RRNews 348: Thunderstorms and Hungry Cattle

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Danny – Medford, OR
Robert – Parts Unknown
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Autmun – Snoqualmie, WA
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Worst Fires In Texas History Obliterate Beef Industry

Forbes Article Related to Chris Sky Clip

To silence critics for good, Saudi crown prince MBS has converted the futuristic Line city project into the world’s biggest earthworks operation.

Newsmax Article about Haiti

College junior wins GOP primary against 10-term incumbent NC sHow I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled the Presidenttate lawmaker: ‘Lot of hard work’

Episode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Report

How I, the CIA’s chief of disguise, fooled theHungry Cattle & President

Gates-Funded Gavi Takes Aim at Memes, Calls Them ‘Disinformation Super-Spreaders’

In Major Blow To Democracy, Supreme Court Rules Voters Can Vote For Favorite Candidate

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound


0:01:35 Thunderstorm Chit-Chat
0:02:33 Weather Anomalies in Oklahoma
0:04:36 Texas Wildfires Conspiracy Theories
0:32:40 Carbohydrate Myth
0:37:39 Victoria Nuland’s Legacy
0:39:31 Departure of Victoria Nuland
0:41:00 Influence of Victoria Kagan-Nudelman
0:43:59 Crisis in Haiti
0:47:45 Trump-Biden Choice
0:49:42 Speculations on Election
0:53:56 Warning of Dollar Collapse
0:58:07 Preparing for Dollar Collapse
1:00:00 U.S. Dollar Debt Crisis Fears
1:00:43 Dealing with Betrayal in Friendship
1:02:30 Betrayal and Disappointment
1:21:53 Reconciliation and Miracles
1:32:58 Preparing for the Unknown
1:37:06 Seeking Prayer and Financial Blessings

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join me, Tim Kilkenny, and my co-host Andrew Hoffman, as we podcast from Edmond and Piedmont, Oklahoma, amidst thunderstorms and lightning. Sharing a recent incident of a neighbor’s house struck by lightning, we dive into the unusual weather patterns in Oklahoma, transitioning to discussing the Texas wildfires. We explore theories around political motivations and globalist agendas regarding the wildfires, delving into suspicious circumstances and government responses. Highlighting the impact on the cattle industry, infrastructure, and water supply, we draw connections to broader issues like national power grids and military strategies, navigating through conspiracy theories and current events.

The devastating Texas wildfire, burning over 1 million acres in the Panhandle, impacting the cattle population and agriculture sector significantly, prompts discussions on potential ulterior motives behind the disaster. We explore the region’s historical significance, dietary preferences, and the importance of sourcing fresh produce locally, emphasizing the value of connecting with local farmers for overall health and well-being. The episode concludes with a teaser of upcoming content, mentioning discussions on Victoria Nuland’s career and related topics.

Our conversation meanders through topics like likening a Ghostbusters character to a government official, a political figure’s retirement, and the situation in Haiti. We delve into political decisions’ implications, financial matters such as Bitcoin, and the complexities of global politics, financial markets, and societal challenges. Shifting gears, we discuss the shift away from U.S. dollars in economic alliances, reflections on forgiveness, challenges in the world of golf, Saudi involvement, and thEpisode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Reporte broader implications of financial moves, hinting at significant changes on the horizon.

Reflecting on the shift away from the dollar and the challenges countries face in this transition, we discuss historical events, potential crises, societal issues, sleep and self-care tips. Expressing gratitude for listener support, we end with a prayer for financial blessings and well-being, stressing the importance of focusing on the essential things in life beyond money. Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to a great week ahead!

RRNews 346: Poison Skies and Rituals of Distraction

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Penny – Mesa, AZ
Jeremy – Parts Unknown
Celeste – Henderson, NV
Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Rick – North Dakota
Reno – Texas


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Super Bowl 2024 Was a Circus Involving a Clown Wearing an Inverted Cross

Are The Skies Poisoning Us?

“Wonder Material” Graphene Verified Safe in Groundbreaking Human Study

Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface

Watch: Klaus Schwab Says Mankind Set to Merge with Digital World Thanks to AI

Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed

You searched for graphene – SciTechDaily

Bukele’s War for Peace

Who Had ‘Russian Nukes In Space’ On Their Election-Year Disruption Bingo-Card?

Britains nuclear derrent is ‘Safe and Effective’ according to Defence Officals

How the late Bob’s Red Mill founder avoided selling out to a food giant and instead transferred ownership to his 700 employees

Eclipsing Silicon: The Emergence of Magnon-Based Computing Technologies

Biden administration cancels student loans of more than 150,000 borrowers under new plan

Scientists find link between brain imbalance and chronic fatigue syndrome

Biden Admin Reportedly Set To Greenlight Rule Change That Could Spike Gas Prices — But Not Until After The Election

IRS to go after executives who use business jets for personal travel in new round of audits

How Oregon turned on its own trailblazing drug law: ‘Not the utopia we were promised’

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As Sam Bankman-Fried awaits prison sentence, FTX customers await a surprise: full repayment

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Inside Conservatives’ Effort to Filibuster Ukraine Aid


0:01:35 The Chemtrail Conspiracy
0:03:25 Defining Chemtrails
0:10:42 Questioning Hypotheses
0:15:29 Effects of Graphene Oxide
0:25:05 Klaus Schwab’s Vision
0:28:06 Fluorescent Glow Phenomenon
0:33:04 The Artificial Parasites
0:36:25 The Psyop of Transhumanism
0:40:05 Plant-Based Vaccines
0:41:41 Amish Fire Water Remedy
0:43:44 Post-Super Bowl Analysis
1:24:33 Commercials and Shark Tank Insights
1:50:07 Vaccine Conspiracy and Fake News Awards
1:59:14 Cultural Manipulation and Distractions
2:02:19 Bob’s Red Mill Legacy and Passing
2:07:06 Shoot the Next Shot

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman engage in a discussion about chemtrails, where Tim shares insights from an email received from a pilot indicating that not all trails may be harmful. The conversation evolves to include a discourse on graphene safety research on humans, underlining the significance of controlled trials over widespread testing. Transitioning to Klaus Schwab’s views on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the emerging intelligent age, the hosts draw attention to how Hollywood depicts technology merging with humans, symbolizing the concept of transhumanism.

Moving on, I had a fascinating conversation with ChatGPT, envisioning the dawn of a new intelligent era. We navigate through diverse topics, from technology’s societal influence to exploring conspiracy theories around vaccines, graphene oxide, and 5G towers. The dialogue meanders into intriguing areas such as fluorescent nanotechnology in vaccinated individuals and its potential biblical implications. We also touch upon unconventional subjects like plant-based vaccines, an Amish remedy for colds, the alleged record viewership of the Super Bowl, and Taylor Swift’s controversial performance, delving deep into various modern phenomena and technologies.

Shifting gears, the spotlight moves to Travis Kelsey, a standout figure in the Super Bowl, renowned for his on-field charisma and reportedly linked to Taylor Swift romantically. Amidst extensive media coverage, their relationship takes center stage, overshadowing even the game itself, creating a buzz filled with symbolic gestures from celebrities that fuel conspiracy theories and politically charged speculations. Unconventional occurrences mark the event, adding layers of mystery and intrigue, encapsulating a blend of sports, pop culture, and clandestine narratives.

Tracks 1 and 2 navigate through a labyrinth of conspiracy theories surrounding public figures like Taylor Swift and Joe Biden, unearthing hidden agendas, speculations on soul-selling pacts, and purported devilish influences within the entertainment industry. Football chatter makes its way into the conversation alongside quirky anecdotes about financial decisions of celebrities like Shaq, shedding light on the complexities of endorsements, fame, and controversies. The episode invites listeners to plunge into the realm of speculation, exploring the enigmatic connections and theories surrounding these prominent personalities.

In another segment, a range of topics takes center stage, traversing from the inspiring journey of a ring camera founder rejected on Shark Tank to the societal impacts of platforms like OnlyFans and evolving dating dynamics on Western culture. The discussions touch upon the global prevalence of guns, share a comedic anecdote, and reflect on the challenges in today’s dating landscape. Delving into the transformative influences of societal shifts on relationships and culture, the banter-filled conversation fosters critical reflections intertwined with humor and introspection.

Concluding the episode, we delve into acknowledging the financial supporters of the show, alongside exploring a listener’s message on Angelic theories. The conversation steers towards current societal issues, dissecting how these factors may serve as distractions in a potential engineered strategy to sow discord. A heartwarming tale of a business leader passing on his company to employees underscores the theme of empowerment and influence. The concluding notes offer words of wisdom and well-wishes to the audience, encapsulating a blend of reflection, inquiry, and positivity.

RRNews 337: MRNA RIP

Pants as payment, strange audio issues, and is Alex Jones the next Taylor Swift? No one wants the MRNA “Vaccines” but not because they are chocked full of foreign DNA. And Andrew Returns as the internet’s #1 Copper Man!!!

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Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Matty B – Australia
Reno – Texas


Nobody – but nobody – wants mRNA jabs anymore

@SenSchumer yesterday about the importance of getting vaccinated!

RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left

‘Was Israel’s Military Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ Amid Hamas Attack? Charlie Kirk, Others Question Mainstream Narrative’ (American Faith News); if so, this has serious implications

Free Reiner Fuellmich!

The “died suddenly” vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know

MRNA is on a Major Losing Streak

ummm……. why are my tax dollars going towards bombing Christian hospitals in the middle east?

Dr. Peter Hotez Receives Inaugural IDSA Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award | Texas Children’s Hospital


Yesterday I announced my exit from the Democratic Party to run as an independent candidate for President. Here is what that means:


0:03:55 A Canceled Water System and an Apology
0:05:07 Sizing confusion and shopping spree
0:07:19 A Surprising Encounter with a Generous Stranger
0:08:43 A Hot Room and the Need for Fresh Air
0:12:27 Clean Feed and Skype – Different Platforms for Podcasting
0:16:04 Comparing Postmodern Entertainment with Burmese Renditions
0:23:47 Speculation about hidden knowledge at the CIA
0:27:05 Decline in demand for mRNA vaccines and financial impact
0:28:50 Travis Kelsey’s questionable actions and vaccine endorsement
0:31:53 Questioning the need for flu shots
0:35:52 Anthrax vaccine licensing and requirements for deployment
0:39:11 Arrest and Confinement of the Scientist
0:42:48 Mysterious Deaths and Vaccine Statistics
0:46:15 Strange DNA in Vaccines and Genetic Manipulation Concerns
0:51:39 Concerns over Border Security and Potential Terrorist Threats
1:00:09 Introducing a new girl to family; military memories shared.
1:00:42 Introduction to Charlie Kirk’s Conspiracy Theories
1:04:17 Speculations and Forbes Article on Conspiracy Theories
1:07:13 The Israel 9-11 Conspiracy Theory
1:10:01 Daniel or Ganser: Exposing the American Empire
1:14:04 Thanking People and Playing a Random Twitter Health Video
1:19:28 Appreciating the Generous Donors

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, my co-host Andrew Hoffman and I cover a wide range of topics. We begin by discussing the Oklahoma weather and share an amusing story about Andrew receiving payment in the form of pants. A kind customer gave Andrew two pairs of high-quality khaki pants, two dress shirts, and a sweater, which leads us to talk about the brand Bill’s Khakis and its unique material.

We then address some audio issues raised by our listeners and speculate on the potential causes, such as computer updates and software infiltration. We also compare our experiences with those of other podcasters who have faced similar challenges. As a lighthearted aside, we joke about James Corbett using Skype for his podcast.

Shifting gears, we bring up a popular YouTube channel featuring Alex Jones singing various songs, including a Taylor Swift track. While we acknowledge it as a postmodern form of entertainment, we both agree that previous renditions were better. We have a playful moment when Andrew admits to being unfamiliar with the song, and I confess my inability to name six words from a Taylor Swift track.

Next, we delve into recent developments surrounding mRNA vaccines and the declining demand for boosters. We mention an accidental tweet by Mandy Cohen, the director of the CDC, revealing the low uptake of the mRNA Omicron booster. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in demand and financial consequences for Pfizer. We express skepticism about the potentially misleading nature of clinical trial results and the decreasing effectiveness of vaccine commercials.

From there, we venture into a discussion about the presence of foreign DNA in some vaccine vials and the potential health implications. This segues into a conversation about transgender individuals and the injection of DNA from someone of the opposite sex.

Our skepticism extends to the medical community’s understanding of genetic manipulation and the potential risks involved. We touch on the waning popularity of mRNA vaccines and speculate that other events like a nuclear incident or a large bomb detonation may overshadow the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The topic then shifts to the border situation, where we entertain the idea of deception leading to a terror attack. We question the legitimacy of an individual’s arrest regarding financial fraud and ponder possible ulterior motives. We also mention the shutdown of platforms such as Neva and the reorganization of articles in Instapaper.

Moving on, we discuss the tension in Israel and the conspiracy theories surrounding the knowledge of coordinated attacks by the Israeli government. We note Charlie Kirk’s role in spreading these theories and Forbes’ response to a YouTube podcast on the matter.

Throughout the episode, we touch on various subjects, including Tsarnaev, John Hinckley, and James Corbett. We also share podcasts we’ve been listening to, exchange music preferences, and briefly touch on the topic of the Earth’s shape. We play a clip about the thyroid and express our gratitude to our listeners and donors.

Furthermore, we delve into the lesser-known fact about the thyroid gland and challenge the diagnosis of hypothyroidism when the thyroid only produces 20% of a specific hormone called T3. We highlight the importance of B vitamins in supporting the conversion of T4 to T3 and the restoration of thyroid function. Additionally, we briefly mention the significance of B12 and niacin and share views from a copper advocate on B vitamins.

In closing, we express our gratitude to our listeners and send well wishes. We end the episode with a verse of the day and discuss the practice of starting the day on our knees. I extend my thanks to Andrew for joining me, and we both express our appreciation to everyone who has tuned in.

RRNews 329: Rich Men and Their DEWs

In this episode, we discuss the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii, including billionaire interest in real estate, resistance from locals, green energy initiatives, Tesla’s involvement, 99-year leases, conspiracy theories, and the power of social media propaganda. We also touch on gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we wrap up, we share gratitude for our donors and well wishes for our listeners.

Producers of RRNews 329:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Bill – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Anonymous – Parts Unknown


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Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

All suspicions have been confirmed about Maui. They did this on purpose.

Shelby Thomson Interview – Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play

Were Directed Energy Weapons Used In Maui? Let’s Look At What We Can Prove…

Biden, on the second anniversary of his botched Afghanistan withdrawal: “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we’ve failed on! Name me one!”

23 | Book of Isaiah | Read by Alexander Scourby

Country song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ bashing DC elites becomes overnight sensation

Alabama high school basketball star Caleb White dies at 17 following medical emergency during workout

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii that might shed light on the current situation. We touch on the undeniable interest of billionaires in acquiring prime real estate, which is met with obstacles due to historic landmarks and resistance from locals. It raises suspicions when real estate agents approach those who have lost their houses in the fire. Moreover, Hawaii’s governor has embraced a stance opposite to Donald Trump, emphasizing green energy and proudly declaring the state as the greenest. We also bring Tesla into the mix, given their involvement in ambitious large-scale battery projects on the island.

But there’s more to the story. The existence of 99-year leases on properties in Maui comes into focus as a contributing factor to the situation. This rule applies even to the military, suggesting a long history of significant control and influence in the Hawaiian islands, although the exact timeline of Hawaii becoming a state and the establishment of military bases remains uncertain.

Moving on, our discussion takes an introspective turn as we express our affection for a cherished place impacted by the growing presence of luxury stores and rising living costs. We dive into a conspiracy theory alleging that prominent figures like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are snatching up properties while pondering the possibility of directed energy weapons being used to spark the fires in the area. Negligence and intentional actions during emergencies, as well as the behavior of first responders, come under scrutiny.

The power of propaganda and disinformation on social media cannot be ignored, a subject that resonates strongly in today’s age. We take a moment to thank our generous podcast donors and share heartwarming emails from our listeners. To add another layer to the conversation, we feature a compelling clip from Jimmy Dore discussing the challenge some individuals face in processing new information in the face of public opinion.

Our dialogue spans wide-ranging topics, including gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we approach the end of our segment, we pause to send prayers and well wishes to our listeners, while also expressing our hopes for the continued success of the show.