RRNews 162: We’re all gonna die!

We all made it trough the scary blood moon month of September! David Cameron did what elites do, and twitter is having a ton of fun making fun of him. Richard Dawkins gets a taste of his own medicine and the military doesn’t really understand what encryption is. Ads are being blocked and news sites are being hurt? Except the ones with out ads…..


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Twitter lampoons David Cameron over #piggate claim

Ahmed truthers are on a mission to prove his story was a hoax

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RRNews 161: The Donald is a False Flag


Automakers vow to put the brakes on rear-end collisions

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CNN Hopes to Capture Candidates’ Combative Spirit in G.O.P. Debate

Glenn Beck on Syrian Refugees: ‘I’ll Save More People Than Schindler’

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EXCLUSIVE: Kathleen Willey slams Hillary’s new sex assault survivors ad

‘If you are worried about refugees, stop supporting terrorists’ – Assad interview

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RRNews 160: The Trump Bible

Thank you for your generous support, we’re still here. Pastors found in the Ashley Madison hack, and what can be done about ISIS? Dr. Future started a blog and Donald Trump is not going got save anyone, unless its from getting their vaccines…. maybe. Australia to end digital privacy, and Donald Trump creates a new Bible.


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 Expert: 400 Church Leaders Will Resign This Sunday Because Names Surfaced in Ashley Madison Hack

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Trump’s Vaccine Opposition To Cause ‘Outbreaks’ According To Experts

Twitter is having a field day making up fake Donald Trump Bible quotes

Data retention and the end of Australians’ digital privacy

Obama to Appear on NBC Survival Show with Bear Grylls

Hillsboro High School students stage walkout in dispute over transgender student