugh, Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Chrissy, while giving special mention to Dave for his generous $451 donation. Apologizing for an oversight in addressing an email about censorship, we explain that we were unable to locate any other relevant emails from the last show apart from a donation from Marja. Furthermore, we acknowledge a movie recommendation from Caleb and apologize for not responding promptly.

Expressing heartfelt appreciation, we acknowledge the donation of bendazol from my wife and share a lighthearted fact about the spelling differences between boys and girls. Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead, we express the challenges of producing a news-focused show during an election year and acknowledge the continued reliance on chemotherapy despite an intriguing story about cancer cell destruction utilizing near infrared light.

Shifting gears, we touch upon peculiar occurrences during COVID where people were discouraged from asking questions, emphasizing the importance of conducting research and staying informed. We transition the conversation to comedians, shining a spotlight on Jimmy Dory and discussing their artistic development, talent, reliance on timing, and revisiting of material in their acts. Informing our listeners that there won’t be a show next week, but possibly one in either January or February, we briefly mention travel plans and flight delays, sending well wishes to those affected by an ice storm while weaving in humorous remarks about parasites. We share an intriguing story about chickens evolving into a gateway for conspiracy theories and express our sincere appreciation to the listeners, promising to strive for greater consistency with the show. As we conclude, we offer a prayer and extend our deepest gratitude to the audience for tuning in.