RRNews 348: Thunderstorms and Hungry Cattle

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Danny – Medford, OR
Robert – Parts Unknown
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autmun – Snoqualmie, WA
Penny – Mesa, AZ


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0:01:35 Thunderstorm Chit-Chat
0:02:33 Weather Anomalies in Oklahoma
0:04:36 Texas Wildfires Conspiracy Theories
0:32:40 Carbohydrate Myth
0:37:39 Victoria Nuland’s Legacy
0:39:31 Departure of Victoria Nuland
0:41:00 Influence of Victoria Kagan-Nudelman
0:43:59 Crisis in Haiti
0:47:45 Trump-Biden Choice
0:49:42 Speculations on Election
0:53:56 Warning of Dollar Collapse
0:58:07 Preparing for Dollar Collapse
1:00:00 U.S. Dollar Debt Crisis Fears
1:00:43 Dealing with Betrayal in Friendship
1:02:30 Betrayal and Disappointment
1:21:53 Reconciliation and Miracles
1:32:58 Preparing for the Unknown
1:37:06 Seeking Prayer and Financial Blessings

AI Generated Show Notes:

Join me, Tim Kilkenny, and my co-host Andrew Hoffman, as we podcast from Edmond and Piedmont, Oklahoma, amidst thunderstorms and lightning. Sharing a recent incident of a neighbor’s house struck by lightning, we dive into the unusual weather patterns in Oklahoma, transitioning to discussing the Texas wildfires. We explore theories around political motivations and globalist agendas regarding the wildfires, delving into suspicious circumstances and government responses. Highlighting the impact on the cattle industry, infrastructure, and water supply, we draw connections to broader issues like national power grids and military strategies, navigating through conspiracy theories and current events.

The devastating Texas wildfire, burning over 1 million acres in the Panhandle, impacting the cattle population and agriculture sector significantly, prompts discussions on potential ulterior motives behind the disaster. We explore the region’s historical significance, dietary preferences, and the importance of sourcing fresh produce locally, emphasizing the value of connecting with local farmers for overall health and well-being. The episode concludes with a teaser of upcoming content, mentioning discussions on Victoria Nuland’s career and related topics.

Our conversation meanders through topics like likening a Ghostbusters character to a government official, a political figure’s retirement, and the situation in Haiti. We delve into political decisions’ implications, financial matters such as Bitcoin, and the complexities of global politics, financial markets, and societal challenges. Shifting gears, we discuss the shift away from U.S. dollars in economic alliances, reflections on forgiveness, challenges in the world of golf, Saudi involvement, and thEpisode 452 – The Great Travel Reset | The Corbett Reporte broader implications of financial moves, hinting at significant changes on the horizon.

Reflecting on the shift away from the dollar and the challenges countries face in this transition, we discuss historical events, potential crises, societal issues, sleep and self-care tips. Expressing gratitude for listener support, we end with a prayer for financial blessings and well-being, stressing the importance of focusing on the essential things in life beyond money. Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to a great week ahead!

RRNews 345: Praying and Pointing out the Obvious

Producers of RRNews 345:

Intro Song courtesy of Witness the Light Music

Danny – Medford, OR
Luke – Nevada, IA
Reno – Texas
Travis – Parts Unknown
Derek – Parts Unknown
KC – Parts Unknown
Dorothy – Parts Unknown
Risky – Kansas City, MO
Robin – Parts Unknown
The Garden City Ranchers – Garden City, MO
Robert – Parts Unknown
Bill – Sandpoint, ID
Krissy – Manchester, NH
Khyle – Newton, MA
Autumn – Snoqualmie, WA
Jeremy – Parts Unknown


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0:01:35 Introducing the hosts: Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman
0:04:35 Starting Delayed Due to Icy Conditions
0:07:58 Son’s Sickness and Paradigm Shift
0:11:11 Difficulty Finding Doctors Familiar with Terrain Theory
0:14:20 Kamala’s Unlikability and Lack of Speaking
0:15:43 Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley Comparison
0:19:39 Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Cheap Labor
0:23:23 From Payday Loan to Vape Weed Shop
0:31:50 Commercial loans and adjustable rates causing financial struggles
0:39:44 Questioning My View of the World
0:43:03 Challenging My Worldview and Opening My Mind
0:47:15 Seeking Objectivity: Consuming the Other Side’s Perspective
0:49:30 TikTok Ending and the Awakening
0:56:02 Scary and Important Clips from the No Agenda Show
0:56:30 Unexpected Loud Noise Interrupts the Conversation
0:58:01 Rise of Digital Addiction and Content Creation
1:02:20 The dichotomy of millennials and social media addiction
1:05:58 The prevalence of phone addiction in everyday life
1:10:35 Social Media Feed Filled with Ads and Motivational Posts
1:14:34 Two Feeds on Twitter: Following and For You
1:18:40 The Origins of Oil and Manipulation
1:26:06 Early treatments vilified, motivation of doctors questioned
1:34:04 The Pressure of Interviewing a Famous Person Live
1:42:34 Nervous about Interviewing Elon Musk
1:46:19 Discussing Obama’s lack of similar athletic achievements
1:49:02 Shiva, Jesus, and Buddha: Unlikely Allies
1:52:12 Apologies and January Donations: Thanking the Supporters
1:58:10 Donations from Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Jeremy
2:01:15 Introduction to Revelations Radio News segment
2:04:57 Down the rabbit trail of fenbendazole
2:08:23 Control screen time and avoid Oklahoma weed shops

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a wide range of topics. To begin, we address the recent technical issues that have caused delays in our show production. We express our gratitude towards our dedicated listeners and donors who have supported us throughout January. Taking the time to individually thank each donor, we apologize for any oversight in previous episodes.

Acknowledging the crucial role that donations play in covering our equipment and software costs, we emphasize the immense value of our listeners’ support. We then shift the conversation to a mysterious substance, exploring a clip that sheds light on the difference between digestive enzymes and super enzymes.

Drawing from personal experience, we discuss a parasite cleanse that I underwent as part of my lupus treatment. Reflecting on the profound positive impact it has had on my health, we touch on the use of fenbendazole in this cleanse as well.

Concluding the episode, we offer a heartfelt prayer for the well-being of my co-host, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal health. Encouraging our listeners to limit their screen time and make mindful choices with their spending, we express our gratitude for their continued support.

As we wrap up this episode, we extend our thanks to everyone who has tuned in, promising to return next week with fresh content. Stay tuned and keep supporting us as we navigate through these thought-provoking topics.