RRNews 207: The Acme Brick Company


What in the world is happening?

Hood River COVID-19 outbreak linked to Duckwall Fruit

Dutch Data Scientist Discovers COVID-19 Trend That Proves “We’re “Doing It Wrong”

George Floyd, fired officer overlapped security shifts at south Minneapolis club

Another Gates Vaccine Bites the Dust—Sick Monkeys Everywhere! • Children’s Health Defense

New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says

Amy Klobuchar once failed to prosecute Derek Chauvin, cop in Floyd death

Covid 19 Origins as played on the No Agenda Show:

RRNews 206: No handshakes slave!

With our first episode back is in the books, we still have a lot to get off of our chests..


“Null And Void”: Judge Tosses Oregon Governor’s COVID-19 Lockdown

Zillow survey forecasts suburban boom as remote workers flee pricey cities in search of bigger homes

Take the Red Pill

“A vaccine for anyone who wants to get it. Not everyone will want to get it.”

This guy nails the current state of Covid panic. And does so hysterically

RRNews 205: Beta Test

Thank you everyone for your patience. We will now begin our regular scheduled programming…… again. Beta Testing in progress….


Professor Karol Sikora

EXCLUSIVE: Virus researchers uncover new evidence implying COVID-19 was created in a lab

Individual variation in susceptibility or exposure to SARS-CoV-2 lowers the herd immunity threshold

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement

Flu Shot In Italy: Everything You Need To Know In 2020 | Doctors In Italy

People 65 Years and Older & Influenza | CDC

Advancing Solutions to Care for Seniors, Now and in the Future

Three die from flu virus at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, doctors urge vaccinations | Kirkland Reporter

Reducing 5G Deployment Costs Using Holographic Beam Forming Repeaters from Pivotal Commware

Small cell technology comes to Kirkland | Kirkland Reporter

Bill Gates-backed Pivotal Commware raises $10M as it ramps up 5G hardware

Bill Gates-backed Pivotal Commware raises $10M as it ramps up 5G hardware

Researcher ‘on verge of making very significant’ coronavirus findings shot to death

RRNews 204: 2018 The Year of Our Bezos


Northwest Wildfires: Are We Seeing a “New Normal” Due to Climate Change or The “Old Normal”?

Taco Bell worker turns away English speaker

George W. Bush Issues Statement Supporting Kavanaugh

Venezuela’s president ate steak at Salt Bae’s restaurant while people in his country are starving

Facebook building a ‘war room’ to battle election meddling

BuzzFeed News Cuts Podcasting Team to Focus on Video

NSA leak fuels rise in hacking for crypto mining: report

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos launches $2 billion ‘Day One Fund’

Castro Valley Man Assaults Republican Congressional Candidate With Switchblade

Nike stock gains back all losses after controversial Kaepernick ad

Tucker Carlson: Google executive clearly wanted Hillary elected in 2016 — What is big tech planning now?

Fahrenheit 2018: Amazon Begins Banning Controversial Books

There Is Nothing More American Than Burning Your Dumb Sneakers

Whole Foods Workers Revolt Against Amazon – Aim To Unionize After Awful Working Conditions

Russell Wilson Asks Seahawks To Modify Play Where He’s Immediately Tackled By Six Players

God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule

Paul Manafort being held in solitary confinement, lawyers say | Fox News

3 from New Mexico compound could be freed as charges tossed

A satanic idol goes to the Arkansas Capitol building

Blaming Global Warming For Northwest’s Wildfires Is ‘Seriously Misleading,’ Says Climate Scientist

A former Facebook moderator says she took down beheadings, child pornography, and animal abuse every day — but was ‘treated like nothing’

Hundreds of Detained Immigrants Join National Prison Strike in Tacoma, WA

The Lost Boys of Bird Island – Wikipedia

K-12 Schools Bringing in Drag Queens to Teach Gender Ideology

China Communist Party Reasserts Absolute Control over Religion

China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other

Uighur children fall victim to China anti-terror drive

Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race — ProPublica

Confirmed: DOJ Used False Info To Secure Wiretaps On Trump Associate

Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?

Goldman Vice President Charged With Insider Trading Scheme

Website flaw exposed most U.S. cellphones’ real-time locations

RRNews 203: Funding secured… I think..


Hard to see, hard to breathe: US West struggles with smoke

Why Have We Ignored the Horror of Pedophilia For So Long?

At Least 58 People Shot In Chicago This Weekend; 6 Dead, 52 Wounded

Trump seeks to overhaul signature Obama climate policy: report

JP Morgan is back to predicting a Tesla stock plunge because funding was ‘not secured’

I’m ‘financially ruined’: Cryptocurrency investors are crushed by losses of 70% or more

Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack

Catholic church in Pennsylvania spent decades covering up for hundreds of pedophile priests, panel finds; several named had New York ties – NY Daily News

One man’s suffering has exposed Monsanto’s secrets to the world | Carey Gillam

Brett McMurphy OSU Story

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs In Eight U.S. Cities

5-month-old baby found in Seattle homeless encampment

RRNews 202: Fireside Chat


Sara Jeong Tweets

Fill your Sleeves

Facebook has been talking to banks about putting financial data into Messenger, and people are freaking out

Q, QAnon followers gain prominence at Donald Trump rallies

Early polls favor Biden but Senate officials skeptical

Plastic surgeons say more patients coming in with ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’

Winnie the Pooh film banned in China after Xi Jinping was compared to dopey bear

Episode 332 – The Weaponization of Social Media : The Corbett Report

Apple removes podcasts by Infowars’ Alex Jones

CNN reporter talks to conspiracy theorists at Trump rally – YouTube

Major tech companies remove Alex Jones for hate, bullying

Alexa Offers To Lead Family Prayer After No One Else Volunteers

Defense Distributed wins settlement, can post firearm plans online

Facebook as the Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool

NRA sues Seattle over recently passed ‘safe storage’ gun law | KOMO

INL specialists left plutonium in their car. In the morning, it was gone

Newsbud Exclusive- The Lowest of Low: The Blurring Line Between Education & Indoctrination!!

“Get The F*ck Out”: Watch Trump Supporters Kick White Supremacists Out Of “Occupy ICE” Counterprotest

RRNews 201: The Day America Ended


Hillary Clinton of accepting $400 million in illegal Russian campaign

Wolf Blitzer vs. Rand Paul

Key moments from the Trump-Putin press conference

Video Montage: Cable News Sees the Apocalypse in Trump/Putin Summit

RWW News: Tom Horn Says That Trump’s Critics Are ‘Clinically Insane’

#WalkAway pt.2 – The party switch is a MYTH!! – YouTube

Johnstone: “Peace Talk Between Nuclear Superpowers Offends America’s Assholes And Morons” | Zero Hedge


Trump Issues Full Pardons To Oregon Ranchers Forced Back Into Prison Under Anti-Terror Law

Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials – The New York Times

New Facebook Study Reveals Anti-Vaxxers ‘More Logical, Science Based’

Man Arrested for Possessing Child Pornography Hired to Manage Children at Migrant Detention Center

Operation Broken Heart

More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”

Ex-CIA & FBI Agent Philip Mudd Asks When Shadow Gov Will Take On Trump

Dear Donald Trump, stop acting like Putin’s puppet. Do your job. Protect our elections.

CNN The Worst

RRNews 199: NBA Basketball is Broken


Facebook and Google broke campaign laws, says Washington State

Report: Quitting Facebook cost WhatsApp’s founders $1.3 billion

Troubling US Navy review finds widespread shortfalls in basic seamanship

The secretive Bilderberg elite are worried about the ‘post-truth’ world

Google: ‘We won’t link exec pay to diversity, but here’s a nice inclusive vegan salad emoji’

At least 10,000 people died in Tiananmen Square massacre, secret British cable from the time alleged | The Independent

Italians shocked by man’s selfie after train accident in Piacenza – BBC News

Goldman Vice President Charged With Insider Trading Scheme

RRNews 198: “Utopian” Seattle


Trump Brags About Hole-In-One: “I Was The Best Golfer Of All The Rich People”

‘He hit the ball on the screws’: Sen. Graham details President Trump’s improbable 73

What the Seattle City Council learned just two weeks before the head tax vote

Starbucks Says Drug Use, Sleeping Unacceptable as It Clarifies Guest Policy

Trump welcomes first female CIA director, tries to make amends with the agency

Kanye West Urges Fans To Put Down Cell Phones, Shares 4-Hour Long Documentary

Parents Take 30-Year-Old Son To Court To Evict Him From Their Home

FBI Informant Stefan Halper Paid Over $1 Million By Obama Admin; Spied On Trump Aide After Election