RRNews 300: Propaganda and Parasites featuring James Corbett

We welcome our good friend James Corbett back to the podcast to celebrate episode 300. In this episode James discusses propaganda and its future, Tim analyzes the Balenciaga scandal and its ties to the Satanism, and Andrew dives into cancer and the possibility that it is parasitic in nature.

Producers of Episode 300:

The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Danny – Medford, OR
Caleb – Batavia, OH
Scott – Switz City, IN
Matty B – Aberfoyle Park, South Australia
Luke – Nevada, IA
Not the Illuminati – Parts Unknown
Sid – Parts Unknown
Rick – Parts Unknown


The Corbett Report

Episode 432 – The CIA and the News Media 2.0

There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Balenciaga and the Rabbit Hole Goes Deep

Town History – Town of Medicine Park, OK

Tens of thousands attend Christmas tree-lighting, annual holiday event

Oath Keepers boss guilty of seditious conspiracy in 1/6 case

(4) Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege – YouTube

Spirit Of Saratoga: Anthony Holland: Musician or Mad Scientist


Fact Check-Targeting cancer cells with resonant frequencies has not been shown to ‘cure’ cancer

‘MMS’ Bleach Has Killed 7 in US: New Info From Colombia Arrest

Leon Black accused in lawsuit of raping woman in Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion

Justin Hart on Twitter: “Meet Franca Panettone. Born Nov. 3, 1973, and died on April 6, 2020. Franca was a vibrant, spirited, 46-year-old woman who was loved by her family. She had a passion for going to church and singing. She died alone, restrained to a gurney, her family barred from seeing her. 1/

Beck ?? on Twitter: “@DrJamesOlsson

Okla. Red Dirt country musician unexpectedly dies hours after his wedding, community heartbroken – FOX23 News

Jay III on Twitter: “Apparently most dinosaur bones are fake, the one’s that are real magically turned to stone, carbon dating turns out to be bunk, and nobody can seem to ever find giant’s bones. This entire situation is incredibly sus ?

Rory McIlroy reveals he, Tiger Woods contracted COVID-19 ahead of 2022 British Open at St. Andrews – CBSSports.com

Is the world ready for mass migration due to climate change? – BBC Future

Mass Immigration and The Deliberate Destruction of our Nations


  1. Mary Dunn

    I sure enjoyed it. Thank you so much. Moved to Texas from Germany in August.
    Always listened to James Corbett report .
    Have a good time in Christmas Holiday.

    • Tim Author

      Germany to Texas is inspiring. Seattle to Oklahoma was enough of a culture shock for me. Welcome to the real America! Thanks for listening.

  2. the anti parasitic effecting cancer, is old news, and was used to great effect by Dr. Hulda B. Clarke…..different compounds needed for different parasites( wormwood, cloves , black walnut…ect)….she claimed there were over 200 human parasites she could remedy, that may bring about cancer and had solid protocols to help people….Cows, need deep root grass to make K2, the deeper the root , the better. See, the followers of Weston Price’s ongoing work…this was known, and hidden. Also humans need glandulars from animals to prevent generational degradation of epigenetic line. This too has been erased. been huntin hidden knowledge all my life. interesting podcast. first time listener. James Corbett brought me.

  3. Ok, as far as i can tell, you do not want to kill them all at once….parasites sequester many times the safe level of heavy metals like Iron or mercury – if you have a mercury or iron overload…your immune system may see them as useful and maybe even friendly…….artemisinin for example, causes the parasite to explode releasing all it’s iron or what have you, making you very ill indeed. ….this need to be dealt with…copper has been used since ancient times like in Ayurveda….and iron overload is why bleeding and leechcraft and cupping exist….and actually help people…..nothing is all good or all evil….bacteria can switch from friendly to unfriendly when the terrain changes……

  4. the lilac dragonfly

    I’m currently reading the book Carved in Stone by Tim Clarey, a scientist at the Institute for Creation Research. I highly recommend the Institute for Creation Research for info. on fossils. You have a point about some of the fakery in museums (I also just finished Evolution’s Blunder, Frauds, and Forgeries by Jerry Bergman), but there is a whole lot more to the story. I hope you will go to the ICR website and look around. Or actually, you could go down to Dallas where they have their Discovery Center. You really SHOULD go. Please look it up and see if you can fit it into your schedule. Good family outing.

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