RRNews 128: James and Joanne Moriarty

Today we are joined by James and Joanne Moriarty, from libyanwarthetruth.com as they share their harrowing experiences in Libya before and during the US invasion. We discuss Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, and the American people’s reaction or non-reaction to the total dismantling of a country. We also discuss how being Christians and witnessing these events has shaped their worldview.

RRNews 127: Around the World in 80 Minutes with James Corbett

We are finally back! This week we tackle all kinds of world affairs from Isis and the situation in Iraq, to infamous Russian hackers. James gives us his thoughts on the current student loan bubble, and we lament the current state of Libya. James also discusses his recent Federal Reserve documentary. Join us on a whirlwind tour of the world and geopolitics in just over 80 mins.