RRNews 170: Government Kills and Medical Bills

The government has killed yet again, and the unabomber was surprisingly succinct. Hillary is scaring Bill’s former mistress and Fox News is at war with Donald Trump. Peter Schiff’s shtick is getting old Millennials all work for Goldman Sachs.


CNBC Admits Peter Schiff Was Right (Video) – Peter Schiff’s Gold News

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Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns

5 arrested, 1 dead in connection with Oregon standoff, FBI says: read the press release

The New Clinton Chronicles 2015

RRNews 169: Barack Burgundy

Bundy Militia Barricades Oregon Federal Building As Potential FBI Raid Looms

In Ukraine, Google translates Russia as ‘Mordor’ and top diplomat’s name as ‘sad little horse’

Obama cries for the kids today, but has no problem running guns to Mexico in Fast and Furious, or arming the radicals in Syria.

Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women

WA Human Rights Commission: All businesses must let men in women’s bathroom

Minorities exploited by Warren Buffett’s mobile-home empire

LRB · Seymour M. Hersh · Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared – The Washington Post

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What’s Inside a Flu Shot? Formaldehyde and Chicken Eggs