RRNews 351: RRNews Marked Safe from Eclipse Hysteria

Tim and Andrew cover a range of topics from recent events to personal anecdotes, including theories on chemtrails and Freemason beliefs. They discuss issues like eclipse hysteria, vaccine significance for pets, and government regulations on meat processing. Personal routines like cold therapy are explored, alongside broader agendas affecting health. The conversation also delves into political topics like immigration policies and recent CIA revelations. They conclude with discussions on vaccine exemptions, personal achievements, and gratitude to listeners.

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Over 150 diagnosed with cancer linked to NC State University building



Podcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma


Missed Workouts and Marathon Training


Eclipse Experiences and Observations


Chemtrails and Conspiracy Theories


Vaccines and Pets


EPA Regulations Impacting Small Meat Processors


Strange Happenings in Antarctica


Uncovering the Truth About Powerball


Health Revelations and Morning Routines


The Sugar Addiction Debate


Insight into Canadian Politics


Immigration Policies and Thanking Donors


Introduction to CIA Conversation


Seizing an Oligarch’s Yacht


Donations and Community Building


Chris White’s Documentary on Once Saved, Always Saved

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join us as we cover a wide range of topics in this episode, broadcasting from Edmond, Oklahoma, and Piedmont, Oklahoma. I’m Tim Kilkenny, your host, and here with me is Andrew Hoffman. Our conversation spans from discussing recent events like the Masters Week and weather manipulation to more personal topics like marathon training and the recent eclipse. Delving into intriguing theories surrounding chemtrails, lunar eclipse mysteries, and Freemason beliefs, we approach these subjects with a mix of curiosity and skepticism.

As the dialogue progresses, we touch on various issues such as the recent eclipse hysteria, inflation’s impact on interest rates, and the significance of vaccines for pets and their connection to cancer. We also explore the influence of government regulations on meat processing facilities and how climate change and corporate interests affect policies. Personal anecdotes are shared, shedding light on concerns ranging from the economy to health and environmental regulations.

Our conversation takes us through the effects of environmental regulations on industries like logging, leading to discussions on broader agendas impacting food production and health. From anomalies in the Powerball lottery drawing to health insights from a Steve Harvey interview, we explore a spectrum of topics. We dive into daily routines involving cold plunges, oxygen therapy, and the benefits of cold therapy and amino drinks for physical fitness, sparking reflection on health habits.

Shifting towards personal routines, we discuss the challenges of incorporating exercise in the morning, highlighting practices like cold plunges, oxygen therapy, and light bed therapy in daily regimens. The conversation expands to address issues such as sugar addiction, Canadian politics, and the manipulation observed in conservative circles. Our discourse touches on immigration policies, political corruption, and acknowledges listener donations with gratitude.

In a segment focused on recent CIA revelations, we delve into statements from Gavin Oblenis, a contracting officer, shedding light on CIA operations in Ukraine and the Southern border. Additionally, we address the complexities surrounding vaccine mandates and exemptions, sharing listener experiences and emphasizing listener support through donations and feedback.

Wrapping up the conversation, I share a personal experience of obtaining a medical exemption for my child from vaccines with the help of a naturopath, highlighting alternative avenues for those seeking exemptions. We touch on topics like a vaccine documentary by Chris White, creating online communities, and personal achievements like unexpectedly winning a 10k race. Concluding with a verse of the day and reminders about email policies, we express gratitude to our listeners for tuning in.