RRNews 318: Hunter’s Laptop: IN / Tucker: OUT

Tucker is out at Fox but Hunter Biden’s laptop is in. The 2020 election was stolen and its extremely obvious to anyone who cares to look.

Producers of RRNews 318:

Danny – Medford, OR
Chris – West Georgia Mountains
Caleb – Bathavia, OH
David – Elk River, MN


Voter Fraud Video

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KBirb on Twitter: “After COVID windfall, Pfizer pivots with $43 billion acquisition of Cancer pharmaceutical Seagen, closing by end of 2023. Formerly Seattle Genetics. ????Seagen 2022 revenue $2B. ????4 products + 38 clinical trials for new products. ????Pfizer expects 5-fold growth to $10B by 2030. ????1/

Viva Frei on Twitter: “Justin Trudeau is trying to gaslight the world. He is such a gaslighter it defies reality. This took me all morning to edit. Make it live forever. #GaslighterTrudeau https://t.co/3vVFVAHsoK” / Twitter

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