RRNews 345: Praying and Pointing out the Obvious

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Reno – Texas
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0:01:35 Introducing the hosts: Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman
0:04:35 Starting Delayed Due to Icy Conditions
0:07:58 Son’s Sickness and Paradigm Shift
0:11:11 Difficulty Finding Doctors Familiar with Terrain Theory
0:14:20 Kamala’s Unlikability and Lack of Speaking
0:15:43 Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley Comparison
0:19:39 Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Cheap Labor
0:23:23 From Payday Loan to Vape Weed Shop
0:31:50 Commercial loans and adjustable rates causing financial struggles
0:39:44 Questioning My View of the World
0:43:03 Challenging My Worldview and Opening My Mind
0:47:15 Seeking Objectivity: Consuming the Other Side’s Perspective
0:49:30 TikTok Ending and the Awakening
0:56:02 Scary and Important Clips from the No Agenda Show
0:56:30 Unexpected Loud Noise Interrupts the Conversation
0:58:01 Rise of Digital Addiction and Content Creation
1:02:20 The dichotomy of millennials and social media addiction
1:05:58 The prevalence of phone addiction in everyday life
1:10:35 Social Media Feed Filled with Ads and Motivational Posts
1:14:34 Two Feeds on Twitter: Following and For You
1:18:40 The Origins of Oil and Manipulation
1:26:06 Early treatments vilified, motivation of doctors questioned
1:34:04 The Pressure of Interviewing a Famous Person Live
1:42:34 Nervous about Interviewing Elon Musk
1:46:19 Discussing Obama’s lack of similar athletic achievements
1:49:02 Shiva, Jesus, and Buddha: Unlikely Allies
1:52:12 Apologies and January Donations: Thanking the Supporters
1:58:10 Donations from Kyle, Autumn, Penny, and Jeremy
2:01:15 Introduction to Revelations Radio News segment
2:04:57 Down the rabbit trail of fenbendazole
2:08:23 Control screen time and avoid Oklahoma weed shops

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into a wide range of topics. To begin, we address the recent technical issues that have caused delays in our show production. We express our gratitude towards our dedicated listeners and donors who have supported us throughout January. Taking the time to individually thank each donor, we apologize for any oversight in previous episodes.

Acknowledging the crucial role that donations play in covering our equipment and software costs, we emphasize the immense value of our listeners’ support. We then shift the conversation to a mysterious substance, exploring a clip that sheds light on the difference between digestive enzymes and super enzymes.

Drawing from personal experience, we discuss a parasite cleanse that I underwent as part of my lupus treatment. Reflecting on the profound positive impact it has had on my health, we touch on the use of fenbendazole in this cleanse as well.

Concluding the episode, we offer a heartfelt prayer for the well-being of my co-host, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal health. Encouraging our listeners to limit their screen time and make mindful choices with their spending, we express our gratitude for their continued support.

As we wrap up this episode, we extend our thanks to everyone who has tuned in, promising to return next week with fresh content. Stay tuned and keep supporting us as we navigate through these thought-provoking topics.

RRNews 333: Disaster Prepping with Free Refills ($4)

How did Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, become the Chief in the first place? Inflation continues to ravage the middle class. And the media is after Russell Brand, Tim Ballard and Dave Portnoy, but why?

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Danny – Medford, OR
Reno – TX
Anonymous – Parts Unknown
Luke – Nevada, IA


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Local man describes F-35 crash.

Biden’s team tells nervous Dems: Just chill

Scientist That ‘Lived On Mars’ For A Year Shares The Obstacle NASA Hasn’t Considered

Space drugs factory denied reentry to Earth

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this part of the conversation, we discuss the recent controversy surrounding the pay raise given to Maui Police Chief John Pelletier. We express our support for community members and organizations who have raised concerns about the pay raise and question the decision-making process of the Maui Police Commission. We highlight the impact of the controversy on the morale of police officers and emphasize the need to prioritize cultural harmony within the department. We call on the Commission to reconsider the pay raise in light of these issues and express our disbelief at the actions taken.

Moving on, we delve into the recent amendment made to a statute in order to bring in a new co-captain deputy chief. We analyze the sudden death of a highly respected member of our department and raise suspicions about the circumstances surrounding it. We express concern over the selection of an outsider for a higher position and question their qualifications and impact on morale. We mention a recent episode from another podcast that sheds light on similar cases of injustice and emphasize the importance of relying on support systems.

Transitioning, we take a moment to thank our listeners for their continuous support. We mention various ways they can contribute to the show, including sharing episodes with friends and family, leaving reviews, and engaging with us on social media. We also take the opportunity to promote the host’s wife’s Etsy store as a way to support the podcast.

Shifting gears, we discuss a clip featuring Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, and his confrontation with a journalist from The Washington Post. We analyze the journalist’s approach and express frustration with their negative portrayal of Portnoy. We highlight the need for fair and unbiased reporting.

Finally, we express our gratitude to the donors and supporters of the show, mentioning their names and contributions. We acknowledge their role in helping us continue to deliver quality content.

RRNews 329: Rich Men and Their DEWs

In this episode, we discuss the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii, including billionaire interest in real estate, resistance from locals, green energy initiatives, Tesla’s involvement, 99-year leases, conspiracy theories, and the power of social media propaganda. We also touch on gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we wrap up, we share gratitude for our donors and well wishes for our listeners.

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Danny – Medford, OR
Bill – Parts Unknown
Suzanne – Southern CA The Armpit of the West
Anonymous – Parts Unknown


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Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

All suspicions have been confirmed about Maui. They did this on purpose.

Shelby Thomson Interview – Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play

Were Directed Energy Weapons Used In Maui? Let’s Look At What We Can Prove…

Biden, on the second anniversary of his botched Afghanistan withdrawal: “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we’ve failed on! Name me one!”

23 | Book of Isaiah | Read by Alexander Scourby

Country song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ bashing DC elites becomes overnight sensation

Alabama high school basketball star Caleb White dies at 17 following medical emergency during workout

AI Generated Show Notes:

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing factors at play in Hawaii that might shed light on the current situation. We touch on the undeniable interest of billionaires in acquiring prime real estate, which is met with obstacles due to historic landmarks and resistance from locals. It raises suspicions when real estate agents approach those who have lost their houses in the fire. Moreover, Hawaii’s governor has embraced a stance opposite to Donald Trump, emphasizing green energy and proudly declaring the state as the greenest. We also bring Tesla into the mix, given their involvement in ambitious large-scale battery projects on the island.

But there’s more to the story. The existence of 99-year leases on properties in Maui comes into focus as a contributing factor to the situation. This rule applies even to the military, suggesting a long history of significant control and influence in the Hawaiian islands, although the exact timeline of Hawaii becoming a state and the establishment of military bases remains uncertain.

Moving on, our discussion takes an introspective turn as we express our affection for a cherished place impacted by the growing presence of luxury stores and rising living costs. We dive into a conspiracy theory alleging that prominent figures like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are snatching up properties while pondering the possibility of directed energy weapons being used to spark the fires in the area. Negligence and intentional actions during emergencies, as well as the behavior of first responders, come under scrutiny.

The power of propaganda and disinformation on social media cannot be ignored, a subject that resonates strongly in today’s age. We take a moment to thank our generous podcast donors and share heartwarming emails from our listeners. To add another layer to the conversation, we feature a compelling clip from Jimmy Dore discussing the challenge some individuals face in processing new information in the face of public opinion.

Our dialogue spans wide-ranging topics, including gun ownership, different cities, and personal experiences. As we approach the end of our segment, we pause to send prayers and well wishes to our listeners, while also expressing our hopes for the continued success of the show.