If you have ever had the feeling that you’re not getting the truth about the world on television, this book is for you. Hoffman delves into the key issues that the eugenicists, technocrats, and politicians would rather you didn’t know about. Whether it is false flag terrorism, deceptive political paradigms, or the poisons that taint our air, water, and food, Hoffman addresses the issues with precise prose and solid documentation. This book challenges the often cozy relationship between Christianity and political power structures. Whether you are a veteran truth-seeker or ready to awake TV watcher, there is much in this book that will be of interest to you. Hoffman covers the financial and physical aspects of the power structures that pull the strings of those paraded in front of us as leaders by the media. Additionally, Hoffman explores the spiritual aspects of secret societies and the larger one-world government agenda. As readers of this book have testified, reality is far more interesting than the false reality portrayed in the mass media or the fake conspiracies exploited by establishment friendly authors like Dan Brown. While you won’t hear about The New World Order and the Eugenics Wars on television, it has been reviewed and recommended by Dr. Future and Tom Bionic of Future Quake as well as the highly respected host of Radio Liberty, Dr. Stan Monteith.