RRNews 332: Artificial Digital ID Solution

What direction is technology headed? What of personal privacy, child pornography, facial recognition privacy concerns? Germ theory debunked, and some good old football / clone impostor hoax talk.

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AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, I begin by discussing the concerning issue of child pornography on platforms like Pornhub. I express my frustration with the lack of action taken by governments and corporations to combat this problem. I highlight the loophole that allows unverified uploaders to monetize videos without verifying the content or the age of the performers. I criticize the profit-driven mindset of these platforms and question why discussions about vaccines are deemed inappropriate for advertisers while child pornography continues to generate profits. I emphasize the need for immediate action to address this crisis.

I then reflect on my recent trip to New Orleans for our 10th anniversary and discuss the TSA process I experienced at the airport. I mention the use of facial recognition technology and the potential concerns about privacy. I then switch topics to discuss a clip from Dr. Sam Bailey debunking the germ theory and linking it to the importance of clean drinking water. I briefly mention the idea of having a chat room for our show but decide to focus on podcasting compliance first. I express gratitude for our listeners’ financial contributions and support. I then discuss the technical aspects of the podcast and give credit to the artists who contributed to our show’s album artwork.

The conversation then shifts to the NFL, and we speculate about a football player’s potential clone or cover-up of health issues. We conclude the episode by discussing our experience watching the show “Hard Knocks” and the injury of Aaron Rodgers. Finally, we discuss the controversial Liberty Safe situation and its potential impact on the company. I highlight the political affiliations of Liberty Safe’s customers and express concern about their privacy policies. We also discuss the influence of corporations on political and social freedoms and encourage our listeners to resist this agenda. The conversation ends with light-hearted banter and reminiscing about the history of our podcast. We express excitement about having a guest named Joe Tippin on the show and thank our listeners and contributors for their support. Lastly, we give a special thanks to Will for his artwork contribution and Andrew for making time for the show after a busy week of sales.